Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: NBC Changes Its Plans

Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford in Studio 60 on the Sunset StripDid I speak too soon? I don’t think so but, NBC has just announced that they will be pulling Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip one week earlier than previously planned. The Black Donnellys will begin on February 26th at 10pm instead of March 5th.

The schedule change comes as the result of Monday night’s poor showing in the ratings. The “Friday Night Slaughter” episode of Studio 60 attracted its lowest audience to date. Insiders say that the peacock network hasn’t made a final decision on Studio 60’s future and that the schedule change was made to give The Black Donnellys a strong launch in sweeps (which is getting a lot of promotion and will likely garner big numbers). No return date for Studio 60 has been set.

Personally, I still think that Studio 60 will still return to primetime. They have a lot of time and money vested into it. However, if NBC finds other programming that attracts significantly more viewers, there’s only so long they can stick with the Aaron Sorkin series. They might air the rest of this season but a second year would be highly unlikely. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Carolyn * says

    Oh, come on. What are you thinking? If you would just give it some time….. I never understood why Jan Leno made so many jokes about NBC programming when there was such quality as Studio 60 on the air. Now I’m beginning to get the picture. Guess it’s back to the Discovery Channel.

  2. Shane says

    NBC, what are you doing? Studio 60 is intellegently written with great characters and snappy dialogue. I tried watching the first episode of Black Donnelly’s but changed the channel when one of the guys was referred to as Jimmy Icecream or something f**king moronic like that. I get that advertisers won’t pay a lot for a show that is being TIVOed, PVRed or DVRed as viewers can zap the commercials, but how about a schedule change where the viewrs want to watch it live and have to sit through the commercials to do that? What about Sunday nights? Friday nights? I’m sure you can brainstorm and figure it out. Also, another observation – “Heroes” is geared for a predominantly 20 something viewer. How did you not expect that there would be a sharp dropoff of viewship by pairirng the two back to back? The 20 somethings are not going to keep on watching NBC and watch a show that is geared for an older viewership. They change the channel after Heroes and watch BAM TV or something on Spike or MTV. Why don’t you f**king wizards who are supposed to be knowledable about TV, know something that any average TV viewer anywhere in the coutry knows?? Having insulted you, I would ask that you please reconsider your programming and bring back Studio 60.

  3. Bryce says

    Hey all,

    Its too bad some adult series are being put to bed in favour of other series. I guess intelligent well written funny shows have no place in television.


  4. has says

    Im sad to see Studio 60 go off the air. The writing and cast were brilliant.It was refreshing to watch a primetime program that catered to an intelligent and educated audiance. What does that tell you about American viewers? I bet if this show was sold to HBO or Showtime it would do well. I hope that happens soon.

  5. Viewer says

    You overeducated and overpaid network executives are obviously a group of retarded chimps. How dare you question whether the show should be on the air or not. How on earth do mathematical ratings come to assess the quality of any art. I wonder what kind of ratings Monet or Renoir or William Butler Yeats get. Maybe we should make their sh*t unavailable to the general public. I’m sure you greedy advertising ******* could find someone to advertise high price watches, Mercedes or Bmws during studio 60. Would someone do their f**king job right? Just when this show gave me a breath of fresh air from reality TV which is the equivalent of watching a hamster run on a hamster wheel you guys have to kill the show. I am usually very polite but do you all have Down Syndrome? By the way I make over 150000 dollars a year I think that is a worthwhile demographic. I drink orange juice and coca cola. I like beer as well, light beer. So don’t advertise the any high calorie beer because i might change the channel and I wouldn’t want you to soil yourself! By the way I went to college with people like you and I thought that when I graduated you would no longer be a pain in my ass. I guess I was wrong. Maybe I am wrong now too. But I hope that I have offended at least some of you in retaliation for how you have offended me by taking my favorite show off the air.

  6. Bernadette Tyra says

    Just because this show is intellectual unlike other shows is no reason to cancel it! The casting is BRILLIANT except for Amanda and only because she got pregnant which wasn’t her fault but they should have found a way to replace her. But the show is incredible!!!! It draws you in! Just because is isn’t as actioned packed with guns, violence, and profanity doesn’t mean people aren’t interested!!! I agree that the time should be changed because frankly the people who are watching this show don’t have the time that late at night. It should be earlier like at 8 or 9. They should definately keep the show!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Richard Adams says

    Please, for the love of quality, intelligent scripts, humor, and timely comment on issues that affect us all don’t tell me that this remarkable show is being considered for cancellation. Maybe it should just be moved to a timewhen more grown-ups are awake and not watching the most recent half competitive NFL leftover game.

  8. says

    When will the networks get the picture that there are viewers that love to watch well written and acted shows? Give Studio 60 a chance. The Nine and Six Degrees had a story line and decent acting and yet they are gone.
    It’s easier and cheaper to develop this reality show muck and drivel than write and produce a quality program.
    I simply refuse to watch ANY “reality” shows and am tired of the same old cops and robbers or forensics shows that we are now inundated with nightly.
    The major networks are driving their audiences to cable…shame on them!!

  9. Nicky says

    You have got to be kidding! Another great television show to be cancelled with all of that junk that is left on the air.

  10. Brian says

    My two cents and I am posting this anywhere I find this discussion. Sorry if you’re tired of seeing it. Who knows, maybe some of the decision makers actually track public opininon. Here’s mine. So typical, assemble a talented cast, hire writers who can wrap humor, depth and relevance together to present three dimensional characters intelligently, give it half a season to become the next big thing and when it doesn’t spread like a Santa Ana wildfire, replace it with anything that will appeal to the lowest common denominator. As if there could not be a worse show in NBC’s lineup to make room for a new action series with such positive story lines and characters for the youth of America to glorify and emulate. We all realize that this is a corporate bottom line decision but how low will you sink before you have absolutely no self respect left for it to hit home that you have a responsibility to provide a modicum of intelligent thought provoking programming with the abundance of dreck you broadcast day and night. If you need evidence of your contribution to the illiteracy of the American populace, surf the net for blogs and comments on pop culture if you haven’t already done so. There are people in this country who can’t even put together an intelligible sentence and yet have the time to gossip on line about any pop icon that pushes their buttons but can’t find the time to learn how to speak or write intelligibly. Well, I know this isn’t going to make any difference but at least we have a forum in which to vent our frustration.

  11. cb says

    I loved Studio 60! I agree why can’t an intelligent show make it on t.v. Why do the networks assume that the public doesn’t read, have more than a four letter vocab and can’t follow a storyline that doesn’t involve guns, car chases and morgues? I hope that NBC wakes up and realizes that poor ratings in the age of Tivo doesn’t add up
    I tape the show and watch it the next day.

  12. lisa j says

    Studio 60 is my favorite show on TV. It is smart, funny, wonderful acting, interesting characters, please bring it back! I can’t stand reality TV, this is a great, intelligent alternative.

  13. Ashley says

    Why is it that everytime there is a really great new show that comes out they are always trying to cancel it with in the first season? Of course there might not be that good of ratings at first, because a lot of people have a hard time pulling thenselves aways from the shows that they are already dedicated to or they just simply pass it over because it is new and they dont know much about it. I think that Studio 60 is a fantastic show and it deserves a little bit more time for people to warm up to it or maybe they should consider changing the day that its shown or the time rather than completely pulling the plug on it. PLEASE give it another chance, this is one of my favorite shows right now and I would be sorely dissapointed if doesnt get picked up again.

  14. GregR says

    I just signed that online petition. My entry made it 12964 signatures. Let’s keep promoting it … hopefully NBC will choose to acknowledge the importance of the internet community opinion. Here’s hoping anyway.

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