Sunday TV Show Ratings: 666 Park Avenue, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Good Wife, Mentalist

Sunday, November 4, 2012 ratings — New episodes: America’s Funniest Home Videos, 60 Minutes, The Cleveland Show, Once Upon a Time, The Simpsons, The Amazing Race, Bob’s Burgers, Revenge, Family Guy, American Dad, The Good Wife, 666 Park Avenue, and The Mentalist. Sports or specials: NFL over-run on both FOX and CBS and Sunday Night Football on NBC.

On CBS, NFL over-run filled the first half hour of the night with an 8.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 26.7 million total viewers. That gave 60 Minutes a sizable boost, registering a 3.8 demo rating (+123% week-to-week change) and 16.7 million people.

The Amazing Race drew a 2.5 rating (0% change) with 10.3 million and The Good Wife followed with a 1.7 rating (-11%) and 9.7 million. The evening finished with The Mentalist and a 1.9 rating (+6) and 9.5 million viewers.

On NBC, Football Night in America grew steadily in the first three half-hours of the evening; registering a 2.2 rating with 6.7 million at 7pm, a 4.5 rating with 11.6 million at 7:30pm, and a 5.8 rating with 14.5 million at 8pm. Sunday Night Football followed with a 7.3 rating and 18.7 million total viewers. Love it or hate it, football remains a huge draw for the networks.

On ABC, it was a regular night of programming. America’s Funniest Home Videos garnered a 1.7 rating in the demo (+31% week-to-week) with 6.7 million viewers. Once Upon A Time attracted a 3.5 rating (+3% change) with 10.1 million and Revenge drew a 2.6 rating (-4% change) with 7.7 million. 666 Park Avenue wrapped the night and hit a new series low, falling to a 1.4 rating (-13% week-to-week change) with 4.1 million.

On FOX, football over-run impacted the numbers. At 7pm, a combination of football and a Simpsons rerun drew a 1.5 rating with 3.7 million. At 7:30pm, the Simpsons rerun and an original episode of The Cleveland Show drew a 1.9 rating (-14% episode-to-episode change) with 4.1 million viewers.

At 8pm The Simpsons returned with a 2.6 rating (-16% change) and 5.6 million viewers. Bob’s Burgers drew a 1.8 rating (-22% change) with 4.0 million viewers and Family Guy attracted a 2.5 rating (-26%) with 5.1 million. American Dad wrapped the night with a 1.9 rating (-27% change episode-to-episode) and 4.0 million viewers.

What do you think? How much longer will 666 Park Avenue last? Why do you think the FOX line-up was down so significantly? What were you watching last night?

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  1. Duckie says

    I enjoy the show 666 I look forward to watching it every Sunday. I have my family watching the show. I hope the show don’t get cut. Every week I look forward to watching Once Upon A Time, Revenge and 666 Park Avenue. These shows are good!!

  2. randy says

    i think the network should move the show to another night. it is apparent that this night and timeslot is going to be difficult for any show that they air. the network should have kept brothers and sisters on the air because no show has done better since they cancelled it. give 666 park avenue a chance and move it to another night and if the ratings then don’t increase then cancell the show.

  3. nightmareb says

    So just put the show down already and cancel this piece of garbage nobody cares about it and the rating are showing that hell I never watch it again on Sun I watch the Next Iron Chef .

  4. JED says

    “666 Park Avenue” is an amazing horror-thriller soap. It has a brilliant cast, amazing writing and an incredible look to it with special effects. Why this is not a huge hit is stunning to me – what is wrong with people today? If it was on cable (like “The Walking Dead” or “American Horror Story” – without all the restrictions of network TV mind you!!) – it would be one. ABC needs to move it, not cancel it. It seems people will watch the boring CBS dramas no matter what (I say it’s old age with most). To think some say they won’t watch “666 Park Avenue” because there is 666 in the title … how pathetic, and paranoid. It’s lauaghable really … people afraid of their own shadows perhaps should not be up after 10pm. Yet, the same lot has no problem with zombies, graphic murders or anything else. Kudos to ABC – you make great TV.

    • Pam says

      I watched “The Good Wife.” It keeps on getting better and better as the characters get fleshed out. The acting and writing are superb! What is laughable is that anyone would buy into the premise of “666 Park Avenue.” It has nothing to do with “666”, but from the tone of your comment Jed, I understand why you watch it!

    • Kat says

      At first, I wasn’t going to watch it because it has “666” in the title. The word you’re looking for is “superstitious,” not “paranoid.” Then I decided to give the pilot a try and ultimately gave up on the show not because I’m a superstitious Catholic, but because it’s a bland, boring show.

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