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Superman: James Denton Plays Animated Man of Steel

Mike DentonMike on Desperate Housewives, otherwise known as James Denton, is playing Superman in the upcoming All-Star Superman feature from Warner Home Video. There’s an interesting connection when you realize that he’s married to Teri Hatcher on Housewives and she played Lois Lane for four seasons on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. It turns out that, had things gone differently, the two could have played a married couple on an ABC series many years before Housewives.

Denton mentions the connection and his favorite Superman in a new TVLine interview.

TVLINE | Which past Superman is most familiar to you? Christopher Reeve? George Reeves?
I know this dates me, but [TV's Adventures of Superman] was still running when I was a kid. So when people say Superman, I see George Reeves in black-and-white.

TVLINE | Having once played Lois herself, did Teri Hatcher have advice for you?
Teri didn’t have any advice — we just laughed about the weird coincidence. I actually auditioned for Dean Cain’s role in Lois & Clark.

You can read the complete interview here.

What do you think? Would James Denton made a good Superman on Lois & Clark?


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