Supernatural: The Stars and Creator Want It to End? No Season Six?

SupernaturalAfter four seasons, Supernatural has never been hotter and it’s already been renewed for season five. So why do the show’s stars and creator want to call it quits?

Created by Eric Kripke, Supernatural revolves around the Winchester brothers and their ongoing battle against demons, and any other hellion you can think of. Older brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) followed in the footsteps of his demon-hunting father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) while Sam (Jared Padalecki) tried to make a break from the family business and lead a normal life. When Sam’s girlfriend is killed in a similar manner as his mother and the brothers’ dad disappears, the good-looking heroes set out on a crusade of their own.

Recurring characters are played by Jim Beaver, Genevieve Cortese, Misha Collins, Katie Cassidy, Lauren Cohan, Samantha Ferris, Julie McNiven, Nicki Aycox, Alona Tal, Samantha Smith, Sterling K. Brown, Chad Lindberg, Robert Wisdom, Charles Malik Whitfield, Adrianne Palicki, Fredric Lehne, and Colin Ford.

With the series’ mythos and world fully established, why would the show’s creator, Eric Kripke, and the stars want to end the series? Well, Kripke says that he’s always envisioned the Winchester boys’ story as a five year arc and intends to keep it that way. He recently told Entertainment Weekly, “Despite what the network and the studio may or may not want, I don’t have more than five seasons of story.”

Though it’s unlikely that the CW execs will be ready to let one of their most successful shows go, they may not have a choice. Kripke says, “I certainly would be willing to make sure there are enough villains and heroes around to continue a new story line, and I would be around to answer a few questions — that’s it. I’m outta here. There’s no way I’m doing season six.”

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If that were to happen, Supernatural might have to shift focus to Bobby, a demon, the angels, or some new characters. The contracts for Kripke, Ackles, and Padalecki all expire after next season and the actors aren’t planning to stay either.

While the actors love the show and their work, they’re tired of the grind. Ackles says, “We don’t live at home. We don’t sleep in our own beds. Our families aren’t here. Our friends aren’t here. Our girlfriends aren’t here. To do it for another five years, or whatever, I don’t know if I could handle it.”

Padalecki agrees, “I enjoy working, but what’s the point? Do I just want to keep on doing photo shoots and work so I can get more famous so I can do even more photo shoots and work and fly to more places to do more press? …I get sick of talking about myself.” The actor says he doesn’t want the show to become cheesy, with the characters becoming too old to realistically do their jobs. He says, “I think I’d rather leave [the viewers] wanting more than get to the point where they boo you off the stage.”

CW President Dawn Ostroff says that, if the show continues to be popular, she’d certainly want the show to go on. She feels however that it’s too early to address making that a reality. In truth, the small network might even not have the resources to make that happen. As Ackles says, “They’d have to back up a Brinks truck.”

While last week’s episode culminated in a huge fight between the two brothers, you can expect next season’s finale to be even bigger. Kripke is planning to end it all with the battle to end all battles, one between heaven and hell. Ironically, that little fight sounds about as hard as it’s going to be to get a sixth season of Supernatural.

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  1. Kris says

    I love Supernatural, but I love Jared and Jensen more. If they don’t want to do the show anymore, then I’d rather they get out than try and force it. Plus, it’s nice having a concrete ending to a series. I’m not saying there aren’t going to be unanswered questions, but with most series not knowing when they’re going to end, we often end up with series finales that are, to be frank, horseshit. With Supernatural having a final already planned, especially since the beginning, it’s guaranteed to be pretty damn good. That said, I wouldn’t mind a spin off series. I don’t think any of the characters that are on there right now (aside from Bobby, whom I absolutely adore) are quite popular enough to pull off their own version of the show, but there’s no rule against introducing another character. Hell, they could do a back story about John Winchester’s Hunting life, like with Supernatural Origins. Fill in some of the blanks of the Wee!chesters. They could recast everybody with younger actors and still have a great story line. Overall, though, if they cancel Supernatural, whatever they get to replace it in the lineup is going to have to be one hell of a show. Hopefully with hot guys and cool cars, otherwise it’s abc or cbs for me.

  2. Nephilia says

    “The actor says he doesn’t want the show to become cheesy, with the characters becoming too old to realistically do their jobs. ”

    *cough* John died in his 54th year..and Bobby is well past thirty-something. Dont use the age of the chars as the excuse that you’re ready to move on Jared.

    I would be fine with 5 years, hell we we’re even guarenteed a first full year and we were nicely surprised.

    If Kripe heads off, I dont see a point in continuing Supernatural, but that doesn’t eliminate a well thought out Kripe run spin-off. Not a half assed one brother only type show. You watch Supernatural for both brothers, not just your personal favourite despite your protestations of love and devotion.

    A new show, with a new premise following a potential favourite or even a whole new character in this world.

    TV NEEDS dramas like this that make you want to watch because you give a damn about the characters not because theyre stylish or theyre the new “whatever”.

  3. Doobz says

    Dont End Supernatural at 5, its brilliant, end it at 6 or 7, Buffy the vampire slayer went up to 7 and all the seasons were brilliant [except the finale of 6] :) , dont end supernatural and i dont think it will end up like smallville…

  4. mcs says

    i very like supernatural, but i think it’s good, that season 5 will be the last, becouse usually the series are too long and finally will straind and i don’t want that it will happen this series too….

  5. mathilde says

    Hi, I’m a big fan of supernatural since season 1, I’ve honestly never loved a show this much, but I think it deserves a good ending, answersing all our questions, why not end it with a movie (you know in order to develop the ending a bit more) ? I think the creator will end it when there’s no more story, because honestly how can you get a harder monster to fight than the devil himself ? I really don’t want this show to become unrealistic, I don’t want them to jump the shark. so I don’t know how many seasons they can last, but please, give it the ending this fantastic show deserves !

  6. Angel says

    Really, I believe that as the old saying says, ‘ All good things must come to an end.’ Supernatural just happens to be one of them. In my opinion, there would be no Supernatural without Jensen and Jared. Goodness, I threw a big enough fit when Jeffrey Dean Morgan was no longer on the show. My biggest hope is that they make this final season a good one, and one with an end where the audience would want to give a standing ovation to see it off and we can be thankful it wasn’t a series, like so many others, ended in the middle of a story and way before it’s time, leaving us with too many questions. I’m glad it’s got this many fans, this much publicity, but I know that it’s about time for Jensen and Jared, and anyone else, to move on to bigger and better things. Here’s to season 5 going out with a bang and us seeing more of the boys in the years to come. Cheers!

  7. Marisa says

    Supernatural has been such a joy to watch with great plots throughout seasons 1 to 4, just the right amount of twists and a fabulous rapport between the actors/characters. I respect Kripke’s decision to end it after Season 5 (and for having thought about it beforehand, not like with some shows where you feel like they make it up as they go along). Rather go out on a high note than having your audience regret watching the show (like Smallville). And yes – No way without Ackles and Padalecki!

  8. Ellie says

    If they want a season six they can make it the official Cas/Dean spin-off. Just set Padalecki free, he’s too good to be in the background of a fricken soap!

  9. mike says

    Hello, If they want to end it i guess i would have to agree with the actors. It’s got to be rough for them on the road all the time and no family and friends near them. Ihate to see the show go Smallville and Supernatural is why i Watch CW 26 Dayton,ohio on thursday night!!!! I wish them the best of luck in whatever they decide to do in life!!!


  10. Nicole says

    Supernatural is an amazing show, and Jared and Jensen have done a fantastic job with it. Kripke too, though I certainly don’t agree with every decision he makes or every direction he decides to take the show. That being said, I feel these last two seasons haven’t been as consistently good as the first two, and I feel if the show goes beyond five seasons (especially considering Kripke always had a plan for four or five seasons) it will suffer. And I for one would rather see it go out before it becomes just another lame TV show dragged out because it can pull in ratings than watch Jared and Jensen (who have worked their asses off for so long) spend time and energy on something not up to par. I love them and thinking about a time when I’m not watching Sam and Dean every week is painful, but when it’s time to go it’s time to go. It can’t go on forever and they seem to want to move on to other projects as well, so I think five seasons would be great.

    But asking about SPN without Jared and Jensen is just the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. The whole POINT of SPN, the whole idea and reason behind it is the Winchester brothers so if they go, the show goes. Trying to introduce new characters, or even keeping on with Bobby (who is awesome) would be a disaster. No one would watch it, everyone would hate it, and I bet it would get canceled within six episodes. Be smart CW, just let it go!

  11. W i l l o w says

    I think Season Five would be a good time to end the series, I agree with Kripke and the actors Jensen and Jared (I loved that Jared pointed that he was “Tired of talking about himself”, along with dealing with all the endless Photoshoots and Press Confrences, etc and Jensen making it clear that he was tried not being able to sleep in his own bed and be wit his family/girlfriend). They’ve managed to stay fresh for five/four years, for it end while its still on top would be advantageous for them, I think. Have the series end with the brothers still hunting, or some other way the fans and the creator himself wouldn’t feel cheated.

  12. Lila says

    Even though I love Supernatural, it is getting a little stale so ending it with Season 5 probably is a good idea. I will be sorry to see it go but it is better than going stale like Prison Break & 24. These 2 shows are just the same repeat issues over & over so I stopped watching them – 24 2 years ago and Prison Break last season. 24 was always about Jack Bower – me, myself & I.

  13. ashley says

    WOWOWOW!!! I am really disappointed that they ALL want to call it quits! It’s a great show and they want to just throw it away. It is bad enough that good shows that have cast and crew that actually want to keep the show going are getting cancelled!

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