Surface: Petition to Finish the Science Fiction Series

SurfaceThe sci-fi series Surface ran for just one short season of 15 episodes on NBC.

The show attracted a lot of fans who couldn’t wait to see how the story would be resolved. Unfortunately, the series was prematurely cancelled and several plotlines were left hanging. Who survived the tsunami? Will we ever know?

To: NBC and Universal Media Studios

We, the undersigned, have faithfully followed the science-fiction series Surface. We were shocked and upset when the series was cancelled and the exciting storylines were left unresolved.

We ask that you find some way to bring the Surface story to a proper conclusion — preferably as a weekly series or as a TV or direct-to-DVD movie. At the very least, please publish a companion book to the series that would detail the story’s resolution. We are convinced that there is still a great market for this show.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • PhilCountry: USA2015-05-28 00:36:15
    Great show. Would love to see the continuation of this show.
  • RONNA WISEMANCountry: us2015-05-26 13:47:02
    Finish the story, either in a series or movie. I really enjoyed it.
  • AndrewCountry: United States2015-05-26 10:09:29
    Bring it back please! I need a season two. All of the fans here and those not willing to say anything would be very happy if you put Surface back on air with a season two
  • David DoyleCountry: United States2015-05-24 18:24:09
    If you cannot finish with the original cast have netflix redo it from the beginning please it is an awesome show.
  • Lawrence TaylorCountry: United States2015-05-24 08:41:28
    This story was much too good not to finish. Do not leave us hanging!
  • TygariCountry: USA2015-05-23 19:27:41
    It is a nice story that I like to see an ending to.
  • Scarlotte NolesCountry: United States2015-05-23 16:37:11
    Please give us a way to know what all could would happen on the Tav show Surface. Too many shows don't continue, let alone let the fans know the conclusion of them!!
  • Unique LarryCountry: United States2015-05-22 17:11:33
    This was an excellent series. Stop the cruelty and Start season two. lol
  • Samantha TrevinoCountry: US2015-05-22 15:32:07
    For a lot of fans into cryptozoology, there are very little in sources of entertainment. There are so many things left unanswered. So many endings that cannot happen because of the cancelation. If there was even a book or something to kill the unending questions or even an online series, it could help. Just please finish the stories.
  • MichaelCountry: USA2015-05-21 21:07:05
    This show is far too good to discontinue. Excellent cast, great story and adequate effects. The storyline is very good made better by cast and direction.
  • Sonia HCountry: USA2015-05-21 03:21:43
    I just found this series on Netflix. It was awesome but I was not disappointed there aren't any more seasons. Ugg :/
  • izzeCountry: USA2015-05-20 23:31:19
    I just finished season 1 on Netflix and was completed addicted and could not leave house until I finished watching. I went to look for season 2 only to find out there is none?! What kind of crap is that to leaving a story so unfinished. I am very disappointed.
  • Marly NewmanCountry: USA2015-05-20 00:58:50
    This is why I shy away from shows on the big networks - you don't really care at all about your audience, just your bottom line. Guess what not taking care of your audience will cost you that audience. You cannot be trusted.
  • Cristina HeiligerCountry: USA2015-05-19 19:01:01
    PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK, IT WAS AWESOME.What happened, and why does every time a good show comes out they cancel them and leave on other stuff that just isn't as good. The story line is great as well as cast of characters. You should give this another shot.
  • JanetCountry: United Kingdom2015-05-19 16:43:00
    One of the best ever programme's I really looked forward to. I am Surprised this series was not snapped up by some Channel years ago. This sort of programme hooks from the absolute start. Come on - U.S.A. You have (The Walking Dead).....Surface Anew, would Rock the World.....
  • shawntelleCountry: usa2015-05-19 01:59:33
    Please bring it back I just watched season one I need to see a season two. Please don't let a good show go.
  • Jennifer HutterCountry: United States2015-05-18 17:29:07
    I just finished season 1 of Surface on Netflix. It was an amazing show. I cannot believe there was no resolution. Please bring it back!!!
  • Sharon DemaarCountry: USA2015-05-18 01:08:17
    Please continue SURFACE!!!! You can just leave me hanging! You should at least have some kind of ending after getting me interested in the story and characters!!!!!
  • Blake TrejoCountry: USA2015-05-17 19:21:34
    Please finish the story! This is one of the best shows I have ever watched and have been on the edge of my seat since I first started
  • BruceCountry: USA2015-05-17 19:18:21
    Please give us an ending.
  • DenisciaCountry: United States2015-05-16 16:05:02
    Please oh PLEASE complete the series. Season 2 is a Must!!
  • gabrielle couchCountry: usa2015-05-15 20:16:43
  • peggy ramirezCountry: usa2015-05-15 20:15:17
    It is not fair to just stop a series like this and leave the audience hanging.....please restart this series
  • lisa ThomasCountry: United States2015-05-15 14:14:50
    why is it that whenever the shows a hit it's cancelled but pretty little liars us still on... please bring back the show surface! !!
  • Reginald RobinsonCountry: u.s.a2015-05-15 00:54:37
    We need a season 2!!!!!!