Surface: Petition to Finish the Science Fiction Series

SurfaceThe sci-fi series Surface ran for just one short season of 15 episodes on NBC.

The show attracted a lot of fans who couldn’t wait to see how the story would be resolved. Unfortunately, the series was prematurely cancelled and several plotlines were left hanging. Who survived the tsunami? Will we ever know?

To: NBC and Universal Media Studios

We, the undersigned, have faithfully followed the science-fiction series Surface. We were shocked and upset when the series was cancelled and the exciting storylines were left unresolved.

We ask that you find some way to bring the Surface story to a proper conclusion — preferably as a weekly series or as a TV or direct-to-DVD movie. At the very least, please publish a companion book to the series that would detail the story’s resolution. We are convinced that there is still a great market for this show.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • UmaCountry: FL2015-08-08 09:39:10
    Please bring back this show
  • MartieCountry: South Africa2015-08-06 02:01:02
    Please tell us the story of what happened next!?!
  • Francesca IneichenCountry: Switzerland2015-08-02 16:31:45
    Dear Producer It's been 10 years since the last episode of surface and i'm still wondering how i would have ended. Please publish a book or even better another season. Thank you Francesca
  • Miranda BowerCountry: United States2015-07-30 23:13:09
    I've tried to forget about the insane cliffhanger... But here I an 10 years later, STILL wondering what the heck happened after the tsunami. Finish it with a mini series? A lifetime movie?! ANYTHING. I need to know.
  • Tatum WolfeCountry: USA2015-07-28 19:39:54
    Bring back Surface!!!!!!
  • Diana OConnorCountry: USA2015-07-25 14:03:01
    I "LOVED" this show. It was so Realistic and you could have made a whole NEW show living down in the HOLE. The little guy could of ended up training the monster lizards at the end.
  • AmandaCountry: USA2015-07-23 01:47:24
    This was one of my favorite shows and I was really upset and disappointed when it never came back on. So many questions were left unanswered and are still on my mind today. I'd like to see it return.
  • SamHartbonesCountry: Germany2015-07-21 15:17:21
    Really good Show. I loved it. Great viewing figures in germany, so after season 1 the german TV Channel Pro7 made them the offer to pay next season or at least 2 90 Minutes TV Movies, but they said no, because there where no more from the expensive sets left. They already had degraded them.
  • HCCountry: us2015-07-16 22:44:20
    Great show. Please come up with another season. My son absolute loved the show. I have been telling everyone to watch it. Make it a net flux series. This is where we watched it.
  • GwenCountry: United States of America2015-07-16 19:48:52
    When I was younger, at age 9, I washed this show like a hawk. I couldn't get enough of it. No matter what, I never forgot about this show. Recently it came on Netflix and I have binge watched it. It brought back memories of how angry I was that the series was never continued and how disappointed I was that there was no closure. Now that I have rewatched it, I'm even more angry and disappointed and hopeful - hopeful that I could possibly see the ending, or to at least know what will happen. I missed many things when I first watched it, due to me being a child and all, but now I know and I want to know more.
  • Katie anglesCountry: usa2015-07-14 23:31:42
    What a cruel joke to create such an engaging show and then cancel without reason. Please sell the rights to another company so we dedicated surface followers can finish the story and finally find peace. Thank you and fare the well...
  • Marlon BradleyCountry: USA2015-07-13 23:09:52
    Loved this show, I think there is definite interest for more seasons. It was very interesting all the way, please bring it back.
  • Henry gCountry: Usa2015-07-12 22:29:57
    Please make a follow up movie! Or at least sell the rights to Netflix or another studio that could give us fans the closure to an awesome plot!
  • AshleyCountry: United States of America 2015-07-12 09:44:36
    I loved the show Surface. I was hooked on it. I could not wait to see what happened to Nim or Miles. Or to see what Laura and Rich were going to find out about the monsters. Then the whole t.v. show ends on a major cliffhanger. Who survived? What happens now? Is Miles ganna have any other weird powers iver the big ones? Wilk we ever know???
  • Robert HaiderCountry: United States2015-07-12 03:56:00
    Please keep the show going!
  • D WaxmanCountry: USA2015-07-11 11:32:09
    Woule like to see the end of this story
  • ArianaCountry: USA2015-07-11 08:53:01
    Not many shows catch my attention, I found Surface absolutely captivating. This show needs a conclusion. It is a terrible thing to create a show only to cut it off prematurely, leaving so many fans feeling empty and yearning for more. A follow up season would be wonderful, but a 2 part special would suffice. There is so much potential for an powerful and resonant ending.
  • Stephanie ShiromaCountry: US2015-07-11 00:01:10
    Need to know what happens to them!
  • Tony SmithCountry: United States2015-07-10 11:29:38
    Surface is an amazing nail bitter. It would be awesome to be able see what happened to Miles, his friends, the town and Nim.
  • Teneeshia MitchellCountry: USA2015-07-09 15:33:29
    I Just finished the First season on Netflixs and I Loved It! It needs to be a Second season. This is so not fair to leave it like this. Please Please make a season 2!
  • Marcus PendergrassCountry: united States2015-07-08 13:46:52
    Loved the series.
  • JohnCountry: United States2015-07-07 03:34:29
    This is an awesome show with the potential to go much further. Please don't leave us hanging
  • MarkCountry: usa2015-07-07 01:40:34
    You should finish this series....
  • susan murrayCountry: usa2015-07-06 20:27:19
    please finish surfase
  • RictorCountry: USA2015-07-06 13:36:03
    Surface was an interesting show that certainly stopped on a cliff-hanger. From the character development to the premise that the show rested on. To end it in such a way does not do it justice. I would like to remind you of the notorious reputation of FireFly. Netflix would be a good platform to start with.