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Surface: Petition to Finish the Science Fiction Series

SurfaceThe sci-fi series Surface ran for just one short season of 15 episodes on NBC.

The show attracted a lot of fans who couldn’t wait to see how the story would be resolved. Unfortunately, the series was prematurely cancelled and several plotlines were left hanging. Who survived the tsunami? Will we ever know?

To: NBC and Universal Media Studios

We, the undersigned, have faithfully followed the science-fiction series Surface. We were shocked and upset when the series was cancelled and the exciting storylines were left unresolved.

We ask that you find some way to bring the Surface story to a proper conclusion — preferably as a weekly series or as a TV or direct-to-DVD movie. At the very least, please publish a companion book to the series that would detail the story’s resolution. We are convinced that there is still a great market for this show.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Stephanie BeardenCountry: United States2014-09-15 23:57:27
    Bring it back! This is an awesome show. At least make a movie and tie up loose ends. Come on!
  • MarinaCountry: Greece2014-09-15 16:08:04
    Very interesting sci-fi series! Please bring it back!!
  • AaronCountry: United States2014-09-15 13:03:57
    This show started in 2005ish. It is now 2014 and there are still this many people interested. How could you not bring Surface back?
  • Gesine KochCountry: germany2014-09-12 19:16:17
    Bring it back, please. I Loved the First. :-)
  • James wamsleyCountry: USA2014-09-05 21:58:19
    Please bring back surface'!!!!!!!!
  • Steve CarlsonCountry: USA2014-09-05 21:41:57
    Watched this show originally on NBC in 2005 and loved it. Was pretty upset when it never came back after the cliffhanger season ending.
  • RhondaCountry: USA2014-09-01 11:31:04
    Please bring it back. I want to know how it continues/ends... don't leave us hanging. Thank you.
  • EmmaCountry: usa2014-08-31 13:49:04
    I watched this on Netflix and loved loved loved it! Please give us an ending!!!!
  • Robert SumnerCountry: USA2014-08-22 20:08:05
    I also found this on Netflix and hope it will be resurrected as a series or made into a movie, we need a proper conclusion.
  • Robert SumnerCountry: USA2014-08-22 20:08:05
    I also found this on Netflix and hope it will be resurrected as a series or made into a movie, we need a proper conclusion.
  • james wilsonCountry: usa2014-08-20 20:02:50
    we need a conclusion to surface please consider more seasons
  • Sara KoehnenCountry: Germany2014-08-15 08:35:46
    I really enjoyed this series and was most disappointed to discover there was no follow-up planned. Please reconsider!
  • JustinCountry: USA2014-08-08 23:53:38
    I started watching the show and it was really good and I wanted it so go on.
  • Chris CarroCountry: USA2014-08-03 01:41:32
    This had potential!!! Be great to see a proper conclusion!!
  • AlexisCountry: USA2014-08-02 21:26:40
    I had stumbled upon this show a few weeks ago on Netflix and watched all of the episodes. I was hooked! I just found out that this show had been cancelled and that there is not going to be any sort of conclusion or continuation of this TV series. This is not only shocking, but irritating. This is the perfect TV show! It doesn't leave cliffhangers at the end of every episode, but it still leaves you wanting more. It has the perfect plot and characters, and finally their stories intertwine and their world is changed, and you're just going to leave it at that?! Obviously there are many fans who want to see it continue so you have to make some sort of conclusion or continue the series in a second season or a movie or book or something. You can't just leave all of the fans hanging like this, it's just not right.
  • Maria PereiraCountry: Portugal2014-08-01 12:52:25
    I've been rewatching this great series and would love to watch its ending! Please continue the story!
  • BodoCountry: Germany2014-07-29 06:22:24
    Super Serie! Bitte unbedingt fortsetzen.
  • Jeannette weinbrennerCountry: USA2014-07-25 02:13:27
    Please at least make a movie so we can get some closure to the story.
  • NatalieCountry: Usa2014-07-23 17:49:27
    Love this show
  • Steve WaltersCountry: South Africa2014-07-18 06:04:11
    Why only 1 season of this incredible series? Stargate-SG1 went for 10 seasons!! This is way better!!
  • Suzanne LesageCountry: USA2014-07-15 13:05:09
    Loved the show! Even after all this time, my Mom and I wonder "what happened" after such an abrupt end. It was well written; had a Steven Spielberg feel to it.
  • Mike VinsonCountry: USA 2014-07-07 20:20:21
    Netflix please pick up this series and make it a "Netflix series" like OITNB!! This show has everything fun, sci-if, suspense, horror, mythology, even borders on apocolyptic themes!!! I can't believe this got cancelled!!!
  • AnneCountry: USA2014-07-05 00:49:00
    I would l love closure and continuity on a great storyline. Thanks to writers and actors involved- compelling plot and characters. I especially liked the relationship between Laura and Rich. Please bring back these characters even if just for 1 season to finish the story.
  • Roger WebbCountry: usa2014-07-04 15:28:54
    If this show isn't brought back its a travesty. One of the best shows i have seen in a long time.Please bring it back.
  • BrittanyCountry: United States2014-07-01 01:16:12
    Bring back this show please! I found it on Netflix and I watched every episode through without sleeping because that's how much I enjoyed it. I didn't think much of it when I read the summary but as soon as I saw the first episode I was hooked. It really captures the viewers attention and its jut an overall good show. I tried to find the next season but I was so upset when I found out it was cancelled. No offense but that was a dumb move, I along with many others loved the show. So you just have to bring Surface back, PLEASE!!!!!!!!
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