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Surface: Petition to Finish the Science Fiction Series

SurfaceThe sci-fi series Surface ran for just one short season of 15 episodes on NBC.

The show attracted a lot of fans who couldn’t wait to see how the story would be resolved. Unfortunately, the series was prematurely cancelled and several plotlines were left hanging. Who survived the tsunami? Will we ever know?

To: NBC and Universal Media Studios

We, the undersigned, have faithfully followed the science-fiction series Surface. We were shocked and upset when the series was cancelled and the exciting storylines were left unresolved.

We ask that you find some way to bring the Surface story to a proper conclusion — preferably as a weekly series or as a TV or direct-to-DVD movie. At the very least, please publish a companion book to the series that would detail the story’s resolution. We are convinced that there is still a great market for this show.

Thank you for your consideration.

994 Entries - 40 Pages
  • stephanieCountry: austria2015-01-25 02:06:49
    someone should really bring it back. the show is great *-*
  • Kelly ConwayCountry: usa2015-01-21 15:52:20
    Good show on many levels. Please bring it back. Please.
  • BreeCountry: Kansas2015-01-20 09:59:17
    This show really needs to come back or be concluded even though it's only one season it still remains my all time favorite TV show
  • Rebecca kovachCountry: USA2015-01-19 21:28:40
    I cant believe there are no more seasons! What a great series and done so well. Please come back!
  • Shayne salgCountry: usa2015-01-18 16:08:37
    This was a great show plz bring it back or warp it up somehow
  • Bill RennekampCountry: USA2015-01-15 14:51:50
    Come on, guys! Don't let people hanging like this. At the very least put together something (even a book or blog) to let us know what happens next. I mean, why watch any tv series like this if there are no guarantees you will ever have resolution?
  • nancy christophersonCountry: usa2015-01-14 23:44:55
    bring back surface , loved the show
  • Tyler broomeCountry: United States2015-01-13 02:49:53
    After all these years and these regards still haven't made more seasons. Damn somebody must have had writers block from hell. Best show ever. #SurfaceSquad
  • AnonymousCountry: Portugal2015-01-12 20:59:21
    I saw the tv-show Surface on tv here in Portugal. And I was amazed by the quality of this tv-show, but bin also sad that it didn't continued for at least a second or maybe a third season. I would say there is so much more to do, to show and to tell. Please bring the story! It is really, really a great! Thanks, :)
  • melvin parrishCountry: us2015-01-09 00:35:37
    Patiently waiting for now why do companies cancel the best shows.
  • betaCountry: space2015-01-06 11:38:20
    dunno what to put here. just bring the bloody thing back
  • dale siddallCountry: uk2015-01-05 06:59:54
    Really need to finish what you guys started was a awesome show !
  • Lee RyanCountry: Uk 2015-01-04 11:54:03
    Fantastic show started so well. But the last couple episodes were stupid. Leaving us no answers Been and purchased the bird dvd series but would love a new show and book to explain more.
  • GLENDA CARTERCountry: UNITED STATES2014-12-23 18:57:45
    Loved this show, even bought the DVD. Love to see how it plays out.
  • Nicki GrimsleyCountry: United States2014-12-23 17:15:55
    Just started watching this series on Netflix. It is great!!! I am so upset to find out that this show was cancelled. Please either bring it back to finish the series or make a Netflix movies or something!!!!
  • Reid AbelCountry: United States2014-12-22 22:10:43
    Please, Netflix, pick this up as a Netflix Original and finish it!
  • lenny araneoCountry: usa2014-12-14 21:30:05
    Great show y the hell did u ever rstop this show
  • Sam BakerCountry: USA2014-12-04 05:54:38
    I loved the series and was very sad when it ended. Very well done, but leaving the watcher hanging. Wish you would bring it back. Sam
  • MikeyCountry: U.S.A.2014-12-03 19:09:49
    Surface was a very intriguing and brilliantly scripted show. The storylines seemed genuine and possible. It gave your mind a break from everyday mundane life and let your imagination run free. I have watched season one of Surface twice now. I see it as a very interesting movie being told through tv. I would love to see this series return. Thank you for reading/listening.
  • KyleCountry: USA2014-11-25 10:55:09
    This was a fantastic sci-fi story. Had the potential for an EPIC series of conspiracies,huge monster battles and touching moments. I think countless stupid comic movies and high grossing action films throughout the past decades have proven that is what we want to see.
  • clive lancasterCountry: united kingdom2014-11-21 19:07:42
    I have watched season one 3 times now and hope with all my heart that NBC or another company re launch the series. It is gripping and exciting and needs to be completed. Please get on with it now.
  • CharzieCountry: USA2014-11-17 05:07:36
    Please, I've been waiting a long time for anybody to pick this up and wrap up this awesome series for so many of us fans! Even if it was just one TV movie, give us some resolution! How unfair to leave it hanging, what were they thinking? They weren't, obviously! Anybody please??? I just watched it all again on Netflix, it never gets old, it is so well done and engrossing! They keep the junk and cut this? WTH?
  • Katherine MayCountry: USA 2014-11-16 03:54:11
    I was a big fan of the show and was extremely disappointed when the show was cancelled. I would love to know how the series ended.
  • david helsdonCountry: Canada2014-11-09 22:40:14
    What were you thinking?! If SURFACE were a BBC production it would been completed for sure. Look at Dr. Who. They resurrected that. Time for you to do the same with SURFACE... Please!
  • danCountry: US2014-11-08 09:22:23
    Found it on Netflix, would love to see it continue. Netflix can bring it new life
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