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Surface: Petition to Finish the Science Fiction Series

SurfaceThe sci-fi series Surface ran for just one short season of 15 episodes on NBC.

The show attracted a lot of fans who couldn’t wait to see how the story would be resolved. Unfortunately, the series was prematurely cancelled and several plotlines were left hanging. Who survived the tsunami? Will we ever know?

To: NBC and Universal Media Studios

We, the undersigned, have faithfully followed the science-fiction series Surface. We were shocked and upset when the series was cancelled and the exciting storylines were left unresolved.

We ask that you find some way to bring the Surface story to a proper conclusion — preferably as a weekly series or as a TV or direct-to-DVD movie. At the very least, please publish a companion book to the series that would detail the story’s resolution. We are convinced that there is still a great market for this show.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • tracy ingleCountry: usa2015-03-30 01:35:49
    in these times, this show brings thought provoking issues, please continue.
  • Tyler HillCountry: United States2015-03-29 22:51:53
    Just watched the first season on netflix. WHERE IS THE SECOND ONE!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
  • jim longCountry: United States2015-03-29 14:29:22
    Best show ever. Booo to canceling with unfinished end. Do the right thing n bring it back...
  • vicky porterCountry: United States2015-03-29 14:26:35
    Awesome show. Bring it back!!!!!
  • kody jonesCountry: United States of America 2015-03-29 14:12:08
    Please bring show back u guys just can't make this really great show and not finish it,questions needed to be answered!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Stephanie LeeCountry: Washington , DC2015-03-29 12:28:41
    My granddauther and I watch the show,that our special time together. It was so hard finding something that she would like to watch,she asked me what happen to the lizard.
  • k fogleCountry: usa2015-03-29 00:26:02
    I watched, and loved, SURFACE when it first came out. Just watched it again on Netflix, and the lack of closure is just as awful this time around. Isn't there a Netflix option? Or something?
  • Juan AyalaCountry: United States2015-03-28 20:13:14
    Are you kidding me I just saw it for the first time on Netflix and I'm already hooked.....Please do what you can.
  • Reymundo MassieCountry: United States2015-03-28 05:41:45
    I refuse to re watch or recommend this show until it is complete. I remember watching it 10 years ago and then the "finale" was a cliff hanger... it disappointed me. I was in the 5th grade 10 years ago but I remember watching that show every week it had fascinated me. not many shows had me hooked. This show still makes me mad at how it is unfinished. Makes me forget how bad dexter finale Is.
  • Conor CarrollCountry: United States2015-03-25 03:00:58
    For the love of god bring this show back
  • Jay RCountry: USA2015-03-24 09:10:39
    At least have a twp hour finale... C'mon, finish the series already!
  • Ray SandersCountry: USA2015-03-23 23:09:43
    Never watched the show when it was in its prime, watched all 15 episodes on Netflix and was appalled too see it had no ending. How could the creater leave such an intriguing show unresolved, even after 10 years out still leaves a bitter test in my mouth. Bring it back just enough to give it a good ending. Thank you
  • Melissa GeislerCountry: United States2015-03-23 21:32:11
    I just watched the whole series in two days....I need closure, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Reginald ClittonCountry: USA2015-03-23 20:37:19
    I left my wife for this show please bring it back
  • Jasmine WCountry: United States2015-03-20 19:26:37
    Bring back the Surface series!
  • Jay EstepCountry: USA2015-03-19 17:09:34
    This is a great show hate seeing something this good go to waste
  • mattCountry: usa2015-03-17 16:12:23
    We need closure! Surface would fit right in with series today that make for great binge watching. At the very least have a straight to dvd movie
  • JohnCountry: USA2015-03-17 14:13:53
    Oh come on....... We want more please.....
  • curtis lewisCountry: United States2015-03-16 11:57:45
    Me and my wife loved the show and just has us wondering Wat happen after tsunami hit and where does the big tunnel lead it is a really great show
  • joshCountry: United States 2015-03-15 23:53:37
    Plz finish great show.
  • DillionCountry: U.S.2015-03-15 16:45:41
    It is such a great show it kept my interest till the end. You guys need to bring that show back. I loved the cast and the plot line.
  • JoannaCountry: United states2015-03-13 21:08:24
    You've gotta give us more than this.
  • juanCountry: USA2015-03-13 13:53:50
    if a TV network can air a show about nothing "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" for over 5 years; you can do the decency of giving this show the ending it most desperately needs. Request a direct to DVD/Netflix/Hulu or even youtube.
  • crying manCountry: USA2015-03-11 22:29:30
    I love this show why start something and not finish my mama said if you can start don't finish. Bring back my nimrod
  • AnnCountry: USA2015-03-08 23:18:36
    Surface is a great show. It cannot end like that. There are so many things left unsaid.
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