SwingtownNetwork: CBS
Episodes: 13 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: June 5, 2008 — September 5, 2008
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Molly Parker, Jack Davenport, Grant Show, Lana Parrilla, Josh Hopkins, Miriam Shor, Shanna Collins, Aaron Christian Howles, Brittany Robertson, Michael Rady, Nick Benson, Kate Norby, Rachelle Lefevre, Rick Peters, Kyle Searles, Erin Daniels, Bob Ross, Caitlin Custer, David Monahan, Latarsha Rose, and Mark Valley.

swingtown past TV show

TV show description:
It’s summer in 1976. Changes are happening in the U.S. of A. as it celebrates its Bicentennial.

Making a change in their own lives are stockbroker Bruce Miller (Jack Davenport) and his wife, Susan (Molly Parker), who move to a much more posh neighborhood in Chicago. New neighbors Tom and Trina Decker (Grant Show and Lana Parrilla) aren’t quite like anyone the Millers knew in their old neighborhood. The Decker’s open marriage and lifestyle raise the eyebrows of the Millers and their old friends, Roger and Janet Thompson (Josh Hopkins and Miriam Short).

Janet’s dislike of the Millers’ new swingin’ companions is palpable while Roger only hides his curiosity in order to please his wife. The tension between the former neighbors also causes a rift between the friendship of their sons, Bruce “B.J.” Miller (Aaron Howles) and Rick Thompson (Nick Benson).

While the couples experience the changing values of the decade, and the shifting dynamics of their relationships, the Millers’ teenage daughter, Laurie (Shanna Collins), is also testing the waters with her philosophy teacher, Doug Stephens (Michael Rady).

As the characters’ lives become more and more intertwined, they also become more complicated. Can their relationships with their spouses and friends swing forward or will they just spin out of control?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. casey says

    Another example of a great show not getting a chance. I got hooked on this show from the writing to the actors to the era. I was really hoping direct tv or showtime was going to pick this show up. Hell even hbo someone please this was a great show and left me wanting more. Thanks cbs for showing crap like survior for what 15 years stupied comedies like new adventures of old christine but no when you have a great fresh show you get rid of it after one season and left a hell of a cliffhanger. BRING IT BACK

  2. Pat says

    I LOVE SWINGTOWN TOO! I never missed an episode! I was a teenager in the 70s and all the music and clothing brought back so many memories! How could you not have a show or two to at least wrap up the unanswered storylines?! I still am a big fan of most CBS shows, however, I’m so disappointed about the cancellation of this show. Please put it back on air this summer instead of all re-runs. As for the few people who didn’t approve of the show….DON’T WATCH IT!

  3. Patti says

    I LOVE Swingtown. I grew up in that era and the clothes and hair and decor of the houses brought back so many good memories. Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. RNJo says

    I STILL miss “Swingtown”. I even bought the first season on DVD. I see where J. Hopkins and the Parilla(sic) actors have found work. (Cougartown and Miami Medical) What a delight to see them working. G. Show never seems to have a problem getting gigs. I haven’t seen M. Parker on the set anywhere and am hoping she is working steady. I’m betting Davenport will show up on the BBC, Masterpiece theatre again soon.
    Like the rest of you I invested my time and interest in Swingtown as couldn’t wait to see the next episode, alot like the days of “Dallas”. This show reminded me of “Dallas” for some reason? Either way, I wish they would have put out a musical CD of the soundtrack as the music helped to make the show. Still hoping they bring it back….

  5. Kristina says

    PLEASE air a conclusion to Swingtown! Dump one of the million CSI shows or whatever other “trendy” show that’s on that has about a thousand others just like it! Swingtown was one of a kind and I never missed an episode.

  6. Karen Barnett says

    Hey CBS I’m back still wondering if your gonna do the right thing and give us fans of Swingtown closer????? I’m starting to wonder just what kind of people you got working for you that make these crappy decisions, maybe you should wonder to, cause it’s perfectly clear there are a lot of unhappy Swingtown fans out there. Come on give us just a couple more shows or maybe one 2 hour show that ends the series, you can’t just stop right in the middle and expect us to want to watch your network. Come on Big Cheese lets get with it and do the right thing, or your gonna here from me again.

  7. Diane says

    Here we go again another great show and you guys cancel. I really don’t know where you guys get your ratings from. You get us hooked ,then bam you pull the rug under us. This show needs to get put back on the air,stop canceling all of the goods shows and coming back with crappy ones. You guys needs to wake up and listen to the viewers. We want this show back on the air….. Loved it………

  8. babymonsta says

    Ahhh Hell NO, OK CBS needs to get a frickin’ clue and put swingtown back on TV!!! They are so trippin’!!! As they can see everyone loved(s) the show and the whole 70’s thang was tight!!!! I LOVE THAT SHOW C B S PUT SWINGTOWN BACK ON TV OR ANOTHER CABLE CHANNEL. SCREW WHAT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS PUT IT ON FOR EVERYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO WATCH IT. EVEN PUT IT ON HBO OR OXYGEN, LIFETIME, WGN, SOAP CHANNEL, WE, AMC, FX,TBS SOMETHANG DAMN!!! ALL I KNOW IS YA’LL BETTER PUT IT BACK ON CABLE!!!!! I like how they can have all these other show of serial killers , stalkers, murders, child peodifiles, rapists, and everything under the sun and not a swing show? I mean come on really!!!!! KEEP IT REAL C B S !!!!!

  9. Green's says

    We loved this show and was really looking forward to finding out what was going to happen this season..I am tired of shows that we really like being canceled and them keeping stupid stuff or adding another Reality Show in it’s place. Bring back Swingtown!!!

  10. says

    I can’t believe that this show was cancelled. How can we not know what happens with Susan and Roger and Tom & Trina, who are now pregnant? RATS ! You put a show on for a year, people like and then you just cancel it. It was so nice to go back to the 70s and life so easy & trusting enough to leave your house doors unlocked. Come On… at least give us 3-4 more shows to end the story (as in Dirty Sexy Money-it has been cancelled, but they put on 4 more shows to end the story line for viewers). I bought the first season of Swingtown, what good is it…..no ending.

  11. Bridgette says

    I can not believe they would cancel such a great show………There are too many shows on t.v. now with blowing people up, killings, rape and all others acts of violent behavior towards people and animals that are more offensive than people who swing. The swinging lifestyle isn’t my style, but the show was GREAT and very HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you think if the NFL can allow someone such as Vick to return to football, CBS should allow a show about different lifestyles to return??????? I know animal cruelty and swinging are not even remotely the same thing, but if you don’t like what’s on the channel then turn it off. I know I WILL NEVER WATCH ANOTHER NFL GAME AS LONG AS VICK IS ALOUD TO PLAY and for those of you who are so hell bent on pushing your religious views into my home through my tv, wait until all of us whom do not want religious beliefs on tv start banning your cult like shows that can justify taking/swindling money from less fortunate just for their personal gain. We still do have freedom of choice do we not? This show was for adults about a time when there was still a sense of our freedoms of choice and experimentation. Maybe all of the uptight haters of the show were so afraid they might have liked that type of lifestyle and acted on it so they had to cancel it. CBS the reason you are at the bottom of the time slot wars is because you cancel great shows and keep that reality crap on. BAD CHOICE CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least let us find out the rest of the story……..PLEASE.

  12. Karen Barnett says

    Hey still wondering if the Big Cheese that is in charge of producing shows has thought about calling Direct TV 101 channel about at least doing one more episode I got to know what happened. It was nice to have a show that didn’t have anything to do with here and now gave me a chance to slide backward just a little and the music the cloths the hair well for and hour I could pretend I was 15 again and the only problems I had where so small and easy to fix. PLEASE find a solution for us.

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