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Boardwalk Empire: ratings information

Boardwalk Empire: Season Five Ratings

Boardwalk Empire TV show on HBO: final season ratingsHBO has decided that the fifth season will be the end of Boardwalk Empire. Will this be the show’s most popular season yet? Will the cable channel regret ending the show or is the time right?

In the final season of Boardwalk Empire, the end of Prohibition is near and Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) looks to legitimize himself through alliances with liquor producers. Rivals Lucky Luciano (Vincent Piazza) and Meyer Lansky seek to consolidate their power and eliminate all competition — by any means necessary. The rest of the cast includes Kelly Macdonald, Michael Shannon, Shea Whigham, Stephen Graham, Michael Kenneth Williams, Gretchen Mol, Paul Sparks, Jeffrey Wright, Anatol Yusef, Patricia Arquette, and Ben Rosenfield.

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HBO TV Show Ratings (updated 10/28/14)

October 28, 2014
While HBO execs aren’t tied to the ratings like regular commercial channels, they have to air programs that will keep viewers subscribed. Which of their Read more . . .
Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire

Back in 1920 in the Prohibition Era, Atlantic City is known as "The World's Playground," and is noted for being the place where rules don't apply. The entertainment rivals Broadway, and the boardwalk features motels, nightclubs, and amusement piers. Enoch "Nucky" Thompson (Steve Buscemi) is the town's Treasurer, but also a political fixer and backroom dealer. He takes full advantage of the location of his city, being the center for rum-runners, and close to both Philadelphia and New York City.
Boardwalk Empire series finale ratings

Boardwalk Empire: Last Episode Draws 2.3 Million

October 27, 2014
Last night, HBO said goodbye to Boardwalk Empire and a “few” extra viewers tuned in to watch. The 9pm airing drew 2.3 million viewers, an Read more . . .
boardwalk empire ending

Boardwalk Empire: HBO Series Ending with Season Five

January 9, 2014
As suggested earlier, HBO is ending Boardwalk Empire with the show’s upcoming fifth season. The cable channel renewed the series in September, shortly after the Read more . . .
boardwalk empire cancel or renew?

Boardwalk Empire: Season Four Ratings

November 26, 2013
Last year, viewership for HBO‘s Boardwalk Empire started to dwindle. Will the ratings continue to fall in season four or will they rise instead? We’ll Read more . . .
boardwalk empire season 5

Boardwalk Empire: Renewed for Season Five by HBO

September 26, 2013
HBO has announced that they’ve renewed Boardwalk Empire for a fifth season. The cable channel didn’t say how many episodes have been ordered but the Read more . . .

HBO TV Show Ratings Averages [Week 31]

May 1, 2013
Week-to-week gains: Game of Thrones and Veep. Week-to-week losses: (none). Below are the HBO TV show ratings averages as of Sunday, April 28, 2013; Read more . . .
HBO Boardwalk Empire ratings

Boardwalk Empire: Season Three Ratings

December 4, 2012
While “Nucky” Thompson (Steve Buscemi) tries to hold onto his control of Atlantic City, HBO tries to hold onto subscribers. Will Boardwalk Empire help them Read more . . .
HBO tv show Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire: Season Four Renewal from HBO

October 2, 2012
Atlantic City’s Nucky Thompson is a very happy man. HBO has renewed Boardwalk Empire for a fourth season. There’s no word on when the new Read more . . .

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