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Get Smart (1995) information

Get SmartNetwork: FOX
Episodes: Seven (half-hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: January 15, 1995 — February 19, 1995
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Don Adams, Elaine Hendrix, Andy Dick, Barbara Feldon, Heather Morgan, Marcia Mitzman Gaven, and Gabrielle Boni.

get smart (1995) past TV show

TV show description:
After the success of the made-for-TV reunion movie Get Smart, Again!, Don Adams and Barbara Feldon resume their roles in a new sitcom, 30 years after the classic comedy initially aired.

Bumbling Maxwell Smart (Adams) has taken over as Chief of CONTROL while Agent 99 (Feldon) is now a Congresswoman. Their grown son, Zach (Andy Dick), is an agent for CONTROL. Like his father, inept and inexperienced Zach needs all the help he can get — particularly from beautiful Agent 66 (Elaine Hendrix). Working side-by-side, the two try to stop KAOS and others from masterminding plots to rule the world. Their other CONTROL allies include Trudy (Heather Morgan) and Agent 13 (Dave Ketchum).

Episodes feature Zach and Agent 66 going undercover at a fashion show to thwart KAOS from obtaining an indestructible fabric, stealing from wealthy businessmen at a KAOS operated casino, making an escape from KAOS agent “The Brain” (Greg Collins), using CDs as weapons when KAOS tries to brainwash the youth population with mesmerizing pop music, and Zach dating Jessica, the daughter of his father’s old KAOS nemesis, Siegfried (Bernie Koppel).

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