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Getting On TV show on HBO

Getting On

Based on a British comedy of the same name, this series is set in Long Beach, California, at the Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit of Mt. Palms Hospital. The staff attends to the needs of female patients who are often "getting on" in years -- while also dealing with the challenges of a health-care bureaucracy that's in need of an overhaul. Even as they attempt to serve their charges under less-than-ideal circumstances, the lives of the ragtag crew are complicated by conflicting agendas, both professional and personal. Doctor Jenna James (Laurie Metcalf) is the director of medicine. She once hoped to become a medical-research star, but has instead been sentenced to purgatory at the facility. Head nurse Dawn Forchette (Alex Borstein) has many personal shortcomings and an obsession with finding a boyfriend. Both undermine her need to excel in her job. Nurse Denise “DiDi” Ortley (Niecy Nash) has an easy rapport with the patients and should be an example to her superiors but she isn't. And Patsy De La Serda (Mel Rodriguez) is a new supervising nurse of ambiguous sexuality.
Getting On TV show on HBO ratings

Getting On: Season Two Ratings

February 9, 2015
Despite very small viewership, HBO renewed Getting On for a second season. Will the ratings improve this time around? Will it be cancelled or renewed Read more . . .
Getting On TV show on HBO: season 3 ending

Getting On: Renewed for Third and Final Season on HBO

February 9, 2015
Looks like Laurie Metcalf may soon have some extra time on her hands. The actress’ CBS show, The McCarthys, has been essentially cancelled. Now, her Read more . . .
Getting On TV show on HBO: season 2

Getting On: Season Two Debuts November 9th

October 20, 2014
HBO has announced that season two of Getting On will kick off on Sunday, November 9th. There are just six installments. Guest stars this season Read more . . .
Getting On TV show on HBO: season two

Getting On: Season Two of HBO Series Debuts in November

July 10, 2014
HBO has announced that the second season of Getting On, their hospital comedy, will kick off sometime in November. There are just six episodes. The Read more . . .
getting on season two

Getting On: Season Two Renewal for HBO Series

February 18, 2014
HBO has renewed Getting On for a second season of six episodes. The first season of the dark comedy, which debuted in November, also had Read more . . .
Getting On on HBO

Getting On: New HBO Comedy Debuts November 24th

September 11, 2013
HBO has announced that Getting On, their new comedy series, will premiere on Sunday, November 24th, at 10pm. There are six episodes in the first Read more . . .

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