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tony randall showAs you probably already heard, writer/director/TV show creator Gary David Goldberg died earlier today. Goldberg will of course be remembered mostly for being the creator of shows like Family Ties, Brooklyn Bridge, and Spin City (with Bill Lawrence).

He wrote for several other shows earlier in his career and one of them was The Tony Randall Show. Created by Tom Patchett and Jay Tarses, this was Randall’s follow-up to his successful five year run on The Odd Couple.

While Jack Klugman hit it big after Odd Couple with Quincy ME, Randall never had another hit show and The Tony Randall Show was cancelled — twice. Once by ABC and then by CBS.

Here’s Goldberg’s humorous and touching recollection about working with Randall and why the show was cancelled — both times.

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The Odd Couple: Jack Klugman Dies at 90, Farewell Oscar Madison

December 24, 2012
A staple of television for many years, Jack Klugman, has died at the age of 90. He passed away earlier this afternoon in Northridge, CA. Read more . . .
Star Trek

Star Trek: William Campbell Dies; Farewell Trelaine and Koloth

May 2, 2011
An actor who played two memorable villains from the original Star Trek series has died. William Campbell passed away on April 28th at the Motion Read more . . .
<em>Quincy ME:</em> Character Actor Eddie Garrett Dies at 82

Quincy ME: Character Actor Eddie Garrett Dies at 82

June 1, 2010
Character actor Eddie Garrett passed away on May 13th at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, CA. He was 82 years old and had Read more . . .
<em>Quincy, M.E.:</em> Jack Klugman Still Fighting for His Share of TV Show Profits

Quincy, M.E.: Jack Klugman Still Fighting for His Share of TV Show Profits

August 29, 2009
Like his Dr. Quincy alter-ego, Jack Klugman is refusing to give up on a case. The 87-year old actor has filed a new lawsuit against Read more . . .
Veterans of Cancelled TV Shows That We Lost in May 2009

Veterans of Cancelled TV Shows That We Lost in May 2009

June 7, 2009
Dom DeLuise and Linda DangcilSome more talented individuals left us this month. It's amazing how so many people have contributed so much to the medium of television. Some of the losses this month include Dom DeLuise (The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, The New Candid Camera), Linda Dangcil (Dynasty, Quincy M.E., 3rd Rock From The Sun, and The Flying Nun), Frank Aletter (M*A*S*H, All In The Family, Dallas, Kojak, and Murder, She Wrote), Wayne Allwine (movies Splash, Three Men And A Baby, and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and as the voice of Mickey Mouse), Michael Ross (All In The Family, The Jeffersons, and Three's Company), and veteran news producer Jack Reilly (The Mike Douglas Show, David Frost Show, Good Morning America, and Entertainment Tonight). Here are the details... Comedic actor Dom DeLuise passed away in his sleep on May 4th in Southern California. He was 75 years old. DeLuise was a staple of variety shows in the 1960s and hosted his own from 1983 until 1990. With his seemingly endless enthusiasm, DeLuise was also a frequent guest on talk shows like The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, a co-star in many Mel Brooks movies, and hosted The New Candid Camera in the 1990s. Frequent co-star and close friend Burt Reynolds told Entertainment Tonight, "I was dreading this moment... Dom always made everyone feel better when he was around. I never heard him say an unkind word about anyone. I will miss him very much."
Quincy, M.E.

Quincy, M.E.

Dr. R. Quincy (Jack Klugman) gives up his lucrative private practice as a surgeon after his wife Helen dies from a brain tumor. He joins the County of Los Angeles' Coroner's Office as a Medical Examiner (M.E.). In his position, Quincy uses forensic medicine to determine a deceased person's cause of death. Through his expertise, and with the help of fellow examiner Sam Fujiyama (Robert Ito), he sometimes uncovers details that indicate that a seemingly natural death was actually a murder. Not content to merely stay in the lab, Quincy often ventures out into the field on a crusade to gather evidence to prove his findings. This is a source of constant frustration to others, including Lieutenant Frank Monahan (Garry Walberg), Sergeant Brill (Joseph Roman), and Dr. Robert Astin (John S. Ragin), Quincy's arrogant superior.
TV News Briefs: <em>Addams Family, Friends, Sopranos, Quincy,</em> and <em>Mr. Ed</em>

TV News Briefs: Addams Family, Friends, Sopranos, Quincy, and Mr. Ed

June 30, 2008
There's some interested casting going on for the The Addams Family musical, Lisa Kudrow gives her opinion on the Friends reunion, The Sopranos gives new meaning to the term 'blood money,' and Jack Klugman and Mr. Ed go to court!
TV News Briefs: <em>The Unit, Old Christine, The Mole, Stargate: SG-1</em> and <em>Quincy, M.E.</em>

TV News Briefs: The Unit, Old Christine, The Mole, Stargate: SG-1 and Quincy, M.E.

April 4, 2008
Has CBS decided to cancel or renew The Unit? If CBS decides to cancel The New Adventures of Old Christine, could the show move to another network? The revival of ABC's The Mole gets a premiere date and a new host, another Stargate: SG-1 movie is on the way and legendary TV star Jack Klugman wants his share of the profits from the long-running Quincy, M.E. series.

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