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Terra Nova: canceled or renewed? information

Canceled Terra Nova endingThe creators of FOX’s cancelled Terra Nova didn’t get a chance to give the TV show a proper ending. Now the studio wants your help in deciding what happened after the last episode.

Would the Sixers, Lucas, and the Phoenix Group have completed their secret mission? Would Commander Taylor and the Shannons have been able to win back Terra Nova for the future? How did the wooden figurehead get there?

The first (and only) season of Terra Nova was released on DVD yesterday and those who purchased it are being asked to go to the TV show’s special website. If you have the access code that’s found in the box set, you can use their online editing software to put together a motion comic with your best idea for a true series finale.

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Terra Nova

In the year 2149, the planet Earth is overdeveloped and overcrowded. The majority of plant and animal life are extinct. Scientists unexpectedly discover a fracture in time that makes it possible to construct a portal into primeval history. With the future of the species at stake, a bold notion is born -- to resettle humanity in the past. It's believed that this is a second chance to rebuild civilization and to hopefully get it right this time. The first colony that's established in the prehistoric land is called Terra Nova.
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