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2012-13 Cancelled ending TV series

169 Ending or Cancelled TV Shows for the 2012-13 Season

January 16, 2015
Latest additions: Oh Sit! (The CW), Capture (The CW), The American Baking Competition (CBS), Perfect Score (The CW), Secret Millionaire (ABC), Whodunnit? (ABC), Does Someone Read more . . .
The LA Complex cancelled

The LA Complex: CW Cancels the TV Series Too

December 21, 2012
Earlier this month, we learned that Bell Media had cancelled The LA Complex after two seasons on the air. The low-rated drama aired on The Read more . . .
LA Complex TV series

The LA Complex

This TV series follows a group of young and aspiring performers who are pursuing their dreams of stardom in Los Angeles. In search of fame and fortune, they live in an apartment-style motel -- The Delux Suites Motel -- and face similar challenges and opportunities as they go for Hollywood gold. The young hopefuls become neighbors, friends and, in some cases, the closest thing any of them have to family. A charming actor with drop-dead good looks and a dark past, Connor Lake (Jonathan Patrick Moore) has just landed a leading role in his first TV series. Raquel Westbrook (Jewel Staite) is a street-smart actress who, despite already having had a hit TV show, is concerned that she's quickly becoming yesterday's news. Kaldrick King (Andra Fuller) is a superstar Hip-Hop artist who's seen it all and comes from the streets of Oakland, California. Meanwhile, Tariq Muhammad (Benjamin Charles Watson) is a talented and aspiring Hip-Hop songwriter who is also hiding a secret. He works as an intern/gofer for a big-time record producer. Nick Wagner (Joe Dinicol), a struggling stand-up comedian, is every girl's best friend but never their boyfriend. Abby Vargas (Cassie Steele) is a naive but determined young actress who gave up a boyfriend back home in Canada to stay in Hollywood. A sensitive and aspiring dancer, Alicia Mann (Chelan Simmons), will do whatever it takes to make ends meet. Eddie Demir (Ennis Esmer) is the landlord and manager of The Delux Suites Motel, the complex where the young hopefuls live.
la complex tv show canceled

The LA Complex: Cancelled But Season Three Still Possible

December 3, 2012
Bell Media has reportedly cancelled The LA Complex after two seasons on the air. The low-rated drama may see a third season on The CW Read more . . .
LA Complex ratings

The LA Complex: Season Two Ratings

September 27, 2012
Despite low ratings The CW picked up The LA Complex for a second season. Will the numbers for season three give them reason to want Read more . . .
THE L.A. COMPLEX season two

The LA Complex: Season Two Coming; ANTM, ReModeled Returning

June 7, 2012
As we reported earlier, The CW has picked up season two of The LA Complex, the Canadian series. It will debut on July 17th Read more . . .
TV ratings for LA Complex on Cw

The LA Complex: Season One Ratings

June 1, 2012
Here are the latest TV series ratings for The LA Complex. In this television show, a group of young and beautiful performers try to Read more . . .
season two of LA Complex on CW

The LA Complex: Season Two Coming to CW

May 23, 2012
If you’re part of the small but devoted audience that’s been watching The LA Complex on The CW, there’s some good news for you. It Read more . . .
renewed or cancelled LA Complex on CW

The LA Complex: Cancelled or Renewed by The CW?

May 20, 2012
The CW recently cancelled shows like Ringer and The Secret Circle but there hasn’t been any word about The CW’s LA Complex. Has it Read more . . .

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