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Sherwood SchwartzIn Hollywood, most people consider themselves lucky to have one show get on the air. A veteran producer and writer, Sherwood Schwartz created several TV series. Two of them — Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch — were moderate successes in their original runs but later became two of the most beloved sitcoms in television history. Schwartz died in his sleep early this morning at the age of 94.

Born in 1916 in Passaic, New Jersey, Sherwood Charles Schwartz grew up in Brooklyn and was a pre-med student at New York University. He earned a bachelor’s degree and moved to Los Angeles. While waiting to be accepted at medical school, he asked his brother Albert, who worked on Bob Hope’s radio show, if he could try writing a few jokes. Hope liked his work and offered him a job so he decided to help people feel better with laughter, rather than medicine.

Schwartz used to joke that Hope would send him, as the youngest man on the team, out for ice cream fudge sundaes. When Schwartz returned from a stint in World War II, he stopped by the writer’s room. Without missing a beat, Hope commented that it had taken him a long time to get the sundae this time.

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Veterans of Cancelled TV Shows That We Lost in March 2009

Veterans of Cancelled TV Shows That We Lost in March 2009

April 4, 2009
We were forced to say goodbye to several veterans of the TV shows from the past. Some are well known to the public and some are not. Either way, the medium of television wouldn't be the same without their contributions. They include Ron Silver (Chicago Hope, Law & Order, Crossing Jordan, Rhoda, and The West Wing), Alan Livingston (creator of Bozo The Clown), Morton Lachman (The Red Skelton Show, Sanford, All In The Family, Gimme A Break, and Kate & Allie), Millard Kaufman (Mister Magoo), Harry Harris (Fame, Gunsmoke, Kung Fu, Lost In Space, Hawaii Five-0, Falcon Crest, and 7th Heaven, and Andy Hallett (Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer). Here are the details... Ron Silver, 62, passed away on March 15th after a two-year battle with esophageal cancer. A veteran of many movies (Reversal Of Fortune) and Broadway plays (Speed the Plow), television audiences know the talented actor from Chicago Hope, Law & Order, Crossing Jordan, and The West Wing. One of his earlier roles in the medium was playing the boyfriend and neighbor of Brenda (Julie Kavner) on the Rhoda sitcom. Silver was also the co-founder of an entertainment industry advocacy group, Creative Coalition. On March 13th, Alan Livingston died of natural causes at his home in Beverly Hills. He was 91. He was best known as the president of Capitol Records during the 1960s, having signed iconic artists like Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, and The Beatles. He was originally hired as a writer and producer of children's storytelling record albums with illustrated read-along books. He wrote Bozo at the Circus and worked with an illustrator to design the character. The record sold more than eight million copies and spawned Bozo merchandise and local market Bozo-hosted TV shows.
The Red Skelton Show

The Red Skelton Show

This variety show began on the radio before moving to television. Legendary Red Skelton's comedy transitioned well from the airwaves to the small screen. Each show begins in the same fashion: Skelton delivers a monologue which often features the characters of George Appleby (a husband who endures constant nagging from his wife) and Gertrude and Heathcliff, two very dim seagulls. This is then followed by a musical performance by a guest, often accompanied by band leader David Rose and his orchestra. One notable guest performance comes when The Rolling Stones make their first American television appearance on the show.

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