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Threes Company reunionIn the late 1970s and early 1980s, Three’s Company was one of the hottest shows on television. The show made John Ritter, Suzanne Somers, and Joyce DeWitt all household names.

Season five marked the start of cast contract re-negotiations and ultimately led to a lot of friction on the set. Somers and her representatives demanded a huge increase in her salary and, when their demands weren’t met, she went “on strike” and made production very difficult. Though she had become a huge draw for the show, Somers was ultimately written out of the series and replaced.

There were a lot of hard feelings resulting from the very public turmoil and former friends DeWitt and Somers haven’t spoken for 31 years. The two have now reunited for Somers’ web series, Breaking Through, just as we approach the 35th anniversary of Three’s Company debut.

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Veterans of Cancelled TV Shows That We Lost in May 2009

Veterans of Cancelled TV Shows That We Lost in May 2009

June 7, 2009
Dom DeLuise and Linda DangcilSome more talented individuals left us this month. It's amazing how so many people have contributed so much to the medium of television. Some of the losses this month include Dom DeLuise (The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, The New Candid Camera), Linda Dangcil (Dynasty, Quincy M.E., 3rd Rock From The Sun, and The Flying Nun), Frank Aletter (M*A*S*H, All In The Family, Dallas, Kojak, and Murder, She Wrote), Wayne Allwine (movies Splash, Three Men And A Baby, and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and as the voice of Mickey Mouse), Michael Ross (All In The Family, The Jeffersons, and Three's Company), and veteran news producer Jack Reilly (The Mike Douglas Show, David Frost Show, Good Morning America, and Entertainment Tonight). Here are the details... Comedic actor Dom DeLuise passed away in his sleep on May 4th in Southern California. He was 75 years old. DeLuise was a staple of variety shows in the 1960s and hosted his own from 1983 until 1990. With his seemingly endless enthusiasm, DeLuise was also a frequent guest on talk shows like The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, a co-star in many Mel Brooks movies, and hosted The New Candid Camera in the 1990s. Frequent co-star and close friend Burt Reynolds told Entertainment Tonight, "I was dreading this moment... Dom always made everyone feel better when he was around. I never heard him say an unkind word about anyone. I will miss him very much."
Veterans of Cancelled TV Shows That We Lost in April 2009

Veterans of Cancelled TV Shows That We Lost in April 2009

May 6, 2009
Dan Miller and Nora O'BrienSeveral veterans of cancelled television shows left us in April. Some worked in front of the cameras while others worked behind the scenes. Either way, they contributed to the medium in significant ways. Those that have passed away include Thomas Braden (Eight Is Enough, Crossfire), Dan Miller (The Pat Sajak Show, Miller & Company), Wendy Blair (Three's Company, The Ropers, Three's A Crowd, What A Country, and I Married Dora), Jim Hutchison (Hawaii Five-0, Magnum P.I., and Jake And The Fatman), Marilyn Cooper (Alice, Kate And Allie, Cheers, Law & Order, The Nanny, and Caroline In The City), Kim Weiskopf (One Day At A Time, The Jeffersons, Good Times, What's Happening Now!!, Full House, and Married With Children), Bea Arthur (Maude, The Golden Girls), and Nora O'Brien (Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Kings, The Philanthropist, Parenthood, and Bionic Woman). Here are the details... Thomas Braden passed away on April 3rd. He was 92 years old and died of natural causes at his home in Denver. Braden worked for the CIA until 1954 and then bought a newspaper in Oceanside, CA. He wrote a regular column about his life at home with a wife and eight children. Those columns were later collected in book form and became the basis of ABC's Eight is Enough TV series. He returned to Washington, DC in the 1960s and helped create a political debate radio show. In 1982, he helped to launch CNN's political debate series, Crossfire, with Pat Buchanan. He stayed with the program until 1991 and the show ended in 2005. Braden's wife, Joan, had a varied career that included magazine writer, TV interviewer, public relations officer, and aide to both John F. Kennedy and Nelson A. Rockefeller. She died in 1999. Braden is survived by seven children (Thomas Jr. died in 1999) and numerous grandchildren.
Veterans of Cancelled TV Shows That We Lost in February 2009

Veterans of Cancelled TV Shows That We Lost in February 2009

March 2, 2009
We lost a large number of TV show veterans in January 2009 but, thankfully, far fewer left us in February. The talented TV-related folks that left us in February include James Whitmore, One Life to Live's Phil Carey (All in the Family, Little House on the Prairie, The Bionic Woman, and Gunsmoke), Blossom Dearie (The Today Show and Schoolhouse Rock!), and Ed Cotter (Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Dear John, and Family Matters). James Whitmore, 87, died on February 6th at his Malibu, CA home. The actor was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2008. Whitmore had a long list of movie and Broadway credits but also guested on TV shows like The Practice, The White Shadow, Gunsmoke, The Big Valley, and most recently, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He was married several times, including to Audra Lindley (Three's Company). Whitmore was also the grandfather of recent Survivor contestant, Matty Whitmore. Phil Carey, 83, passed away on February 6th at his home in New York. The actor had also been battling lung cancer. He was best known for playing business tycoon Asa Buchanan on ABC's One Life to Live soap opera for almost 30 years. A veteran of many movies, Carey also appeared on classic shows like All in the Family, Little House on the Prairie, The Bionic Woman, and Gunsmoke.
Three’s Company

Three’s Company

Two friends and roommates, pragmatic Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) and ditzy Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers), are in need of a new roommate. The morning after their goodbye party for their former roommate, they discover leftover guest Jack Tripper (John Ritter) passed out in the bathtub.
2008 TV Land Awards: Overflowing with Classic TV Show Stars

2008 TV Land Awards: Overflowing with Classic TV Show Stars

June 14, 2008
If you’re a fan of classic television, you won’t want to miss the 2008 TV Land Awards tomorrow (Sunday) night. It’s not your typical awards Read more . . .

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