Take the Money and Run: ABC Unscripted Series; Cancel or Season Two?

Take the Money and RunThe alphabet network recently debuted a new alternative TV series called Take the Money and Run. Interestingly, it has the same title as a 1969 Woody Allen comedy film. That movie was a hit with critics and viewers. Has the ABC show received a similar reception?

On Take the Money and Run, two participants are given a briefcase filled with $100,000 and one hour to hide it. At the end of that time, the contestants are taken into custody and questioned by a team of investigators. They work with a pair of detectives who are given GPS recordings of the route that the contestants took, as well as their phone records. If the detectives can locate the suitcase within 48 hours, they get to split the money. If not, the contestants keep the prize.

The reality series debuted on August 2nd with a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.28 million viewers. It was third in its timeslot, ranking well behind America’s Got Talent on NBC and FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen.

The second installment kept most of its premiere audience, falling just 5% in the demo. Week three saw the demo rating fall 22% to a 1.4 with 3.63 million viewers. The fourth episode popped back up 14% and last night’s fell back down again. The first season has averaged a 1.6 rating and 4.34 million viewers.

Take the Money and Run’s freshman run concludes next week and it doesn’t seem likely that ABC will renew it for a second season. ABC has been running eight different “alternative” series this summer and this one ranks sixth, beating only Expedition: Impossible and Friday night’s Karaoke Battle USA. Still, it is relatively inexpensive to produce so you never know. After all, this reality show is easily beating Rookie Blue and Combat Hospital.

What do you think? Is Take the Money and Run worth watching? Should it be renewed for a second season or just cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Disgusted and Finished with the Show says

    It has a good basis but I think the show should be cancelled. It is painful to watch those people break at the hands of seasoned experienced Detectives. I read a comment by the Sister of one of the episodes (on the abc message board) where she had been portrayed unfairly as the “bitchy” sister, and it was totally untrue as she was nice and not bitchy watching it a second time. But I think one of those gay men might commit suicide from the show, he was totally broken. The show disgusts me and it disgusts everyone else I see post on the take the money and run on the abc message board. Above comments definitely sound fake…

    Also, I also wanted to be on the show with my friend until episode 2. It looks like abc chose weak people. And I really think previous show members will commit suicide some time during their life from that show after their total break.. Totally disgusting.

  2. says

    Really love this show, the only problem is their idiotic choice of timeslot. You can’t expect to compete with America’s Got Talent with anything other than the same type of show with better loved judges and more variaty. Take the Money and Run needs to be run on a better timeslot.

  3. linda saxon says

    I LOVED IT. I hope there will be a 2nd season. I didn’t find it until half way thru, but watched some on Primetime on Demand or on the computer. If next season, I will DVR it if I can’t watch it. PLEASE RENEW this show.

  4. Gela says

    Yes I think ABC should continue Take the money & run. I enjoyed watching it every week as well as several of my friends and family. It was very disappointing when it did not come on Tuesday sept 13th. We are hopeful that ABC will reconsider before canceling. Thank you, Gela in Florida

  5. Melissa says

    I didn’t start watching from the beginning, I missed one or so but my Mom & daughter got me hooked. The last episode was the best but I liked all I watched. I hope they bring it back for another season. It’s exciting to see the people come up with a plan and then see if they crack under pressure or if the detectives are that good.

    • Anonymous says

      Melissa Glad you liked the last episode,John SCALISE and myself Mike Byrne retired Chicago Police were the detectives.What a lot of the viewers dont know is that this episode was actually the pilot,used by ABC to pick up the show.We loved making the show,everybody was easy to work with.The creators Bertram,Elise were great.

  6. john says

    I know a hit when I see it. I was one of the 1st that knew 2 and a half men was a hit. I ended up watching all the shows online one after the next. Great job ABC

  7. Crystal says

    I absolutely love the show. I’ve watched every episode since it started. I hope it stays on air. It is very suspenseful. I would’nt mind going on there myself.

  8. Lupe says

    I really, really, enjoy Take the Money and Run. The interrogations are intense and some contestants have been a challenge. Love it when the contestants WIN!
    Bring the show back.

  9. Sc00teR says

    LOVE the show. Truly. I’ve looked forward to it more than anything else this summer.

    It’s not that the actual episodes are great. In fact, there have been too many where the contestants simply gave it up because of the intensity of the interrogation experience or just plain foolishness.

    But if the producers could rethink some aspects of the show, screen their contestants better, and give it another shot, I’d definitely be on board for the ride.

    And let’s face it: Everyone who watches this show starts to think what THEY would do to hide the money. I think that’s half the fun.

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