Take the Money and Run: ABC Unscripted Series; Cancel or Season Two?

Take the Money and RunThe alphabet network recently debuted a new alternative TV series called Take the Money and Run. Interestingly, it has the same title as a 1969 Woody Allen comedy film. That movie was a hit with critics and viewers. Has the ABC show received a similar reception?

On Take the Money and Run, two participants are given a briefcase filled with $100,000 and one hour to hide it. At the end of that time, the contestants are taken into custody and questioned by a team of investigators. They work with a pair of detectives who are given GPS recordings of the route that the contestants took, as well as their phone records. If the detectives can locate the suitcase within 48 hours, they get to split the money. If not, the contestants keep the prize.

The reality series debuted on August 2nd with a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.28 million viewers. It was third in its timeslot, ranking well behind America’s Got Talent on NBC and FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen.

The second installment kept most of its premiere audience, falling just 5% in the demo. Week three saw the demo rating fall 22% to a 1.4 with 3.63 million viewers. The fourth episode popped back up 14% and last night’s fell back down again. The first season has averaged a 1.6 rating and 4.34 million viewers.

Take the Money and Run’s freshman run concludes next week and it doesn’t seem likely that ABC will renew it for a second season. ABC has been running eight different “alternative” series this summer and this one ranks sixth, beating only Expedition: Impossible and Friday night’s Karaoke Battle USA. Still, it is relatively inexpensive to produce so you never know. After all, this reality show is easily beating Rookie Blue and Combat Hospital.

What do you think? Is Take the Money and Run worth watching? Should it be renewed for a second season or just cancelled?

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  1. amy says

    I loved this show… I would watch this again for another season.. I hope they put this on for another go & see how it works out.

  2. Joao says

    “and this one ranks sixth, beating only Expedition: Impossible”
    America is a joke… The two best and most realistic reality competition shows and the result is a sentence like that one quoted?
    Hell’s kitchen? Yeah, good to kill some time. But Take the Money and Run is my number one TV show, expedition impossible second, survivor 3rd.

  3. Roderick says


  4. Norm says

    This was a ridiculous show! If it does get renewed, we won’t watch it. The investigators were horrible and the jail portion very unrealistic.

  5. Elaine says

    I had taped this show on my DVR. I just got done watching the last episode. It was GREAT. I certainly enjoy this show, The last couple were smarter than the others that I watched and was surprised the police did not find the case. I think choosing the couple is very important. If the show picks dummies as contestant, the audience knows that the couple will never win. On this last show the editing was very good and it made it much more exciting. I also think they should have done more advertising for this show. I have my DVR set to record new and repeat shows because I hope they will repeat them and I can see the episodes I missed. Maybe other people would become interested if they had the option of watching repeat episodes. I would be very pleased if this was renewed. It is different from any other show I have seen. I always route for the underdog and think, how could I do this better. To me it is a fun and interesting show. I know my comment is late but I still hope it helps to get a Second Season.

  6. says

    please please bring the show back for another season, if more people knew about it there would definitely be more viewers. This is an excellent show, all the producers have to do is advertise more so it gets out there. Bring season two, I am so ready to watch.

  7. says

    My son and I really enjoyed the show and seeing who would crack first. Everyone that came by would get sucked into trying to figure out how would be handle the situation. I think the pork and beans and milk for every meal was over the top BUT, the jist of the show was awesome. Maybe they could state the guidlines a little more clearly in the begining of the show but all in all we were SOOOO SAD when the pilot series ended! Please bring it back, being overseas its hard to deal with the delay not to mention good shows being cancelled before their time! BRING IT BACK!!!

    Thank you. :-)

  8. Dan says

    My wfe and I started watching this new show and after watching several episodes we decided that if the show was going to keep take turns on who’s going to win then it’s not worth watching…we say kill it

  9. Elaine says

    My husband and I really enjoy this show. I like to try and figure out what I would do. I think it is a fun show. I only got to see 4 of the shows. I would like to have them repeated. I hope enough other people like this so we can get season two.

  10. cody says

    good show should be back for another season, n to the people leaving negative comments about it why even watch it? if its boring just turn it off forreal.hope to see it back for another season

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