Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Are Tonight’s Episodes the Season Finale or Series Finale?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesThough the series was heavily hyped, things haven’t been going so well for FOX’s new series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Is this freshman action series in danger of being terminated?

With the writers strike going in full force, Sarah Connor had become the most anticipated event of mid-season when it debuted on Sunday, January 13, 2008. The pilot dominated the night with 18.36 million viewers and a 7.6 rating and 18 share of the 18-49 demographic. Unfortunately, the next night only 10 million returned for the second episode and the ratings have been steadily dropping ever since. Last week’s episode attracted only 7.3 million viewers.

Because of the writers strike, only nine of the 13 ordered episodes were completed. FOX has opted not to put the show back into production so tonight’s pair of episodes will be the last of the season. Looking solely at the declining ratings, they’d likely be the end of the series as well.

But now, thrown into the mix is the fact that Warner Bros. has just announced a fourth movie is in the works. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins is scheduled to hit theaters on May 22, 2009. With Christian Bale picking up the John Connor role, the studio is hoping to jumpstart a new Terminator trilogy. With this in mind, Warners may want to keep the Sarah Connor series on the air to help cross-promote the movie — perhaps badly enough to reduce the series cost to FOX.

Considering the worldwide success of the Terminator flicks, there’s also likely a big global market for the TV series. Unless viewership turns around, it’s hard to envision any scenario in which the series could last long enough to make a syndication package.

The series future will be determined by mid-May when FOX announces their 2008-09 season. Will Sarah Connor be back? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. mad rob says

    i. watched and own all of terminator movies . i own both seasons of the sarah conner chronicles . i know viewership was low , but what about us! the real fans . we love to know how the story ends . you could make it three night tv special. with ending the series in a cliff hanger you might as well (the fans) push us all off the edge.

  2. UmDave says

    I hope Fox brings back The “Sarah Connor Chronicles” if they don’t it will be the largest financial blunder of this decade, this series is the very best thing on all Television I have seen in a long time, I think TV needs a new shot in the arm like this show if it is to survive, the reality shows are killing television, this Sci Fi is really good and very addictive to watch, if I could not be home to watch an episode I would always record it this show is the best invention since the Simpson?s House, Bones, or even Married with children, it would be a sad display if Fox did not pick up a second season and more of the “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
    This is the future and viewers need Sci Fi?s like this to keep our Brains stimulated in these times of high technology and our future of high tech. imagination, creativity and invention.
    And I hope they continue with the same cast and bring in new ones, this show as far as I can see can only just get better with time like a fine wine.

  3. says

    Para aquellos que quieran seguir la serie les dejo el link del foro de Argentina de Terminator ? The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    que tiene toda la informaci?n de la serie. Cap?tulos, subt?tulos, galerias de im?genes y toda la infromacion sobre la nueva T4.


    Saludos a todos los fans!!

  4. Rob says

    As usual the writers strike brought down another show that had not had chance to reach its full potential (i.e) Bionic Woman.. The were to fast then and too fast now on pulling the plug, I love the show and think it is idiotic for them to pull it.. Look at Star Trek the Next Gen.. The acting in that was so wooden and stilted until the actors had chance to work together. But that took a couple of seasons… Why not give the show the credit it is due and let it build

  5. David Foster says

    This is a great show that expands on the Terminator universe. It dives deep into the characters and helps give them life from what you saw and know about the movies. This is a very interesting show, keeps you guessing and with so many people Terminator fans, it has a large fanbase. This is a show I look forward too every week. I TIVO it because of work schedules, I think a lot of other people do to, look at the Itunes downloads, this is the top 5 download EVERYWEEK, that shows you a lot of people are watching and returning to watch.

  6. Ivan says

    I love this show ive seen every episode. I especially like the fact that its is own story and not a direct storyline from the movie. In my opinion if it was following the movies then i wouldnt watch it at all, like i said i love that the story is going its own way. A lot like the cw hit smallville, instead of going along with superman story the show made its own story and is now one of cw’s biggest hits, and one of my favirot shows after terminator Sarah Connor chronicles. In unrelative topic i really cant understand people who watch prison break and not Sarah Connor chronicals. Ive watched prison break over and over and ive concluded that its BORING, really who wants to watch a guy go to jail break out then go jail then break out again like COME ON!! If it were up to me I would cancell the jail break series all together and every monday show two hours of terminator sarah connor chronicals.

  7. FRANK says

    As much of a fan I am of the terminator films,there is no way to defend this piece of garbage that fox tries to pass off as part of the terminator story.It’s the same old usual television formula. Churn out junk on the cheap.Any body who is at least 40 years old, remembers a time when you looked forward to coming home from a hard days work to sit down and watch some quality television.That was back in the 1970s.Now spring foward to the present day. I am a science fiction fan, and when I forst heard about the new terminator series, I was thrilled. I could not wait to see the premiere of the series. I figured that a terminator tv show would keep me satisfied until the TERMINATOR 4 comes out. But instead I watched two hours of schlock.
    If the show has been cancelled… GOOD RIDDENCE!, I can wait until the movie comes out. Until then, I will just keep re-watching terminators: 1, 2, and 3. “My final word for the chronicles of sarah conner: Don’t come back “..

  8. Erik says

    I have seen every episode of this show. I think its a great idea, to have a series based off the Terminator movies. I do like the actors in the show, the writing is ok, but i do feel that it is missing something. Be it more action, or not a strong enough storyline. I feel fox should have done all 13 epsisodes. I think this is a show that needs time to figure things out. given time it could become a great show, its just needs time, like most show that get pulled off the air too fast (EX: Jericho). keep it around, let word of mouth build upon it.