Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: FOX Series cancelled, No Season Three

TerminatorTo no surprise, FOX has cancelled its sci-fi series after two seasons. With a new Terminator movie about to be released, one would think the show’s future would be secure. What’s the deal?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles debuted in January of 2008 to a whopping 18.3 million viewers and a 7.6 rating/18 share in the 18-49 demographic. Unfortunately, much of the strength of that debut could be credited to having an NFL playoff game as a lead-in. The next night, only 10.07 million returned to see episode two and the ratings for subsequent installments declined from there. Despite falling to a low of 7.12 million and a 2.7 rating, FOX opted to order a second season.

The sophomore year of the series got off to a slow start in September of 2008. The season two premiere attracted just 6.33 million viewers and a 2.4/7 rating/share in the demo. On Monday nights, airing opposite Chuck, the viewership declined even further.

FOX ordered a full season but in 2009 shifted the series to Friday nights, paired with compatible Dollhouse. It was hoped that, together, they would draw a substantial audience. It didn’t happen and Sarah Connor was commonly seen as a poor lead-in for the new Joss Whedon series. Sarah Connor’s Friday night numbers hit a low of 2.9 million viewers and a 1.0/4 in the 18-49 demographic.

Though the show’s core fans have been very supportive of the series, the efforts ultimately weren’t enough to save it. At today’s upfronts, FOX president Kevin Reilly confirmed that there wouldn’t be a third season of Sarah Connor. The studio had apparently been trying to shop the series to other outlets but those efforts were fruitless.

Will we ever get answers to the series’ open-ended questions? Doubtful. Though the Terminator saga will continue for a long time to come, it looks like this chapter is closed.

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  1. Dave - Fall River, MA says

    Sucks that they canceled the show. Maybe they’ll take the Stargate lead and produce some direct to DVD releases. Write in to Fox and let those ******** know …

  2. John on Staten Island says

    Great show, Summer Glau and the whole cast were awsome. every episode was great, it was pretty ****** of fox to cancel such a great show. Maybe one of the other networks will pick it up.

  3. Anonymous says

    That was really ****** of fox to cancel such a great show. Loved every single episode. Summer glau was awsome. The whole cast was awsome.

  4. says

    the cancellation of terminator really ******* sucks as a fan and a viewer of fox this might be the the biggest mistake this network has ever done. i watched every single episode of the terminator and the show was the best show on tv. i was four year old when i watch the movie when it came out it has impacted my life in so many ways why would they cancel a great show

    • Tim in Milwaukee says

      This is a BIG Disappointment. The S.C.C. absolutely ROCKED. I’ve been looking the guide for it’s return, and finally, (Can’t believe I haven’t cheked B-4), looked the net and just found out it has been cancelled.
      I cannot, in any printed form, display my unhappiness….ask my wife*
      She been listeneing to me say: “When’s the S.C.C. coming back on? They had such a great cliff hanger to end the season, i was ‘almost’ more anticipating this than football…’almost’. But I will say this was CLOSE 2ND!!!
      Who, what Network, can PLEASE pick this AWSOME series up???
      (Guaranteed, now thru March+ would be rartings Bonanza!!!)
      T…in the M.

  5. cindy says

    You have got to be kidding. With all the crap on tv and they take off something like this that has a little action and suspense and it also brings you forward from the original movie. Oh wait it was cancelled because we had to fill the spot with another wonderful program like the bachelor or some other great reality game show junk. Please give us a little credit, we have enough reality in our lives every day, let us escape for at least an hour.

  6. your joking says

    Fox is the worst. Great series that could be positioned on a real network that would get the viewership to keep on going. Great story, great special effects and great cast. Bring it back NBC, CBS, ABC?

  7. slavin says

    Bring it back! I watch all the episodes on Netflix. Manson is wonderful. Glau is wonderful. Headey is wonderful. All wonderful. Best show on tv. Ever.

  8. mike says

    This show deserved to be cancelled. It had none of the urgency of the Linda Hamilton character, and too much mushy sentiment. Too much emphasis on being sexy. I watched a lot of episodes hoping it would get better, but instead it tailspinned down.

  9. Is reality done yet??? says

    Just great… Cool series like this one are getting cancelled while reality shows are still on the air. What the heck??? Wake me up when the reality decade is over and good fiction and science-fiction series are back on the air. Do not get me wrong there are a few reality shows that are enjoyable to watch but come on seriously have we not hooked-up/married enough men and women, spent enough time in the real world, lost enough weight or have enough big brothers and who can keep up with all the survivors? Create a good series, stick with it and do not knee jerk at the first sign of trouble.

  10. Thomas says

    I like this show . To have it be cancelled , sucks big time. What’s it gonna take to bring the show back? I think fans should petiton to bring the show back.

  11. jane3246 says

    This is B.S.! I loved the show and couldn’t find it last season because they bounced it around so much or skipped weeks. So I watched episodes online. Fox sucks and so does thier cable news channel. I agree with previous commentator that Fox execs must be dumber than dirt! Proper advertising and good time slot would have made great viewship for this show. They don’t seem to realize the ratings agencies are out dated as the primary audience of this show is internet savvy and watches online or on demand.

  12. Anonymous says

    this suckkkkk the other shows could go to hellz i want tscc back. fox suckkkkkkkkkkkk dollhouse make no sence they copied most of the ideas of tscc.

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