Terra Nova: Key Contracts Extended; Good Sign for Season Two?

Terra Nova season two chancesA decision about the fate of Terra Nova was expected by the end of the month — at least in part because the options for the cast expire on December 31st. A high-level meeting was held on December 16th between execs from FOX and 20th Century Fox but no decision was reached and they won’t decide what to do until at least January.

In the meantime, the show’s producers are making moves to secure contract extensions on key actors Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang. They’re also looking to beef up the show’s writing staff, searching for high-level writers to join executive producers Brannon Braga and Rene Echevarria.

Because of Terra Nova’s extensive post-production work, FOX will have to decide on the TV show’s fate before execs have a chance to see their development options for new shows. If they wait until late January, they should have a good idea about the strength of Alcatraz, which premieres on January 16h, and possibly Touch, which previews on January 25th.

While a season two renewal isn’t a done-deal, it’s certainly a positive sign that this work is going on behind-the-scenes. There is of course a chance that, if there is a renewal, that some of the supporting players will have committed to other projects.

What do you think? Is this a good sign for the show’s future? If some of the series actors leave, would that seriously hurt the show? Who’s crucial?

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  1. Diane says

    Terra Nova rocks! It’s entertaining, intelligent, thrilling – I agree with the person who said it’s the most exciting show since Star Trek, and in some ways it is better than Star Trek- certainly the dinosaurs are great. and I hope it will see another season. There’s not much to watch on t.v. (well, The River does look promising and Rob is good), but PLEASE bring Terra Nova back! Combo dinosaurs, space adventure, futuristic and environmental issues—this all adds up to a great show!!!

  2. anonymous says

    I think Tera Nova should stay!!!!!
    My whole family loves it and it is my favourite show now that it isn’t on we have nothing to watch on Monday and we are sad=(
    We love the characters especilly Jim and camandor Taylor! WE DONT EVEN LIKE ALCATRAZ OR HOUSE!!!!!!
    Please at least take into consideration that many people are upset that it is not on.
    Thank you

  3. Chris says

    I LOVE IT. It is one of those shows that just makes you smile when certain things happen. I love the cast to it, it would kill me to see any of them leave and it would kill me if the show was completely cancelled. BRING IT BACK NEXT SEASON.

  4. Frank Crouchman says

    Terra Nova is an excellent show. I am hoping that it will come back for season two.
    The show needs to concentrate more on the people of the settlement and coping with
    their new environment. It needs to get away from the constant battles with the future
    and concentrate on the new world environment.
    Lets give it a second season chance.

  5. Why says

    Terra Nova is ok, not as good as I expected. I believe there is so much more potential than they have done so far. If it is cancelled, I won’t cry in my milk. If it’s renewed please don’t go off the deep end and have a second time rift, like the Bermuda triangle portal or something like that in the Bad Lands.

  6. kat says

    Please let Terra Nova stay. My family and I love watching this show. The graphics are great too. We would hate to see another great show go down the crapper like so many others have.

    • Kat says

      So weird that I saw this comment while it was still “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” — even though it’s not mine, heh. Could it be because the name’s the same? That would be weird… no one would be here at 5 am to write that comment and I’m pretty sure these things go by cookies. O.o Anyway, yeah, I agree! I hope they keep Terra Nova going.

  7. Susan says

    I hope this show isn’t cancelled. It’s a good family show and the special effects are excellent – probably cost a lot and take a lot of time to perfect. The writers really need to improve the scripts and I think the ratings would improve substantially. Phil is right. It’s nice to have a good sci-fi show after being bombarded with violent, gory police and crime dramas for the last few years. And I’m getting really tired of the sappy, unreal “reality” shows that keep coming back, like “The Bachelor/Batchelorette” and “The Kardashians”. We need something different like Terra Nova!!

  8. Phil says

    Terra Nova has been an imaginative, thought provoking series. It’s the best series that has come along since the last of the Star Trek series. It’s concept it outstanding. The series has to be given the chance to develop. The series cliff hanger left us with so many possibilities. It would be wrong to let Terra Nova fans down.

    With all the cops and robber show now flooding TV, Terra Nova has given sci-fi fans something to cheer about. The cast is perfect for the series. Losing any of the orginal cast could hurt in the long run. Hopefully everyone will commit to the series and Fox will have enough sense to continue a very excellent story line.

  9. says

    I love this show. I mean I have never seen in my entire life a show that has dinosaurs, that look awesomely scary and real at the same time. I am only nine years old and watch it,but the cool thing is I am not allowed to watch a lot of scary shows, movies like that. My parents let me see this because it is so amazing, interesting, and always want to go ahead because you love it. My grandparents and my family are hooked I mean hooked on it all the time!! We watch about three to four episodes a day even if it takes us about three to five hours!!! I hope to see another season and more than that. Best show ever and enjoy this comment. Lets hope badly they have a second season because if they don’t I will be so upset and scream to death!!!!! Lets hope every single day, cross our fingers ,and I love Terra Nova so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sharon Boyd says

    This is the best show to come on in a long long time, very on the edge of your seat, type show..I know so many people who are so hooked on it..hope to see it for many seasons to come…

  11. Megan says

    Im gonna watch Alcatraz but I’m excited to see if there gonna make another season of terra nova it was a good show you don’t really see shows with dinosaurs in them and they actually look good in this show. And looking forward to seeing a relationship between skye and josh <3

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