Terriers: New FX TV Show Debuts; Cancel or Keep It?

IMAGEThe new series on FX, Terriers, has been garnering some solid reviews. But, how did it do in the ratings? Should it continue for many years or be put to sleep…er, cancelled?

Terriers follows a pair of unorthodox and unlicensed private detectives. They’ll take just about any job, no matter how small or how strange. The show stars Donal Logue, Michael Raymond-James, Kimberly Quinn, Laura Allen, Rockmond Dunbar, and Jamie Denbo.

Per the overnight ratings, the Terriers premiere looks to be underwhelming at best. The debut attracted a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and about 1.6 million total viewers. While cable ratings are typically smaller than those of the major networks, FX has seen much better.

Should Terriers continue?

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To put it in perspective, in September 2008, Sons of Anarchy debuted to a 1.2 rating in the key demo and 2.53 million viewers. This past March, Justified’s premiere brought in a 1.5 demo rating and 4.15 million.

Even Nip/Tuck, which had sharply declined over the years, averaged a 0.8 in the demo and 1.7 million viewers for its final season — in the same Wednesday night timeslot.

So, Terriers has gotten off to a very poor start. FX is planning to pair repeats with new installments of Sons of Anarchy. It seems doubtful but maybe this will help. Right now, it doesn’t look like Terriers will survive past its first season of 13 episodes.

But, what do you think? Is Terriers worth watching or should it be cancelled? Cancel or keep it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. John says

    Please bring back the show Terriers!!! It was the best show i have seen, bring it back. I really got into the show and I am really disappointed that it was cancelled. Why would you guys cancel it? We need it back, it will catch on after good advertising and marketing. Please bring the show back. Bring the show back. Let’s start doing Season 2 of Terriers. It has to come back.

    Terriers is the best show i have ever seen. The acting is original and real. The best actor partners in Television. This was a GREAT show, why would you cancel it?

    Please bring it back.

    Thank You

  2. jake says

    i really like this show i was really looking forward to the second season, evertime a good show comes out it gets canceled

  3. Tyler says

    This show better not get cancelled! I been waiting for a new season to comeback on and by far the best show I’ve seen. Although sons of anarchy is ok Terriers have them beat in
    y oppinion by a long shot. So pull ur heads out of your asses and make a new season, remember you have to give the people what they want so get to it!!

  4. Paul Z says

    It was the best show on TV last year. Sometimes, it takes a little while for a show to catch on …. So, instead of starting from scratch, take the very faithful followers and do some good advertising to bring the ratings up. If you had pushed Terriers like you pushed Light’s Out … then maybe it would have started quicker. I don’t get the idea of scratching a project after one season. You have all the pieces in place. Now build on it!! I understand that Seinfeld wasn’t so popular in it’s first season, either??

  5. says

    I just heard that Terriers series isn’t going to be renewed. it’s among the best shows on tv – please, please, please bring it back for more seasons.

  6. Mat C says

    I’m a huge Film and TV buff and have been for 30 years. Point is that I think this show and Justified were the two best shows of the year and possibly the past 5. It’s right up there with the likes of Homicide; Life on the Street, Boston Legal and others that had a great mix of drama and humor. Plus the chemistry of the actors was superb. I beg whoever may be in a position to do something to give Terriers another run. Maybe replay the season this spring/early summer at a time that more people might catch it. If Burn Notice can survive this long, then Terriers has GOT to get a reprieve.

  7. Rick & Patsy Landers says

    We look forward to the return of Terriers. I was intrigued from the beginning
    but it took a little time to like all the cast.
    BRING IT BACK……………………………………..

  8. says

    This show was one of the best I”ve ever watched. FX should have promoted it more. It was a show I never missed. Terriers and Justified were the 2 best shows on cable. I cannot believe that Sons of Anarchy is still on and Terriers is not. If more people were exposed to the show, it would still be on.

  9. sharon seaton says

    Please listen to the hidden viewer and renew this superb series. It is a diamond hidden within all of the coal (i.e. garbage) found on TV.

  10. SuSiE AnA says

    I completely agree with Barry. Keep it! More people enjoy this more than you know. Ok, hypothically speaking, Can I get season one on dvd, if you all decide to crush my feelings? Lets just keep all our hope alive and go for more seasons shall we? :)

  11. Lisa says

    Really hate to see this one canceled! Surely an exec has been made aware of the displeasure shown by the viewers. Give it one more try…..I think it will pay off if given some publicity. The show is well written with great casting!

  12. says

    One of the best shows on TV needed more exposure. Took a bit for me to find it, but I love it and hope that like Star Trek it will haunt those that cancelled it.

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