Thanksgiving TV Show Ratings: Glee, X Factor, Michael Jackson: Bad25

Thursday, November 22, 2012 ratings — New episodes: The X Factor and Glee. Sports and specials: Football Night in America, NFL over-run, NFL Football, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and Michael Jackson: Bad25. Reruns: The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries, Two and a Half Men, Modern Family, Beauty and the Beast, 2 Broke Girls, and Person of Interest.

On FOX, football over-run pushed the start of primetime programming by 17 minutes, messing up the fast affiliate ratings. A combination of The X Factor and the over-run drew a 6.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 10.9 million viewers. At 8:30pm, X Factor attracted a 2.5 rating with 8.3 million. At 9pm, X Factor/Glee garnered a 2.3 rating with 6.9 million. The remainder of Glee brought a 1.5 rating with 4.4 million.

On NBC, Football Night in America drew a 3.7 rating with 10.9 million viewers. The Patriots vs Jets game then attracted a 6.2 demo rating with 16.94 million.

On CBS, we had three hours of reruns — The Big Bang Theory (1.8 rating with 7.1 million), Two and a Half Men (1.8 rating with 6.8 million), The Big Bang Theory (2.0 rating with 7.3 million), 2 Broke Girls (1.6 rating with 6.1 million) and Person of Interest (1.3 rating with 6.8 million).

On ABC, 90 minutes of repeats — A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1.2 rating with 4.1 million) and Modern Family (1.0 rating with 3.4 million) — preceded the Michael Jackson: Bad25 special which drew just a 1.2 demo rating with 4.6 million viewers.

And on The CW, we had repeats of The Vampire Diaries (0.2 rating with 0.79 million) and Beauty and the Beast (0.2 rating with 0.85 million).

What do you think? Are your surprised that the Michael Jackson special did so poorly? Did you watch TV on Thanksgiving night?

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  1. Anne says

    I agree that it was stupid of ABC to put this gem of a documentary up against a Football game. Wish they would have re-aired it on Friday night instead of that garbage 20/20 show that they aired on the FLDS.

    That said I DVR’d this documentary on my DVR and also watched it Live on ABC as we were home on Thanksgiving and not really big football fans. Loved it. Can’t wait for the DVD version. Thanks to Spike Lee.

  2. pyt says

    I watched it and loved it (hated that ABC chopped it up instead just showing the full 2 hours). I’m not surprised the ratings are low. People in America are too consumed with football and Black Friday to be concerned about sitting down to watch MJ….now, if it was Beyonce or Bieber people/kids would’ve watched.

  3. WG says

    Spike Lee’s BAD25 documentary on MJ BAD era is incredible, even in its highly edited version, imo…albeit even the full length version couldn’t possibly offer everything there is to know/learn about what went into MJ’s BAD album – there was just so much inspiration involved! any artist should be able to appreciate MJ’s dedication and abilities as an incomparable life-long (since the age of 5!) talent – and BAD25 only covers ONE MJ era – a brief snapshot into MJ’s long, phenomenally successful career. i’m looking forward to the full-length release of the documentary in Feb. 2013 (and am all over the BAD25 CD release)!
    as a side note, i remember hearing MJ’s music growing up (and not really knowing who MJ was, if anyone can believe that – lol) with my older brother playing Off The Wall and Thriller, but i’m only now learning about everything that came afterwards (sad, but true). with that, everything that i’m learning about MJ as a humanitarian, his character, his drawings to add to the list of…his artistry had no end – he just blows me away!
    thank you Spike Lee for this amazing documentary, and thank you MJ for sharing your gifts with this all too jaded reality. i love you, MJ!

  4. MARIANO says


  5. corlista says

    Sadly, the MJ special was poorly advertised plus it was scheduled against the New England-Jets football game and though football bores me to death, it is a T-giving tradition in many households. Why pick that night? Very unfortunate as it was an amazing look at Michael’s brilliant creativity with never before seen footage and interviews with many who knew and worked with him. At times, it was very emotional. The show was miserably chopped up and poorly edited with unrelenting commercials. They cut over an hour of the 2 hrs, 11 min for TV. Thankfully, the full DVD will be out in Feb.

  6. Vanessa says

    Ofcourse nobody is going to pay attention to real talent … all people care about nowadays is the stupidity that today’s artist spread around … mtv has changed so much all they show is people getting drunk,high, or having sex … today’s generation wouldn’t be able to appreciate the talent and magic that was revealed through that documentary i bet over more than half of those 4.6 million viewers were probably people who grew up listening to Michael or maybe even grandchildren of those people … I am only 16 I love Michael Jackson with all my heart , none of my friends were interested in watching the documentary of course .. what they consider talent today is colorful wigs,boobs,ass,screaming,sex,drugs and alcohol … thats a shame more people should have appreciated what spike lee gave us … actually i should say what Michael gave us … he had more talent than the world could handle … RIP

    • WG says

      thanks for sharing your perspective, Vanessa. it’s quite an eye-opener…and sorry to say, unfortunate. MJ paved the way/created a foundation for so many. it’s a shame that none of your friends managed to show an appreciation for what it took for him to accomplish what he has and what his hard work has meant beyond one historic album. MJ was/is often misunderstood, and at times even underrated, but his artistic depth and his thoughtful character made him an undeniable original – the guy is a legend. seriously, how many artists out there today has a fan following from babies to senior citizens? yeah, MJ. i loved the BAD25 documentary – and i love MJ! now if only ABC would’ve shown the FULL-length version (i think Spike Lee tweeted that it was supposed to be 2hrs, 11mins long?)…

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