The 4400: USA Network Series Cancelled

The 4400Fans of the USA Network’s unique science-fiction series, The 4400, have been waiting patiently to hear about the show’s return ever since the season four finale aired in September. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the series is coming back.

USA has yet to make an official announcement about the cancellation but The 4400’s creator and executive producer Scott Peters says that the show is indeed over. In a post on the show’s messageboard, Peters said, “It’s with great sadness that I pass along to you the information I’ve just received — The 4400 has been cancelled. We’ve had a great time bringing you this story and submersing you in the lives of all these incredible characters.”

Peters went on to say, “I just spoke to Joel [Gretsch] and we had a great talk about what we all accomplished and how much we’ll miss our family that is our crew and our cast… and our fans. But at least we got to go out with a bang! I had an awesome time directing the last episode. I think I got to make almost every single cast member cry (on camera). How much fun was that?!”

“So let me raise my metaphorical glass to you all and thank you for being so loyal and so dedicated. I wish we could go on forever, but the party has come to an end. Be well and on behalf of all of us at The 4400 — thank you, it’s been a pleasure.”

Actress Jacqueline McKenzie, who plays Diana Skouris, posted to fans on her MySpace page saying, “I know I speak for all the cast: We really appreciate the support and dedication of our fans! Thank you!”

Hopefully USA will produce a TV movie to wrap up the series’ loose threads. We’ll keep you posted so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

UPDATE: USA’s Executive VP of Original Programming, Jeff Wachtel, has confirmed the cancellation.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. larry langston says

    Cant believe that nobody wants to pickup the show and finalize the story. This is the best show in have truly let down all of your fans. At least make a final movie or a book to let us know the very sad.shame on you all.

    • Anonymous says

      hubby and I agree. I wish they would bring it back…we just found it on NF and watched an episode almost every night for a few weeks. …SO bummed it ended

  2. me2 says

    its like writing a book without an ending is very inconsiderate I love the show but I feel like I’ve been ripped off if you’re going to finish the series at least give an ending it’s not fair to get somebody involved in a show and then not give them an ending. it just shows that CPS doesn’t care about anything but the bottom line. absolutely no consideration for the viewer

  3. Mike says

    Just finished watching 4400 on NF and I am so sad and disappointed that it ended on such a incomplete note. What happened to Alana what happened to my dude Richard Tyler. So many loose ends left unattended too. So upset I thought that the last Ep would solve all my curiosity but all it did was amplify it. Damn you Can!!!

  4. says

    I really hate when TV Series are cancelled and the story line is not complete. When you cancel a show have the consideration to end the series properly and not just let there be a clip hanger without closure. It ridiculous and unfair to the fans, the viewer, the actors and actress of the show and all parties involved.

    The show had a excellent plot and was extremely engaging. This show is 7 years old, but still very real to todays entertainment.

    I know it has been some years, but bringing the show back for the closure of the series would not be a bad consideration.

    At least NBC when they have now started to cancel their shows they place closure to the shows. That is AWESOME and I respect the network for that love and consideration of all folks involved.

    Right now USA is doing some pretty dumb crap with the channel line up and shows which could lead to less customers and low ratings.

  5. gina says

    Watching my last season on netflix and dreading its coming to an end. I have watched 3 seasons in less than a week. You would think years later since the last season people are still talking about it they would bring it back and get rid of that stupid **** they play now. Just saying. Might wanna rethink that.

  6. Devin Workman says

    I have watched the series the 4400 twice on netflix and three times on my
    iPhone. I am so disappointed in the producers for canceling the show.
    It brings me so much sadness an grief because I am in love with the cast
    And the crew. Whoever designed and created this series. Created a masterpiece that
    Is a dam genius and should realize that he or she should
    Complain about the cancellation of the show. Very
    Disappointed in the USA network

    • Marsha says

      I could not agree more!! We just found this on NF and are so hooked and loving this show!! We are on season 3 and really hate to see it come to an end!! I can’t believe they cancelled it! It should still be on!! :(

  7. says

    Why in the world do you people make good shows and take them off the air before they can get any exposure? It seems someone is very ignorant about how long it takes for a show to get popular. Now that it is off the air,, and 7 years later,,, the show has blown up…. (THIS YEAR BTW). So now what…. when you could be making money,,, you waste money on a new show,,, when you already have a hit you could milk for a while….. Its a pity that someone stupid is running your lineups.

  8. angela says

    I am in the process of watching this show on netflix. I love it. Why was it taken off the air? It is the best sci fi that I have seen in a long time.

  9. Nunny says

    I watched it on Netflix and now I’m sorry I did. I enjoyed it and I was on the last season, haven’t finished watching since I just discovered CBS didn’t finish it (as is their usual way)…… I won’t be revisiting that series on Netflix sense in that. I won’t get involved in any series CBS does from now on……they don’t finish anything….so why bother?

  10. Me says

    I just finished the 4400 on netflix and I’m soooo sad that it ended!! :'(
    Hopefully the people who made this show will have a burst of common sense and put this show back on television. Sooo disappointing

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