The Assets: ABC Pulls Mini-Series After Two Episodes

The Assets canceledTo no surprise, ABC has pulled its very low-rated mini-series The Assets from the Thursday lineup.

For the next three weeks, the 10pm timeslot will be filled by Shark Tank reruns. It’s unclear what will fill the timeslot after that. Scandal is expected to return on February 27th.

It’s unclear what will become of the remaining six episodes of The Assets.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the series? Would you like to see the leftover episodes released online, on DVD as part of a full series set, or aired on Saturday nights?

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  1. LLivengood says

    PLEASE bring it back!! I want to see the rest of the mini series!! I don’t know what the execs were watching but so far this shows has been great. Please bring it back.

  2. says

    Bring it back! Such an interesting topic to an old federal investigator like me! In fact, I found this site while looking for answers as to where it went… (I did, however, record it and didn’t watch it live.)

  3. Tami says

    I’m extremely disappointed The Assets show was cancelled. I really enjoyed it and the acting was very good and that it was educational was a bonus!!! Please make it available on DVD or online ext. I really want to finish watching!!! I think putting reruns of shark tank is a bad choice and will not watch!!! I found the show Assetts by chance, maybe if you advertised it like other shows it would have had a fighting chance!!!

  4. Florence Hatcher says

    This show was actually much better than I thought it would be. I got hooked after just a few minutes of watching the first episode. I do not understand why ABC would take it off the air. But I like a good dramatic show, especially one that has a factual basis. I don’t know what audience network television is attempting to attract (very poorly). It seems that television audiences used to be more discriminating in their choice of programs, too. With the exception of 4 shows on CBS, 1 on ABC and 2 on NBC I would rather watch reruns of Law and Order on cable, or watch something on BBC America.

  5. Lori says

    Enjoyed watching the first two episodes of Assets, I would like to finish watching the remainder of the episodes. It’s a shame that you would leave your audience in the dark by replacing Assets with reruns of Sharktank . Give the miniseries a chance!!

  6. Karin says

    Unbelievable. I’ve been searching for the third series and just discovered it was cancelled. I thought it was a really good historical show. Hope you put it back on.

  7. Ron Nettles says

    Can’t believe they actually cancelled an historic, well acted, drama; and replaced it with reruns of Shark Tank. The reason no one watched it was too many commercials, not lack of value. Hopefully, someone with some sense—and guts will make the right decision.

  8. Barb says

    I feel cheated if I’m only going to see 2 episodes and not see the rest. I thought it was an interesting depiction of a part of history (the Cold War) that lasted a long time and was a big part of my early life. Any chance we’ll get to see more?

  9. Bo says

    Bring it back! It was a true story that many people don’t even know happened and something from which we can learn. I guess the networks prefer to show our young people the horrible, narcissistic role models that appear on reality tv–shows that I never watch. Sad. Oh, and I agree with Sueh (above): not too late at night. I’m obviously “old.”

    • James Hardman says

      One thing that gets me about this article is saying “to no surprise Assets was cancelled”. From what I’ve read everybody that watched it was “surprised”. I find it’s replacement a terrible decision.

      • says

        The show’s debut had the lowest ratings for a drama in the history of the four major networks. The second episode dropped lower. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise.

        • Dana says

          What is surprising is that ABC did very little advertising for this mini series. Then when they aired it they riddled it with so many commercials it sucked to watch it and was easier to record it then fast forward through all the commercials. So sick of all these networks bringing out new programs only to cancel them on a whim. Even bad ratings is better than stupid reruns of a nasty show like Shark Tank. Personally I think ABC just figured that it could skate by without doing much advertising assuming that Scandal viewers would just tune in! How do these network execs get these jobs? It’s obvious they aren’t very good at what they do!

        • Anonymous says

          Perhaps you should show ABC the comments that are being made here of just a very small number of people that’s found this site to air this grievances about the cancelation of the show? I would be willing to bet this is only about .001% of the people who are upset about this! Afterall the show has already been made and if they had bothered to actually advertise the show instead of counting on Scandal viewers to just tune in they may have had better ratings. People did not know the show was going to be on! This is a major mess up on ABCs part. Why punish the viewers?

  10. sueh says

    The Assests was one of only a very few programs for adult viewers offered by network TV. Surely in mediaverse dominated by ‘reality’ shows designed to turn us into peeping Toms and fantasy series enticing us to embrace violence and the dark side, there is space for one old fashioned spy vs. spy miniseries that would reassure the few older viewers who have not deserted the networks that they know we’re still out here. Netflicks is making its mark by reselling real old-time TV to both young viewers who for whom it’s ‘first run’ and the oldies who’d rather watch reruns from ‘the day’ than what passes for entertainment now. The Assests wasn’t perfect, but it could have been a first step in redefining what network TV can do well. I for one have had it with voyeurism one the one hand and violence on the other. Resurrectung miniseries was a good idea. What ABC’s programmers forgot (or may be too young to remember) is that a week between episodes is just too long to buid the kind of momentum and excitement needed to get audience numbers to build faster. Bring The Assests back please, perhaps marathon-fashion on a couple of successive Saturdays and not so late that we oldies are already cutting ZZZZZZZZs.

  11. big bill says

    Very upset and disappointed. I hope the series returns. Finally something informative and interesting and poof it, gone. Another hairbrained decision from execs at ABC.

  12. NancyFowler says

    Bring it back. Cable or network. Not HBO. Was good to watch something historic. Was looking forward to seeing it unravel; although, slow content at first. Much better than watching re-runs of Shark tank while waiting for Scandal . Seems a snap decision was made.

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