The Assets: Canceled Episodes Coming — Someday

The Assets: canceled episodesAt the recent Television Critics Association press tour, ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee reflected on cancelled mini-series The Assets.

He said that he was proud of The Assets creatively and as a business model, even though the ratings were a disappointment. “That one was actually a great experiment [with our news division] and we’re going to continue with that experiment even though the show didn’t work.”

Lee noted that, “In the end, what we need do as we test out different pieces [of programming] is to find ones that work both financially and creatively so that we can have programming the whole year-round.”

The network president also said that the remaining episodes of The Assets would be made available at some point in the future — either on the broadcast schedule or via one of ABC’s digital platforms like

What do you think? Are you open to watching limited series — even though the network may still pull them early? Would you like to see the rest of The Assets?

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  1. SMITH says

    Great show….based on real events…..the kind of thing that gets ones attention…especially if you lived through that time and saw the whole thing unfolding. The TV series gives an inside look at what was involvd. BRING IT BACK !!!

  2. says

    I’m a little bummed. I recorded the first 2 shows. I like the series. Unfortunately the next episodes got cancelled. i sure hope they release the other episodes somewhere. Video?

  3. natalie levery says

    please bring it back I actualy loved it and was disappointed to know of its poor ratings something so educational

  4. Jim says

    I skipped watching ‘Elementary” to watch “Assets.” It certainly was more relevant and as for realistic – it really happened – during my lifetime. Given some current events it has bearing on things happening today – think Snowden.

    Is there really such a following for such nonsense as “The Bachelor” or its equivalent, or all the other “reality” TV series?

  5. Harry says

    Commercial TV has descended to such a low common denominator that it’s unlikely an intelligent show such as The Assets would ever make it.
    I applaud ABC’s courage to try shows like this.

  6. ellen says

    I agree with all the above. I hate reality shows but do like esponage of such especially if it is true. I really did not know of this story in our history and it would have been nice to watch the rest this mini series!! I am so tired of really great shows being discontinued and housewives, honey boo, duck dynasty etc all are still on… there something I am missing???????

  7. Liz says

    so sorry to see it leave. Fox’s 24 would have been taken off after 2 episodes if only ratings were considered. Sometimes it takes a little while for a good show to be known. Please make it available in some format!!!

  8. taxi says

    Yes! Like a good book, a show needs a beginning, a middle & an end. There are too many series that are already dead (Revenge-nobody cares anymore, Scandal-no realistic place left to go, Betrayal-we got it.) Differentiate between episodic dramas where each episode can pretty much stand alone (Elementary, CSIs, Bluebloods) and serials which eventually become absurd in order just to keep going. Remember Dallas? Woo-hoo!
    I will never watch shows in which participants are encouraged to degrade & embarrass themselves (Bachelor, Shark Tank) or laugh-tracked comedies. If it’s funny, I’ll get it on my own & don’t need a track.

    The Assets was well-written, intelligent, historically & politically interesting, and well acted. It was to run for 8 episodes only, meaning the story’d be wrapped & we cuuld move on to something else, just like a good book.

  9. Di says

    Yes, absolutely! I was wondering why I couldn’t find addition episodes One Demand via cable. Please air them soon. Thanks

  10. Sandy says

    So you take “The Assets” off because the ratings were low! You mean because the younger generation wasn’t interested in it. Well I am one of those (60’s) that found this show to be very interesting. I wanted to tape the whole series and watch it all at once. I am very disappointed that ABC took it off. I wish that they would give it to Netflix as a mini series if they aren’t going to bring it back to TV. As for Shark Tank, I have watched all of their shows. I don’t what to watch reruns.

  11. Katie says

    I thought it was very well done, probably too cerebral for much of America who wants Honey Boo instead.
    More promotion might have helped it!
    So many threads to follow made it challenging.
    American’s aren’t great with foreign names.
    Excellent filming of foreign places, I felt I could almost smell the food.
    The time being set by staging and costuming could have been stronger. Look at the success of fashion reflecting “Mad Men” for an example.
    Excellent acting.

    It’s true I’m an espionage geek so I was primed to love it. I’d read some books about it as well, including the one this is based on. I lived it as well on the daily news. I’d buy the DVD if I can’t see it on tv.

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