The Assets

The Assets TV seriesNetwork: ABC
Episodes: Eight (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: January 2, 2014 — August 3, 2014
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Paul Rhys, Jodie Whittaker, Harriet Walter, Stuart Milligan, Julian Ovenden, Christina Cole, and Ralph Brown.

TV show description:      
This drama is based on the real life events of CIA counter-intelligence officer Sandy Grimes (Jodie Whittaker). The story takes place in 1985 during the end of the Cold War.

Sandy and her partner Jeanne Vertefeuille (Harriet Walter) have vowed to find the mole that would turn out to be the most notorious traitor in US History, Aldrich Ames (Paul Rhys). Sandy is in a race against time to save the Soviet intelligence officers from being caught and killed.

Also a beautiful wife and mother, Sandy lives her own double life and has vowed to stop at nothing until she uncovers the truth.

Series Finale:     
Episode #8 — Avenger
Despite the task force being fully convinced of Ames’ guilt, Sandy seeks more definitive proof to convince the Justice Department to proceed with their own investigation. As the hunt closes in on Ames, Sandy’s commitment to the job pushes her husband’s patience and commitment to the brink. After Ames is finally caught and brought to justice, he mulls over a major decision — to go down defiantly or to confess and protect his wife and child. (Courtesy ABC)
First aired: August 3, 2014


What do you think? Do you like the The Assets TV series? Do you think it should have been renewed for another season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Charline Avey says

    I set my DVR to record this series and when I only got two recordings I thought something was wrong with my settings. I can’t believe it was cancelled.
    How about putting it online at or on Netflix

  2. Bob says

    I watched the one episode, I thought it was very good. I can’t believe they cancelled it after one episode! All the junk on t.v. that they could have cancelled and the pick a quality show! Who’s in charge and why does he still have a job?

  3. valerie mcmillan says

    i was also very disappointed that this was cancelled. i thought it was very interesting. i hope someone will pick it up and show the remaining episodes. i’d even buy it if it was available as a DVD.

  4. Sue says

    I can’t believe they are cancelling this show without airing all episodes. Interesting and historical. I guess they only believe people will watch idiotic shows like the bachelor.

  5. Rhonda says

    I looked forward to seeing this show on Thursday night. The story line was interesting and historical. So what there were unknowns in it. Does a known actor have to be in it to be interesting? ABC is getting way too bubblegum these days. I had thought about commending them on finally airing something of substance that moved me back to the big 3 w/Scandal off air; but I’ll just save it.

  6. says

    I can’t believe that this program is cancelled. I read her book as well as many other spy books and it was very interesting. This was an interesting story to tell . Why was it cancelled? I seldom look at series program but this is one I was really interested it watching. Can I get the whole series?

  7. Rita says

    Is ABC kidding?? They air 2 shows out of a promised 8 on a really interesting subject and then yank it?? And what are we left with…..drivel on bachelors and women throwing themselves at them and even Good Morning America has reduced itself to a half hour of news and a remaining hour and a half of celebrity nonsense. No wonder so many American children can’t read or think…..

  8. Francis J. Luongo says

    Was it too dark, or tool really real for the commercial world?….I should have realized that my one recent venture into commercial-land would end this way. So, I’m back to PBS and NPR, the grown-up world of media.

  9. cindy says

    I can’t beleive this was cancelled. So frustrating. It seems when there is something substantial, it gets concelled before it has a chance.

  10. Dawn says

    I was so interested in The Assets. It is a true story about our history. ABC is losing my respect over the cancelation of this real life drama. I just hope I can see the final six episodes somewhere that will be showing it.

  11. says

    After 2 episodes they cancelled the Assets???? Really??? A true fascinating story!!! I am sooooo disappointed and so really done with the big 3…ABC had zip to offer anyway! All 8 episodes have been filmed and everybody has been paid so why would you pull it? I will be scratching my head for a long time! Hopefully Netflix will pick it up!

  12. Sharon Johnson says

    I set my DVR to record this series and when I only got two recordings I thought something was wrong with my settings. I can’t believe it was cancelled. I hate all the stupid reality shows and spend so much time watching PBS and Netflix, at last here was a story on a network with real substance.Pplease bring it back or put it on Netflix!!!!

  13. says

    From the start you could surmise that this was an independent film with unknown actors and was probably picked up by ABC to see if they could make a go of it. I, personally, thought the first episode truly was awful, and the second one was much better. I, too, hope that it will arise again somewhere on the networks!

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