The Beast: Patrick Swayze TV Show Cancelled, No Season Two

The BeastLikely due to mediocre ratings and its star’s health, A&E has cancelled The Beast after one season.

Set in Chicago, The Beast revolves around an unorthodox veteran of the FBI, Charles Barker (Patrick Swayze). He takes on a rookie partner, Ellis Dove (Travis Fimmel) and trains him a hard-edged and controversial approach towards undercover work. Others in the cast include Lindsay Pulsipher, Kevin J. O’Connor, Larry Gilliard Jr., Shannon Edwards, Johnny Kastl, Suzy Brack, Danielle Mulligan, Randy Bernales, Emily Margaret Heitzer, Mike Bach, Dale Caba, and Thomas Kosik.

Overall, the series was well-received by critics, with Swayze receiving the lion’s share of the praise. The show’s ratings unfortunately didn’t reflect the positive press. Approximately 2.45 million tuned in to watch the premiere but then only 1.55 million returned for episode two. The third installment dropped to 1.35 million. The first season’s 13 episodes averaged about 1.3 million.

Those numbers aren’t stellar but they are good enough for the cable channel to consider ordering a second season.

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Unfortunately, another significant deciding factor in the renewal decision is Swayze’s health. A&E President Bob DeBitetto told USA Today, “As has been the case from day one, it is all about Patrick — in a lot of ways… It is about his condition, and when and whether he would be up for another grueling production schedule.”

The 56-year-old actor went public about his battle with pancreatic cancer in January 2008. While still undergoing treatment, Swayze shot the rigorous role last Summer in Chicago. His wife Lisa told People, “He had challenges while he was working because he was still doing chemo and it wasn’t always easy but in spite of all of that, he’d suit up and show up. He was always there.”

On working with Swayze, The Beast costar Gilliard Jr. told People, “In his mind, nothing was wrong… That’s the kind of person he is — very positive.”

Even still, the media has been fueling negative speculation about the actor’s prognosis for survival. Those reports were fueled earlier this year when Swayze missed press appearances because he had to be checked into a Los Angeles hospital for pneumonia.

Though A&E denies that a decision about the show’s fate has been made, sources close to the show have indicated to Variety that The Beast won’t be returning. There apparently had been some speculation about another actor stepping into the lead role but apparently a suitable replacement couldn’t be found. An unnamed source told People, “There’s no way it was going to happen without Patrick.”

The last episode of The Beast, titled “No Turning Back,” aired on April 23rd.

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  1. malcom says

    In my opinion “The Beast ” is one the best shows ever made. I too will join the boycott if it will bring back “THE ONLY SERIES WORTH WATCHING ON TV”!!!!!
    (R.I.P Patrick Swayze)

  2. tYtEi dEv says

    Are you crazy?why did you canceling this awsome serial!!Is to good to appear only one season!!Please do something to appear!!

  3. RAMSES121 says


  4. says

    I’m through with A@E! The Beast, with Patrick Swayze and Travis Fimmel is the best cop drama to ever hit the air. The superb chemistry between Barker and Dove is extraordinary. This was a show that should have been given a second season if Patrick was up to doing it. A@E needs to reconsider because many, many people besides myself will continue to boycott A@E.

  5. PE says

    I barely found out that this show was on, when I found out it was cancelled. I hope Mr. Swayze can overcome this health challenge. He is capable of some great acting. If you haven’t seen “City of Joy” , you should rent it: great performance and a non-trivial movie.
    If it was cancelled because of mediocre initial ratings, shame on the network for not giving it a chance. This could have been a popular series if given some time and publicity.
    Maybe they will reconsider.
    I am disappointed and saddened.

  6. Niel says

    This was a damn good show. I’m totally bummed out, that they have cancelled it. No one can replace Swayze as Barker, and his health is dwindling… So sad, but true. No matter what, The Beast inside our hearts is always alive!

  7. Frankie says

    This was such an awesome show!!! I wish it would return for a second season, but I also wish the very best of health to Patrick Swayze…the faster he recovers his strength and health, the faster the suits at A&E will hopefully regain their senses…

  8. Ines says

    It’s so unfortunate to know I won’t see the “Devil” helping the weak with his unconventional methods anymore!. I’d really like to see Charles Barker and Ellis Dove back to action as undercover FBI agents but nobody can deny that a Barker without Patrick Swayze is impossible and unbearable!… Let’s hope Patrick Swayze’s health improves so that we can see both Barker and Dove fighting the organized crime, the corruption and the mafia.again!

  9. Lenka says

    May all blessings and positive energies be with Patrick Swayze!!!…. We – the Beast fans worldwide – need him healthy, strong, skillful and cute as he has always been to have more of Barker!!!. Otherwise looking for another actor to lead the show would simply be a waste of time! No one else could ever be the “Devil”!!!!

  10. Blanca says

    It’s been so sad to know that Barker and Dove won’t be around for a 2nd season; it would’ve been a blast to have them for many more seasons because of the captivating chemistry between the two of them!; they were the perfect contrasting combination of solid experience and eager learning, strength and kindness, individualism and brotherhood, respectively. I’m aware of the fact that Patrick Swayze’s frail condition brought on by his disease has influenced to a great extent, on the decision of canceling such an amazing drama show, though. It’s a real pity I don’t believe in miracles – regarding Patrick Swayze’s health I’d need one more than ever! – but extraordinary things happen all the time aound me and I’m sure this skillful actor’s recovery will be one of them!…. so I hope, once that happens, Barker and Dove will have the chance to do what they best know… that is being brilliant undercover agents

  11. Tanya Garcia says

    I will miss this show. It is one of my favorites. I think that A&E did not do it justice by making us wait for weeks there were days I almost missed it because I did not know it was on. I think Patrick and the entire was amazing. I pray that Patrick will recover and that the show will return.

  12. Bridgette says

    I love Patrick’s show and it is the best television drama I’ve ever seen. I never missed an episode. We need you Patrick, please get well. I pray A & E will bring you back!!

    We love you!!

  13. Anne Stewart says

    I think it’s a real shame that this show has been cancelled. Sometimes what helps to keep people healthy and in fighting shape to battle such a difficult disease is a mission. Patrick Swayze was on a mission with this show and he was amazing. I will miss seeing him week to week. I think it is a shame that the show started strong and then slipped but it certainly had nothing to do with the acting or the writing…this show was bounced around and we went weeks with no new episodes….A&E did not do justice for this show.

  14. Bethany says

    I am not being mean or anything, but ratings or no ratings, this was Patrick Swazy’s show, and the man looks like he is knocking on death’s door. I don’t think it ran long enough to get to a point that it should/could move on without him. And I don’t think he is up to making any commitments such as a 2nd season. It is sad, but true sometimes.

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