The Beautiful Life: Is the Cancelled Show Returning to the CW?

Mischa BartonAn article was recently published about the CW network possibly running the unaired episodes of The Beautiful Life next summer. Several news sources then picked up the “scoop” and repeated it as fact. So, is it true, or what?

The Beautiful Life, as you may recall, revolves around two young models in the volatile world of high fashion. The series stars Mischa Barton, Corbin Bleu, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Nico Tortorella, Ashley Madekwe, Elle Macpherson, Sara Paxton, Jaime Murray, Ed Quinn, Gal Gadot, and Billy Magnussen.

The CW drama was ratings-challenged from the start and was cancelled after just two airings. Production was abruptly shut down during the filming of the seventh episode so only six were actually completed.

Recently, the Daily News published a story about Beautiful Life possibly returning to the CW next summer. The source sited was “The Beautiful Life Facebook page.”

The Facebook post says, “We have somewhat good news. The CW will plan 2 air the remaining episodes of The Beautiful Life: TBL in America’s Summer Period. The bad news is there is still no plans of renewing The Beautiful Life. But that might change during the Months, or this year.”

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The Daily News reporter notes that the network said that the Facebook page is not official, but the article insinuates that it’s simply not officially sanctioned by the network. If the reporter had done a bit more research, she’d have seen that the Facebook post shouldn’t have been reported on at all.

Scrolling down the page, one can see that the Facebook page owner talks about searching for online video of the third (unaired) episode, promoting a free-hosted “” site, and posting episodes illegally on YouTube. That’s hardly typical talk from a TV show’s staff.

What’s more, the Twitter and YouTube accounts being promoted on the page are owned by a 16-year-old Canadian named Nicholas. In short, the source is no more credible than a random forum post.

Why the New York Daily News chose to report it and get TBL fans’ hopes up is anyone’s guess. Perhaps they needed something to tie in with some random gossip about Barton.

The article quotes a CW spokesperson as saying, “The status of unaired episodes has yet to be determined.” That makes sense. Typically, networks don’t plan that far in advance, especially when you’re talking about burning off episodes from cancelled shows.

So, will the unaired episodes of TBL be shown next summer? They might or they might not. Unfortunately, there’s no real indication one way or the other. If fans want to see the remaining episodes, they might want to contact the network and let them know.

What do you think? Did you get your hopes up? Do you think CW will ever air the TBL again?

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  1. paige says

    you finally have a show that can help people and you take it off the air bring it back i am one that is looking for my birth parents


    I think it is so unfair that the cw would take a great show like find my family and put such a stupid show as this on in its place .how many more dumb shows an retarded comircals do we have to put up with?? this is a brand new year .why can’t we have a decent tv show in our home. why do we have to listen to the trash we are getting on tv now in 2010 can’t we have real life drama and leave this stupid nonsence for the late show. i have watched tv for 55/56 yrs and this past 5 i will say is the worse time i have seen on our tv yet!! probably longer but now is sick sick sick and it is awful. why all the dumb stuff the sex the naked people and just plain stupid reality shows. we have so many channels now why not put stupid on stupid ch’s ann dumb on dumb put sex on sex ch. and reality on reality ch. give us back our good ole days tv our soaps our weeknight movies our shows like find my family . please give us back our tv family time. take a vote have a pole see what we people want. get rid of this junk, trssh, rated x .bring us back to family tv shows.
    thank you

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