The Big Valley: Lee Majors Says Stephen Moyer May Be Out of the Movie

The Big ValleyAfter speaking with Lee Majors, TV Guide reports that Stephen Moyer may have to drop out of The Big Valley, the upcoming feature film that’s based on the classic 1965 TV show.

It seems that filming for Big Valley has been delayed a couple times and won’t start until the end of November in Louisiana. That’s about the same time that Moyer is due back in Los Angeles to begin filming the next season of True Blood. Moyer was cast as eldest son Jarrod Barley, the role that Ryan Phillippe was initially reported to have been landed.

Majors will be playing Tom Barkley, the clan’s patriarch. In the original series, Tom has been dead for six years before the first episode begins. Following his death, the Barkley Ranch was run by matriarch Victoria Barkley (Barbara Stanwyck), her three sons (Richard Long, Peter Breck, and Charles Briles), and daughter (Linda Evans). Majors played an illegitimate son, Heath, who is eventually accepted into the family. Briles’ character was written out after the first season.

Majors said, “The story’s very true to our original pilot. They just backed it up a few years so you get to know the father and set up his affair with another lady.” He noted that he’s been growing a beard for the project since July and it keeps getting longer because of the production delays.

Jessica Lange will play Victoria Barkley, a role that was initially going to be played by Susan Sarandon.

What do you think? Are you interested in seeing this movie? Does it make a difference that Majors is involved? How about Moyer or Lange?

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  1. Linda says

    I think Helen Miram would be a better Victoria Barkley I don’t think Jessica Lange can pull it off. I’m glad they have a original castmate in the movie with Lee Majors. Can’t wait for it to come out!!!!

  2. Annette says

    I would absolutely be interested in seeing this movie. The Big Valley is my favorite western. I have Season 1 and 2 on DVD and watch them often. I would so love to see the original cast members play their original roles in the movie. Lee Majors, Linda Evans, Peter Breck are outstanding actors and I would enjoy seeing them play in the movie and get fill-ins for Barbera Stanwyck and Richard Long. I don’t think any one could replace the original cast members and do as good of a job as they did. I would be more willing to watch the movie if Linda Evans, Lee Majors and Peter Breck were in it and I am sure there are alot of other fans out there that feel the same way. Good luck.

    • Linda says

      The only original cast members that are still alive are Linda Evans and Lee Majors. Peter Breck died of lung cancer in the 70’s. But it would be a great cast if they could all return..

      • Mary ann Hull says

        Peter Breck just died this past year, in February, of frontal lobe dementia. He did not die of lung cancer. It is so sad that he did not live to see the movie of The Big Valley made.

  3. carol says

    Lee Majors is my favorite television actor. I’ve loved him in the role of Heath since I was eight years old. I’m looking forward to seeing him play Tom.

  4. says

    Moyer doesn’t even have the rugged “natural” looks of a guy who should be cast in a western. They definitely ought to have Lee Majors! He was my first “crush” & I was silly enough to join his fan club in 1967. But, @ 14 years old I loved westerns above all movies & still do & always will! Where did all the westerns go? Same place my real Hero, John Wayne went..Happy Trails..Hope you can get The Big Valley filmed.

  5. Bellab says

    Stephens involvement in this film had me so excited. He is the reason I was so looking forward to it. I am so very disappointed that he may not be able to be a part of it because of so many delays.
    I am hoping that somehow the powers that be may be able to do some scheduling magic and Stephen can do both True Blood and the Big Valley.

  6. Sandra says

    The only reason I would see any Western was because Stephen Moyer was in it. So, no, I will not go to see it if Stephen is not in it.

  7. David Hutchison says

    “The Big Valley” was without a doubt the BEST TV Western ever produced. Hands Down. Even better than “Kung FU” , the 2nd best. A movie would be outstanding. Better than Bonanza, better than High Chapparall. Better than ANY

  8. says

    Coming into this article from FB, I was assuming Moyer would be playing brother Nick. Just seems like a natural fit as he looks more like Peter Breck. But whether he remains with the production or not, it still should be an interesting project I’m a big fan of Westerns, especially the TV ones and I never saw that many episodes of ‘Big Valley’ for me to be resistant to a new version…..

  9. says

    Mr. Moyer’s True Blood filming schedule had to be known in advance. It is certainly not his fault if he cannot be in this film. The delays have taken him out of the equation. If he is in the film, I will see it. Otherwise, no.

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