The Bold and the Beautiful: CBS to Renew Soap Opera for Two Seasons

Bold and the BeautifulOn the heels of the network’s three year renewal of The Young and the Restless, Deadline reports that The Bold and the Beautiful will soon be renewed for two more seasons. That will take the soap through the 2012-13 season.

Created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell, Bold and the Beautiful began in 1987 and has been on the air for nearly 6,000 episodes. It’s one of the top-rated soaps, typically ranking a distant second behind Young and the Restless. B&B is currently the only half-hour soap opera on network television.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear B&B will be around for a couple more years at least? Why do you think it gets better ratings than most other soaps?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sooky says

    I like the show, but the situations are so self-deprecating, especially with everyone losing babies right and left. and STOP making the BAD GUYS so powerful!! Bill should not get away with covering up the affair with Brooke, and breaking up Maya and Rick, and stopping the GONDOLA!!!
    Thos soap should be a means to educate people since it has such a large fanbase, and inspire pepople to live their lives correctly and lovingly. Every dirty deed should be punished, so that there an be a sense of fulfillment.

    Also, let the couples have more time to ease into their relationship, and stop these supid visits from the ex. Also, what’s up with the wishy-washy men like Liam? Needing women to make up his mind for him, and that he leaves the one he’s with just when it gets a tiny bit difficult…. Set some standards for REAL MEN…

    Hope and Steffy give Liam WAY too much reit. He is not worth either of them…

  2. Virginia says

    This soap is horrible. They need to take it off the air because the writers have lost their creativity and the only thing they know to do is have Brooke strip or get pregnant from some other woman’s husband. He also is fond of taking virginal women and making them transition to ****** women. He started with Brooke first, then Bridgett and now he’s moving on to Hopw while making STeffy and her mother (undercover wantoness women look like saints and I’m about fed up with it. It’s really not worth watching anymore because he’s brought the Brooke character down too low for me.) I mean her sister’s husband? Come on now?

  3. sarah says

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!! Haven’t missed an episode, and that’s impressive since the show began airing before DVR’s!! It is the only daytime drama I watch, ditched all the others. Do wish that Hope & Liam could get together & stay together…but then that’s not a good story line!! Miss Stephanie…never thought I’d say that!! Way to go B&B, keep up the awesome job!

  4. k says

    I hope the show will continue. I really enjoy watching it everyday during the week. I do wish when someone get s married on the show that they would allow them to enjoy it for at least a while before there onto someone else.

    They could let them get together and go swimming, go out to dinner all kinds of things instead the other women butting in so quickily. Let someone have some happiness for at least a decent amount of time make them have babie s if u have to so there will be a third generation to carry the show. Even if all the orginals quit which i like them, there can still be great writing. By the way im so glad u guys finally let brooke be known as nice and sweet . I get tired of them making her cry all the time and making seem blond and stupid shes not. oh and she had feelings for ridge long before taylor ever arrived on the sceen. Hope is decent stop making her hurt all the time since she is good and thats harder to be than bad. bad is easy, allow her to get rewarded by giving her someone else whos decent to love who will respect her. The second gerations going to need a strong consistent couple to look up to.
    You know liam never has a problem walking away from hope going right back to stephanie, yet when hes usually with hope he cant help always want to hang around stephanie and its hard for him to steal himself away from her. Im not sure hes good enough from hope given what a woose he is. Let the logan girls be noted for their sweetness not their bimbo ness. Stop hating blondes. get different writers if you have to and keep this eric jr. he represents forrester better.
    thank you for listening.

  5. Dorn says

    I hope that the Bold and Beautiful along with the Young and Restless continue for many years. Good storylines. In fact, I wish they would move Bold and Beautiful into an hour slot. Please keep these soaps.

  6. Been watching since 1990 says

    Let me start by saying I never miss an episode. I watch it each and every day. However, from 2009 on the show has really declined FAST. I find it very boring. The characters of Nick, Thorne, Taylor, Amber and Jackie have so much potential. It was a good move to start focusing on the younger generation as well, no doubt about it. But to just drop the adult characters is a bad move. Spice up Jackie/Eric? Stephanie. Let the battle of Steffy and Hope cause trouble in paradise with Ridge and Brooke while Nick pics up the pieces for Brooke. In the 90’s and up until 2009, the show was always fantastic, suspenseful and addictive. It has dropped tremendously and would not surprise me if they cancel it. I am a loyal viewer but probably wouldn’t miss it at this point.

  7. Geraldine says

    Please keep the soap going because I have been watching since the show had begun and I am now 80 years old, but still enjoy watching. I have been watching every day since I was in my teens – and my two “favorites” have always been “Young and The Restless” and “Bold and The Beautiful”. Had an aunt(passed away a long time ago) who used to watch these soaps and she got me “hooked” on them, and I am pleased to say that I have been watching them with her ever sincek and then after she passed away. Please do not “finale” either of these two great and terrific soap operas. They are the “best part of my day”. There is some sadness to them sometimes, but always alot of HOPE when they turn out in the positive.

    Keep them going on and on and on…………..
    Grateful and Always Watching

  8. LOLA MARTINS says

    Its was a great movie to me but eventually i started seeing different characters,and it made no meaning to me trying to figure out who is ERIC,BROOKE,THORNE….and repititions was also a constant thing.

  9. Linda Taylor says

    I hope The Bold And The Beautiful is NEVER cancelled this is one of my favorite Soap Operas of all of them.
    The Young And The Restless is the second soap opera I really Iike. I am not understanding why they are taking these shows off the air because these shows are like legions they have been on for so many years with ALOT of happy viewers that is why they are still on the air. And it is wrong for viewers to get interested for so many years but then the shows are cancelled for talk shows. I mean I like talk shows and reality shows but these two soap operas are the BEST.
    I just hope the soap operas are not all taken off the air because I LOVE THESE SHOWS.
    So please KEEP them on the air because if you do I will be a VERY HAPPY camper.
    Thanks for listening and have a GREAT DAY. 😀

  10. Nichole says

    They are renewed until 2013. That isn’t long at all. I am sooo tired of people saying it has a huge international following who cares? USA CBS doesn’t care. They can cancell B&B in the US and still show it in other countries if they wanted to. A lot of those countries are watching the show 6 months to a year behind us anyways. I have stopped watching. In the last few years they have reduced this show to the Hope & Steffy show. With Steffy being the eternal losers of the group. No equal battles for men because Hope is always the one they fall in love with while they fall for Hope. So not realistic. Amber is not being put to use. Katie has become a dweed who allows her husband to cheat & be in love with another woman. The main man Liam is a wuss.

    This show sucks!

    • Watcher for years says

      For those who whine and cry… oh cancel it… I’m not getting my’re not suppoed to get your way.. Grow Up, you are watching a Soap Opera. Actually, everything we watch these days is a soap opera, albeit “live drama” or not, nighttime tv, etc… it’s all SOAP OPERA… the only difference is that NCIS, NCIS LA, CSI, Revenage, etc. these show at night… GROW UP EVERYONE…. they are all dramas. Day or Night…. stop ditching daytime. The truth is what is currently referred to as “DAYTIME SOAP OPERAS” is merely a daily viewing of what is watched once, twice, three times a week as a “prime-time drama”. These shows aren’t just “stay at home mom” shows. First of all, the stay home moms I know don’t have time to what television (even though they would love to keep up on the soaps they were introduced to by their mothers and grandmothers). The truth is, these are the longest running shows on television, and although people suggest that we should all move to reality TV as a society, the truth is, people want “a way to esacpe”, which is why “prime time drama” still exsists. I don’t believe that daytime drama/Soap Operas are dying… I believe that all the Major Networks are jumping on the bandwagon… a shortlived “reality” stint…. The lose of true “day time drama” would be a long time disappointment. For those who “don’t get their way daily” on the “daytime drama”..get over it…You wouldn’t get your way on “primetime drama” either….want to kill it too???

    • stac says

      I totally agree with you. This soap opera should be cancelled. It is well overdue. Taylor’s children are always made out to be losers, while Brooke’s children are put on a pedestal or allowed to get away with every thing. Taylor has always been an exceptional person and the writers always make Brooke out to get everything. Actually, I think this show is a little demonic. The good people always get the step on and the short end of the stick while those that are whorish and do evil things always win. It is sickening. They promote bad behavior while spitting on good behavior and good people. Please cancel it. We do not need another season of this show.

    • Barbara Ann says

      I agree with you. In real life no one would pick ordinary Hope over exciting and dynamic Steffy. The show does suck. With Stephanie’s exit it will end next year.

  11. mary says

    dear sirs bold and the beautiful is the best and i watch it everyday. i hope soon that hope and liam be together soon they belong together. there is so much love there. i love the show because it is full of suspense and surprises. you are doing a great job keep up the good work.

  12. Kathy says

    Cancel it! It is boring and at just 30 minutes long hard to get interested. It is just a filler show because they start Y&R at a odd time. I say put something else on at 12:30 and start Y&R head to head with Days of our lives and see who comes out the winner. All that soaps are going to be gone in a few years anyway.

    • stac says

      I agree. Soap operas served their purpose for a generation. Now, it is time for something new. Please networks come up with something fresh, new, and positive. Life gives us enough drama on a daily basis!

      • Ronnie says

        Agreed. All of this petty drama is no longer entertainment. These soap operas have had a place until their progeny grew up, stripped off and made the strip-tease a mainstream exercise. All in effort to top the drama that became the daily standard. Now the story lines change to keep up the pace they inevitably set. In the end, life=art, art= media, media must then reflect the lives of those they’ve inspired of their disambiguation of “art”. Not that the soap opera has ever attempted to honestly pass itself off as art.

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