The Bold and the Beautiful: CBS to Renew Soap Opera for Two Seasons

Bold and the BeautifulOn the heels of the network’s three year renewal of The Young and the Restless, Deadline reports that The Bold and the Beautiful will soon be renewed for two more seasons. That will take the soap through the 2012-13 season.

Created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell, Bold and the Beautiful began in 1987 and has been on the air for nearly 6,000 episodes. It’s one of the top-rated soaps, typically ranking a distant second behind Young and the Restless. B&B is currently the only half-hour soap opera on network television.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear B&B will be around for a couple more years at least? Why do you think it gets better ratings than most other soaps?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tammy Cruz says

    I think Bold and the Beautiful sends a horrible message to women! If your a piece of trash suck as Brooke Logan then you will get everything you want. If your a dignified elegant woman such as Taylor you will then be continually disappointed, hurt and stepped on by dirty animals such as Brooke Logan. Brooke Logan destroyed a very loving and healthy family and hurt children and yet she gets everything she wants. This soap opera seems to revolve around the low class Logans. I was incredibly disappointed as to who Ridge chose regardless of any lie told when she was on the island for she’s made tremendous chaos for good people just for her own benefit through out all of these years!! I truly hope there are no young girls watching this show due to the message it sends which is DISGUSTING! I will never watch Bold and the Beautiful ever again. You’ve lost a very loyal fan. My understanding is that these soaps will be coming to an end and I now support it where Bold and the Beautiful is concerned!!!!!!!!

  2. Gwen Randle says

    Cut one of your commercials and instead use that moment to show previews of what will be happening the next day. Stephanie is now too old to be doing dirty deeds. We (as a group) was more impressed with her and Brooke getting back on good terms, and her helping the homeless and then you’ll through us a punch about her getting her grandson to lie on Brooke. You’ll need to come on and start a new story line. And please leave Brook and Ridge alone. Everybody wants them to stay together…..they make some marriages hot and steamy. They are a good looking couple and they show much love for one another. You all are wasting valvuable time on Amber and her mom. Get rid of them including the scrony guy who lies for them. Enough already…………hurry and let them find out that the baby is not Lim’s and who the real daddy is. Show some decency for awhile….we’re sick of all the “keeping it in the family love affairs”. Too much of the same story line.

  3. Anonymous says

    I LOVE this soap. I am 38 years old and have been watching it since day 1. It’s a nice break from the every day stress of work and life, and I love that it’s only 30 minutes. And for those that mentioned morales……it’s a soap, it’s not real life. Get over it!

  4. Anonymous says

    I am glad B & B is staying on the air and that it is only 30 minutes. I work and hardly have time to watch it all but it is a good soap! Thanks for your decision to keep it around a couple of more years!

  5. Bev says

    Really like the show and hope it stays around for a long time. However, some things are utterly stupid. Brooke needs to woman-up on many issues. Ridge is running around with blinders on. Come on!! Try keeping it more real. The issues of being homeless, helping others is touching. Great job on that.

  6. Marie Doherty says

    Please do not take B & B off of channel 7 (KIRO) in Seattle. I am 93 years old and I look forward to watching every day!

  7. Judy says

    I have watched the Bold and the Beautiful since 1998. Love the show, but was not happy when Taylor died and then was brought back from the dead.

  8. patricia ellis says

    Love love this soap. As ridiculous as it is sometimes, we have to remember it is a soap. All the characters are perfect in their rolls. I wish Taylor would stop with the plastic surgery, she is getting quite scarey looking. Also needs more acting lessons, just not quite convincing. Other than that can’t wait to see it every day and am happy it will be around another 2 years.

  9. julia elios says

    I live overseas and watch the Bold and Beautiful. We are around 6 months behind and I would like to make a comment. I am watching the espisodes of Brooke, Hope and Oliver and Ridge. I think that by Ridge forgiving Brooke in what she “innocently” did with Oliver and then be forgiven by Ridge (don’t think this happens in real life) sends out the “wrong” signal to young adults. For once I would like to see Brooke be “liable” for her actions and that Ridge for once open his eyes and not forgive her. Also, I don’t think that Brooke should encourage Hope, as well, into having an intimate relationship with Oliver-again wrong signal. Whatever happened to “morality?” Also, I thought it was wrong of Aggie to tell Nick about Bridgett and Owen; to me, it was for her self-interest. I really don’t care for “Aggie” and “Oliver” and they should be taken out of the soap opera. I would like to see Nick and Bridgett get together again.

  10. says

    You have left us only two soaps. I watch educational and political stuff all day. I watch soaps for relaxing entertainment. I can’t take your pitiful attempt to educate. How many people can continue to tune in every day to watch Nick being nagged to death. I have been around smokers trying to quit and none of them would have responded to your approach. But the real point is who wants to watch a soap to be educated. I hope you wake up before you lose your audience and have to go off the air.

    • bonnie zitzer says

      Love Bold and the Beautiful. Have watched it since it started. I hope the networks do not cancelled any more of our soaps. I hate watching all of these doctor reality shows. Also hate to cook and am sick of these as well.

      A little fantasy is a good thing.

  11. LDunagan says

    I’m another that been watching B & B since it aired and always worked my lunch time around the time of airing. I had hoped that when As the World Turns ended that B&B would go to an hour long. Lately, I’ve enjoyed the story line of Stephanie and Nick dealing with cancer, from a scare to just wanting to live. Going into the streets to show the real world of the homeless (that’s it’s not all fashion). This show has sooo much to offer. I would like to see Eric and Stephanie remarry and have Eric truely living with a spouse with cancer. I would like to Nick review all his faults and find away to have him and Bridget get back together (his child is with her mother). Foregiveness is golden. Brooke is one of those who never has to pay for her mistakes, writers have brought real to cancer and homeless but when it comes to Brooke there’s NO reality. Ridge is the biggest joke of a man that I’ve ever seen….being one whos had a spouse cheat once it took alot to get over.

  12. MDBBALL02 says

    I agree with Deborah Smith … This show is so ridiculous. I am so sick of Brooke–now she’s going to have the final Forrester male left? Pleeeeease! And Donna! Someone needs ot tell thie actress she looks like a duck billed platypus! It’s really SAD she thinks the injections she is obviously getting are making her look attractive. She has some obviousl Barbie issues…the show shoudl insist she get mental help. And the constant doe eyed whining she does…Ugh! I really thought this was going off the air, given the way they are reversing every story line–Stephanie is reborn and loves Brooke? Logan Dad and Pammy getting married? Ridge continues to be the most stupid self absorbed character on any show…he deserves to be deceived–and what ever happened to his daughter? Shipped her off to Paris and we never sse her agian…THAT storyline was poor too–she gets the company back for her Father and he turns on her when given the choice to trust her or not? I’m hoping this is the last year. Hunter Tylo STILL plays the best character! And I am Glad Eric stopped running around with the tramps-Brooke and Donna- It was downright embarrassing! Stephanie won out in the end–this show IS wrapping up.

    • Dorothy Williams says

      I have been a fan of the Bold and Beautiful since it first aired. I am begining to think that everyone has lost their Morals is this any way to let our young fans think it is alright to sleep and marry everybody in the family. I know this is TV but you will be surprise of how many copycats are out there. I don’t want the story to end just changed the storyline. The dresses are simply beautiful. Oh do you need a extra

  13. Deborah Smith says

    I’ve been watching B&B since it first aired. I honestly have to say that the soap is very boring and predictable. I don’t watch daily anymore, I can watch on Fridays and know exactly what took place the other four days. At this rate I might tune in every other Friday. The storylines turns full circle every year. Stealing designs, Brooke and Ridge’s troubles, the young adults storylines are the same as in the beginning of soap. The storylines repeats over and over again. I’m sorry but in a way I wish that the contract wasn’t renewed. CBS took off two very good soaps and this soap still exist.

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