The Bonnie Hunt Show: Daytime Talk Show Cancelled, No Season Three

The Bonnie Hunt Show canceledThe end is coming for The Bonnie Hunt Show after two seasons on the air. Hosted by actress and comedian Bonnie Hunt, the Warner Bros. syndicated show has been struggling in the ratings essentially since it debuted.

The series has stayed on the air for two seasons mainly because NBC-owned stations had made a two-year deal. Warners could have pulled the plug last spring but instead showed faith and hoped that ratings would improve. Now that the agreement is coming to an end, so is The Bonnie Hunt Show.

Hunt reportedly gave the bad news to her staff on Monday morning but the cancellation wasn’t officially confirmed until last night.

By all accounts, the daytime series will remain in production and complete the season so there are lots of new episodes to come.

What do you think? Why did the show fail? Is there no room for more than a couple of daytime talk shows, like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show? Or, is there something lacking in Hunt’s show?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Harmony says

    I loved her show and am so disappointed. I don’t think anyone knew she was on. My mother who watches tv 24/7, never had seen it before I showed her.
    I Love her and her humor.

  2. Anonymous says

    I’m in my 20 somethings and absolutely loved the Bonnie Hunt show! She was hilarious. Whenever I do get to stay home during the weekdays, I really feel like I am missing out. The Nate Berkus show is boring with a capital B.

  3. Joanne says

    Loved the show and like everyone else posting comments – I too was disappointed that it was canceled. It was a great, wholesome show and enjoyed it very much. I really, really hope that she comes back.

  4. Sharon M. says

    I am really sorry this show was cancelled. I love Bonnie Hunt. I know I didn’t watch as much as I would have liked – maybe because it wasn’t on a major channel. Please do something on TV Bonnie. I will record even if it is on some strange channel.

  5. Anonymous says

    I was very disappointed to hear that you took The Bonnie Hunt show off the air. She was the only talk show host that cared about the poor stray animals. Always enjoyed when she would bring them on her show to get adopted. Please bring her back.

  6. says

    Disappointment cannot begin to express my regret. It was the only program that I really watched day or night. Now I hardly ever turn on the box.
    There are so few talented and genuine people in show biz — Bonnie is definitely one of them. I loved the way that she incorporated her mom in so many of the shows; she was a diamond-in-the-rough.
    So long for now, Bonnie. Better things are in your future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kate Calarco says

    I think it STINKS that I can’t watch her show anymore. She waas the best of them all. I’m sure if she had a prime time spot she would have never been cancelled. She was better then the best out there. She will be missed!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sandy D says

    BRING BACK MY BONNIE!!!! I do not understand why they would cancel such a quality show. Nate Berkus show is awful. He is not an entertainer but Bonnie is! TV is just boring during the day without her. I would rather watch her than Ellen or Oprah. The show had great comedy and was lots of fun to watch. I just cannot understand what the problem was and why they would cancel her. Please bring her back to us daytime TV watchers.

  9. katie gee says

    I’m so disappointed that they took Bonnie’s show off the air. It truly was a breath of fresh air. Nice, clean fun! I think she is a riot. I also loved the nostalgic feel of the show. It harkened back to an earlier time of daytime TV a la the Linkletter show. Never had to worry about being offended. I guess it’s just not trendy enough for the 20-somethings. But are they really watching TV at this time of day anyway? I will miss having lunch with my girlfriend, Bonnie, every afternoon. There is nothing else on at that time that interests me. Bring Bonnie back!!!!

  10. donna says

    The Bonnie Hunt show is a real gem. Unfortunately, the Nate Berkus show is a real drag! The good energy and vibrant personality that Bonnie Hunt brought to television for an hour every day is badly missed. I can’t see how the Nate Berkus show can stay on the air for more thatn a few months. The ratings, eventually, have to be really poor. He’s a great decorator but a talk show host, he is not. I guess Bonnie Hunt, as the expression goes, was “casting pearls at the swine” at NBC. They obviously didn’t recognize the jewel when they had it. Come on, now….that time period is just too lame right now without her!

  11. Larry Adolf says

    I really was disappointed that Bonnie Hunt Show was cancelled.
    For myself this was the ONLY Daytime entertainment show that I watched.
    Always great guest visitors, Bonnie was so funny and her crew went along with all the fun.
    I was really sad to see her show go, and don’t understand how it was cancelled considering what other shows were offered at that time slot.
    Here in Red Bluff the Judge Joe Brown show was extended another hour to fill in the time slot.
    The other similar shows on at that time with female hosts just don’t appeal to me and from what I here from these posts and people I talk to it’s a sad and disappointing, and boring “bill of fair” for daytime television.

    • kathy G. says

      I agree with all of the positive comments. I especially like her connections with “Walgreens” (laughed and laughed at her Halloween shopping episode) and her talks with her mom. Something very sweet and wholesome and unlike anything out there today. It was also the only talk show I watched. I don’t watch much TV as it is. If Bonnie always wanted to do a talk show like those who went before her, she achieved it. It was mostly fun and that’s why I enjoyed it.

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