The Bonnie Hunt Show: Daytime Talk Show Cancelled, No Season Three

The Bonnie Hunt Show canceledThe end is coming for The Bonnie Hunt Show after two seasons on the air. Hosted by actress and comedian Bonnie Hunt, the Warner Bros. syndicated show has been struggling in the ratings essentially since it debuted.

The series has stayed on the air for two seasons mainly because NBC-owned stations had made a two-year deal. Warners could have pulled the plug last spring but instead showed faith and hoped that ratings would improve. Now that the agreement is coming to an end, so is The Bonnie Hunt Show.

Hunt reportedly gave the bad news to her staff on Monday morning but the cancellation wasn’t officially confirmed until last night.

By all accounts, the daytime series will remain in production and complete the season so there are lots of new episodes to come.

What do you think? Why did the show fail? Is there no room for more than a couple of daytime talk shows, like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show? Or, is there something lacking in Hunt’s show?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Joanna Horigan says

    No eye-popping scandals, no trashy relationships, no mutants, aliens, or freaks…just great comedy, insightful interviews, and a personality that makes you want to spend an evening with her just having “girl talk.” Bonnie Hunt is the best talk show host on the air, and I’m including Oprah, who has stooped to some pretty trashy stuff in show’s duration. Not only is Bonnie pretty, she has a wonderful brilliant mind and a wit equalled by none on the air today. I even saw her put Robin Williams at a loss for words. Who else has EVER done that.

    Some cable network needs to get smart and get Bonnie back on the air. I had to miss many of her shows because of the time slot in my area, but now that I have DVR I would never miss another one, given the chance! Get smart, you TV idiots! BRING BACK BONNIE!

  2. Shirley Walkowicz says

    It’s SO SAD that bonnie Hunts’ show was cancelled. I REALLY liked her show! To heck with the “Ratings..I say BRING BACK Bonnie Hunt1 Just like Ellen – Bonnie was “THE REAL DEAL”. I miss her show. it was indeed sweet and clean. [Although she could have “ditched” the “front desk”. A more casual approach would have been more appropriate. Otherwise, the show was GREAT! I Say: BRING BACK BONNIE HUNT!

    Shirley, GA.

  3. Karen says

    I really like her in movies, but her show… not so much. It was a failure because it was completely self-serving. All her buddies worked on the show. Her love for the crooners (Rat Pack) and all things retro. Segments with her mom and people from “the neighborhood.” Who the heck cared? The only guests she could get on were either B actors (at best) or friends. And what was up with the fire pole? Once, the actress that played Lily Rush came on and took a swing around it as if it was a stripper pole, which was really funny because it was so out of character for her TV persona. Anyway, Bonnie berated her about it and then was openly hostile to her for the rest of the interview.

    I look forward to her next movie, but I can’t say I’m bummed the show is gone.

  4. Sally says

    I loved The Bonnie Hunt show. Her show was always a day brightener for me. She is a geniuine good natured person. Here on the West coast, Nancy Grace took Bonnie’s spot. I would rather watch Bonnie than Nancy, any day! Let Nancy go back to CNN or whatever channel she came from and BRING BONNIE BACK!!!

  5. Linda says

    I, too, miss Bonnie being on t.v. My husband and I enjoyed her sitcom and her talk show. Please add our votes to the long list of folks who would love to see her back on t.v.!

  6. Lisa says

    I loved the Bonnie Hunt show!! It was a highlight of my day! She is wonderful and born to do talk show and make people laugh! Her show was fun, different and interesting. I loved her mom too! I miss her! :( What is wrong with this world…they always cancel the good stuff!!!

  7. Debra Schmitz says

    The show failed because of the time it was on! Central time it was on at 1:00 – 2:00 or 2:00 – 3:00. Not enough advertising! I love Bonnie Hunts humor and I think she’s an awesome actress. The only way I knew she had a show was I was home on benefits from work and I was channel surfing. I am so tired of talk shows that have drama, drama, drama. Bonnie Hunt is a classic with good clean humor and great guests. Miss the show!!! Don’t watch any of the others.

  8. Marjie Holland says

    Amazing, everyone writing on this message board after so long. Everyone did what I did, Googled “What’s Bonnie Up to These Days?” and up popped this web-site. She was great and I miss her every day. I even ordered some Crumbs cupcakes from Bloomingdales and ate them all. (they were the small ones, so I didn’t pig-out all that much) If by any stretch of the imagination she reads this, I just want her to know we wish her all the best wishes, hope her sister’s health is doing okay and that her mom is as super as ever. I’ll be looking for her and her posse at the Cubs’ opening day! Miss you!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Loretta says

    I am just with the rest, missing Bonnie and want to see her back . I loved her show, I miss watching a good holsome show. Always looked forwarded to viewing her show.


  10. Colleen says

    Really liked her show and her interview style. She was incredibly quick-witted and no-nonsense. (Read: no bs). And i liked hearing about her guests’ childhoods family backgrounds. It was refreshing. One thing that bothered me though was every once in a while I’d get the sense that she was a little ” intolerant” ( See Jane kazmarik?) interview). She could also be irritatingly holier than thou. Her whole thing seemed to be to about pushing/ reminding us of what american family values used to be or what the should be…patting people on the back for coming from families that instilled her idea of good (american)family values, or who upheld them yadayada… Anyway it got old. Seems ironic that Nate berkus, whom she clearly disliked when she interviewed him,now has his own show which has taken her slot. What is that about? Anyway Bonnie I think you should do the tonight show one day but leave the holier than thou attitude and clear distaste and intolerance of Americans from different cultures (who are part of the fabric of this country and have equally inspiring values of family and hard work etc… and might embrace American fashion more if they felt more embraced themselves as human beings.) out of your repertoire.

  11. JANA GAYLE says


  12. Carolyn says

    Such a shame that a show that had good decent content would be cancelled….off the top of my head – I am not sure that I remeber the network getting behind this show like it does for some of its other programming….too bad – they had the chance to keep a quality program on the air….

  13. Sha says

    I was very disappointed that The Bonnie Hunt show as discontinued.
    It was very good. I think that maybe there were just too many shows
    for her to compete with at the time.
    Now that Regis is leaving and Oprah is doing something different,
    maybe Bonnie could come back. She is very talented and had a great
    uplifting show. She is really funny and talks about things that we can
    really relate to–a real class act! Bring her back!

  14. Connie R. says

    Bonnie Hunt was one of the best shows on T.V.! Her humor and quick wit along with her dynamic personality far out- did any comparable show. That show was the one bright spot on daytime T.V. Pure pleasure to watch. She took your mind off of the rigors of daily life, and made it fun for a little while. I will/have missed her .
    Bonnie Hunt, come back!

  15. says

    It is so sad that Bonnie was cancelled. She was a ray of sunshine in a dark world.

    The decision reflects our culture, which would rather watch the Housewives or the Kardashians embarrass themselves than watch something of dignity and worth.

    Bonnie was a class act. Funny, but real.

    And caring.

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