The Borgias: Cancelled; No Season Four or Movie

The Borgias on Showtime canceledShowtime has decided to cancel The Borgias after three seasons. The low-rated drama’s last episode will air on June 16th.

The Borgias follows the story of Pope Alexander (Jeremy Irons) and his struggle to maintain his power at the turn of the 16th century. The historical drama’s large cast also includes François Arnaud, Holliday Grainger, Joanne Whalley, Lotte Verbeek, David Oakes, Sean Harris, Peter Sullivan, Simon McBurney, Steven Berkoff, Aidan Alexander, Julian Bleach, Thure Lindhardt, Gina McKee, and Colm Feore.

Season three of The Borgias premiered in April and thus far the show’s been averaging about a half a million viewers for each episode’s first airing.

There had been talk of wrapping up the show’s ongoing storylines with a movie instead of a fourth season but that’s not happening.

Still, series creator Neil Jordan says that, “For a variety of reasons we won’t be doing a fourth season, but, ‘The Prince’ [the last episode], when I wrote it and shot it, did seem like the end of a journey for the family. Whatever bonded them as a family dies in this episode, and the center of the drama for me was always the family. I want to thank Showtime and David Nevins for their unstinting support over the last three years, and look forward to working with them in the future.”

What do you think? Are you sorry that The Borgias has been cancelled? Were you hoping there would be a fourth season or a movie?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Raquel Dominguez says

    I had purchased the complete seasons 1-3, we need season 4 or a movie. It truly was a great show.

  2. lecrezialovely says

    Very very disappointed there is no season 4,5, or 6! I have been on the edge of my seat since the second season. I fell in love with the “love” between Lecrezia and Ceasare. Please don’t leave the fans in limbo. It wasn’t a “end” for us. Do the fans who actually love the show deserve to be left to dry. No loyalty, Showtime, or Neil Jordan. As a lover of literature …this is a sham!

  3. Mary Morley says

    I had purchased the DVD and never watched it. I have the complete seasons 1-3 collection in my library. Showtime really should not have cancelled this show. Why can’t you just make a movie for closure? I have watched the collection over and over. It truly was a great show and will be missed.

  4. DragonLady says

    Hard to get anything done between episodes. Antisipateing the next episode. Very much enjoyed the Borgias. had to watch all three seasons twice. I would definately own this in my Library. Too bad the Season 4 had been cancelled. Thanks for a moving experience.

  5. Rayne sto says

    I feel in love with show because of Netflix and I wat her all three seasons in one day. They should start it up again many people loved it. I loved the relationships and how each person acted on the other. Truly a great show!!!!!!!! I would personally direct it myself if I could just go have it on my tv !!!!!!!!!!

  6. says

    It was one of the best series I ever watched…I was totally addicted to this series..wish they would bring it was very cold what Showtime did..cancel the last part of the canceled Showtime…until they bring it back then I will renew ..

  7. LEEL says

    Looking back… Showtime probably got their butt in a sling from the Catholic Church for “Shock Writing” that deviated way from historical counts. It’s not “what we wanted” as Showtime was advertising at the time, but what the writers and producers wanted. Well, they killed the show and told us it was because “they no longer could afford it”. Well how come you no longer can air the Series in syndication either. Showtime had to make a deal with the Church because they got their butt in a sling, particularly during the beginning of the third season when they started making the Series looking like a porn movie, causing the ratings to plummet. We weren’t waiting for those incest scenes Showtime! You killed a masterpiece, and could have wrap it with a nice bow with a final season 4!

  8. ROSA says

    I was able to watch this series from beginning to end and I could not stop! I cannot believe this was abruptly cancelled. Seems when we get a good thing going, it is cancelled. What a fantastic show! Sorry to see it end.

  9. E. FOX says


  10. Jack Ryan says

    I am appalled that Showtime has cancelled one of the more intellectual shows on paid and/or network tv. The mere history line alone is worth watching, one I am sure the Catholic Church was not fond of. However, there is factual basis for the storylines and to deny viewers the opportunity to ‘learn’ history, is in itself a travesty. As one reviewer wrote regarding interest in upcoming series, I, too, most likely will not watch as I do not want to invest my time (or money) into the powers that be at Showtime who demand commercial successes over viewers wants. Bravo to the actors, directors, producers, set designers, and videographers.

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