The Brady Bunch: Vince Vaughn Producing Reboot Series

new Brady BunchBrace yourself for more Bradys. America’s favorite sitcom family may be heading back to television in a new weekly TV series. CBS is developing a reboot of The Brady Bunch.

The multi-camera comedy project has received a script order and is being developed and executive produced by Vince Vaughn. Mike Mariano (Raising Hope, My Name Is Earl) is writing the pilot and it revolves around the youngest son of the original brood, Bobby Brady.

Now a divorced father, Bobby will marry a woman who also has children and the couple will have a shared child as well. In addition, the couple’s ex-spouses are still in the picture.

It’s doubtful that the new show will be paying much attention to the original cast continuations. The last time we saw Bobby Brady (in CBS’ failed dramedy The Bradys), he had married his childhood sweetheart and was confined to a wheelchair following a racecar accident.

The changes in the Brady Bunch premise are said to reflect the evolution of family dynamics over the years. According to Deadline, Vaughn came up with the idea and teamed with Mariano. Vaughn, Mariano, Lloyd Schwartz (son of Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz), Victoria Vaughn (Vince’s sister) and Peter Billingsley will all executive produce.

CBS TV Studios shares the rights to the original series with the Schwartz estate. The Brady Bunch property has certainly done very well for both sides over the years. CBS currently produces two successful remake series — Hawaii Five-0 and 90210 — and another (Beauty and the Beast) is due this fall on The CW.

What do you think? Will you check out a new Brady Bunch TV series? Do you like the sound of the changes to the premise?

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  1. Jared says

    The Brady Bunch has done 3 movies. The first two were on the big screen the 3rd movie went direct to DVD. In the 3rd movie a new group of actors plays the kids with Peter being played by a former blue turbo ranger. The actors who played the parents do return. We get to see what life in the White House would be like if Mike Brady was President of the United States.

  2. Bethany says

    I am split. There are two ways I see this going, and nothing in the middle.

    On the one side I agree they have tried several times to redo this series and although I enjoyed all of them (And FYI I saw all of the movies I could in the theater no less than a dozen times each. Loved the camp of them, and the inuendo that never took place in the shows. I even own the soundtracks and DVDs) but they did go off the air pretty quickly. It sounds like the original cast won’t be as included in this show, which kind of puts me off, but it could be for the best. And there is nothing saying that former cast members won’t make guest shots on the show.
    On the other side, as we learned from Parenthood, a show based on a movie that had been done a few times before it clicked, and Dallas a show that took quite a while to get off the ground again. These shows have taken a basic idea from their originals, but become their own very successful programs all by themselves. This show could work if done right. Of course all of us who grew up on the original will be put off by it not being the same, but there have been a few generations that will simply see this show as a good program (if done right of course) and that could be what allows the show to grow and prosper. Sticking too closely to the original killed the other attempts, so lesson learned. Besides with the talent behind this program it does really have a shot.

    I am willing to give this show a good try. (My rule is if I don’t like a show, I try to watch at least 6 episodes before I give up on it. After how terrible Cheers and Growing Pains were in the beginning, then how great and iconic they became I try to give everything a chance. If only the networks would do the same.)

  3. Ang says

    This isn’t going to work for the following reasons:
    1. It sounds like they are leaving out the original cast.
    2. The “Brady Bunch” has been brought back twice. Both attempts were epic failures.
    3. The movies were lame at best with only mild success.

  4. dirtymustard says

    Makes sense. Vince Vaughn pretty much is redo-ing Cheers with Sullivan and Son. Might as well keep rebooting once-popular series.

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