The Bridge: New CBS Police Drama; Cancel or Keep It?

The BridgeCBS recently unveiled a new show called The Bridge. Never heard of it? You’re not alone and you just know that doesn’t bode well for the TV show’s future.

The Bridge revolves around a tough and dedicated cop who’s voted to become the police union’s leader. Officer Frank Leo (Aaron Douglas) ends up fighting crime on the streets while also battling corruption on the force. The series features Douglas, Frank Cassini, Michael Murphy, Ona Grauer, Paul Popowich, and Theresa Joy.

The TV show debuted on Saturday night with two episodes. Per the overnights, the first episode attracted an invisible 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just 2.98 million viewers. It was easily beaten by repeats of Cops and America’s Funniest Home Videos.

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The second episode of The Bridge drew a 0.5 rating in the demo and increased to a still meager 3.51 million viewers. It was trounced by America’s Most Wanted but did beat a repeat of ABC’s struggling Scoundrels.

You know a series is in trouble when, after just a few episodes, it’s sent to a timeslot on little-watched Saturday nights. When a show debuts on Saturday nights during the summer, you can just tell the network has no faith in it and is just burning off the episodes.

TV show supportThe Bridge comes from Canada’s CTV, in a similar arrangement as Flashpoint. It’s much cheaper for CBS than the scripted programming that the network commissions itself. Still, these numbers are horrible. CTV has already ordered a second season but there’s essentially no incentive for CBS to pick it up with ratings like these.

CBS has 11 more episodes of The Bridge. As currently scheduled, they’ll run on Saturday nights through September. With ratings like these, that seems highly unlikely to happen.

What do you think? Had you even heard of it? If so, is The Bridge worth watching? Would you cancel or keep it?

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  1. annette says

    I think THE BRIDGE is about the best new show that I have seen come along in many years. There is a depth to the characters and the rapid pace kept my attention as the plot unfolded. I can only imagine that the reason for so few viewers is the lack of advertisement for it. I intend to watch every episode. I hope CBS changes its mind about canceling this show.

  2. ron says

    My wife told me about this new show Bridges. We watch the two hour on Saturday July 10. We loved the show great police drama. Unfortunely we missed July 17 do to a death in our family. We don’t get CBS through our cable system we have to go the intena to watch CBS, so we set an alarm to remind us to change to the intena on Saturday. When my wife looked at the listing for the week to come it was not there, what a dissappointment it was. Hopefully you’ll keep it on the air and promote it better.

  3. Caroline says

    I think this is one of the best shows to hit TV in a long time. Just happened upon it. What the heck is wrong with CBS not promoting it? They are not to bright!

    I hope they are smart enough to re-new it when the time comes. Maybe if CBS had done their part and advertized it people would have watched or Tivo’d it.

  4. Bren says

    I saw the premiere of The Bridge. I loved it! I love cop drama. I watch all CSI’s, Law & Order’s. I can pretty much figure out who done it. But on The Bridge I was wrong at the end. The second one was even better. I say to all TV affiliates change the way you write the shows and make it harder to figure out who done it.

  5. Susan says

    I love this show! Didn’t have a clue what it was or what it was about when it debuted. However, TiVo’d it and love it. CBS is crazy for not promoting this show. Better than those stupid reality shows they air (except for the Amazing Race)!

  6. Shawn says

    I started watchinig this show when it appeared in Canada, been having someone there tivo it me since. Great show with deep story lines and a great cast. The horrible time slot and non advertisement just further shows how disconnected the network executives are in America when they can’t even get the shows we like.

  7. Craig says

    This show has been a nice surprise. I can understand why the ratings are so low for this show. CBS didn’t do anything to promote the show. I only found this show, because I set up Tivo to record new shows. I am not a fan of most police dramas. They hardly ever do anything new. However, this show has an interesting twist since the police union plays a big part in the show. In the first couple of episodes, this has created some story lines that are pretty unique, and I have found enjoyable. I will continue to watch this.

  8. diamonk says

    I think this is a great show, I like the twist and turns it takes. I just happened on it the first night it was on. There was no advertising for it. Flashpoint and The Bridge are my two new favorite shows to watch for the summer. I get tired of the reruns and I wish they would take all reality shows off of television.

  9. KESLINGS says

    We stumbled onto this series and are now very interested. We missed saturday the 17th and are mad at ourselves. trying to find it on the computer is very difficult. We really like the main characgter, the story is plausable and we want to see him clean up the police station and succeed.
    It reflects the publics opinion of some bad situations occuring in real life. Detroit is in trouble right now. We would love to have that main character
    come and clean up our troubles.

  10. weaver says

    Great show! Keep it!!! Interesting storylines, way better than most of what’s aired these days. I agree with those who say it needs a “proper” time slot. Weekday eve (not Friday), before 10pm.

  11. Matt says

    I had never heard of it, but that’s because there was zero advertising for it. I actually quite enjoyed it. Better than most of the drivel that’s on these days, especially all that inane reality fluff. Wish I could have seen the earlier episodes too. I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS cancels it outright…that’s what they do. Keep the crap, dump the good stuff.

  12. says

    This show is much, much better than repeats or another mean spirited reality show. I will take a drama any day over that junk. I accendently found it. Why was it not promoted, I wish I could have watched it from the beginning show. The chief from Battlestar Gallicitia is terrific in this role.

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