The Bridge: CBS TV Show Cancelled; What About Season Two?

The BridgeThis news doesn’t come as a surprise. CBS has pulled their new Saturday night drama, The Bridge, after just three episodes. Though it’s been cancelled in the US, the TV show will continue.

The Bridge follows Frank Leo (Aaron Douglas), a charismatic cop who’s voted unanimously to become the leader of the police union. He ends up fighting crime on the streets while also battling corruption on the force. The series features Douglas, Frank Cassini, Michael Murphy, Ona Grauer, Paul Popowich, and Theresa Joy.

The TV show debuted on Saturday, July 10th with two episodes. Per the overnights, the first episode attracted a tiny 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just 2.98 million viewers. It was easily beaten by repeats of Cops and America’s Funniest Home Videos.

The second episode of The Bridge drew a 0.5 rating in the demo and viewership increased to a still meager 3.51 million. It was trounced by America’s Most Wanted but did beat a repeat of ABC’s struggling Scoundrels.

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Last Saturday night, the show’s ratings dropped even lower, to a 0.3 rating in the demo and 2.88 million viewers. It came in last place in the demo and third place in total viewers (beating NBC’s Persons Unknown).

The network has clearly not had any faith in the TV show from the beginning, airing it on the least-watched night of TV. The network has pulled it off the schedule with 10 unaired episodes left. Cancelled Cold Case reruns will take their place. CBS has made no indication that they plan to air the remaining Bridge installments at a later date or make them available online.

In Canada, it’s another story for The Bridge. CTV began airing the series in March and completed the season in May. The run was successful enough for CTV to order a second season for Canadian viewers.

TV show supportUnfortunately, unless another network decides to pick up the series, it doesn’t look like viewers in the United States will see the rest of season one or season two.

What do you think? Did you like The Bridge? Should it have been cancelled by CBS? Would you watch it on another channel or on DVD?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Patti Fichman says

    Will someone from CBS have the courtesy to e-mail me a response, please. Are you going to air the other episodes that you already paid for, or are we to watch re-runs?

    You absolutely did not give this show a chance, and I am puzzled by this behavior. Why buy it in the first place if you had no confidence in the show? Why not let viewers know what’s going on? Do we not deserve to know why a show has been cancelled after three episodes? You have totally give away your ability to elicit trust in your viewers by this behavior.

    Do I get a response?

  2. Miami28 says

    The show was great!! I dont understand the decesion to cancel only after three shows.!! Come on, the Networks have left programs that are so stupid on for years, and as a matter of fact there are presently programs that have been renewed for a Septmeber comeback that do not deserve to of been put on in the first place. I hope cable picks up the show. I would watch. Maybe we could watch Canadian Tv or otherwise watch it on DVD.

  3. Caro says

    CBS should be ashamed for their lack of judgement! Saturday night time slot????
    Not one bit of advertizing for this show??????

    I saw the three episodes and LOVED the show. If it gets picked up by another network I will definatly watch. It is much better than anything else showing here in the US and we have some really good shows.

  4. cbs mock viewer says

    what crap. finally a good show and they pull it. not faith, no support, typical american approach to tv

  5. Frank Nadeau says

    OK – first and for most…I didn’t even hear about the show till I seen it on my phone on V cast. The Bridge had no advertisement, no support and nothing to move it forward. How do you expect a show to pick up when given its time slot at 8PM on a saturday. There democratic age bracket is a joke if they are going to start with 18 years of age. Maybe more like 30-55. I will tell you what all the 18-29 year olds are doing on a saturday night…going out!!! More or less it prolly has to do with an executive doing a favor or one of the cast mates didn’t sleep with him or her. No one in there right mind would expect a show to do well on a saturday night…period end of show.

  6. DeeDee says

    I loved the show….It reminded me of Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blues….I think the network should have tried another night…Saturday is not a good night for crime drama…I loved Angie Harmon’s show last year andit got cancelled once they changed it to Saturday night….I just hope they bring the show back, preferably on Wednesday or Friday…Also, what happened with advertising about the show….Bring Back The Bridge!!!!!

  7. Marlene says

    We really liked the show. It was refreshing to have a good show on a Saturday night. We had just about given up on seeing anything worthwhile on Saturday. Not every TV watcher parties on Saturday night. Some of us like to stay home, drink wine, and search for something besides inane reruns on TV. I hope some other channel picks this one up.

  8. caren says

    I really like the show like Flashpoint. Ihope some cable show will pick it up. we donot watch the comedy sitcoms or the reality show. we have been force to look at a lot new drama on cable.

  9. Joe & Linda says

    Thought it was a well done show, much better content and script than most of the stuff on on network TV. We really enjoy the Canadian originated “Flashpoint” series and felt “The Bridge” might reach the same stature here. Guess you just can’t compete in US TV unless it’s another of the reality(?) shows which have come so common.

  10. says

    We enjoyed the show very much, the story line was good. Viewership had no chance to grow, only three shows, on Saturday and no advertising. It had no other outcome.

  11. Pat says

    I loved it. I am very disappointed that it didn’t make it. The acting was great and the story line was equally superb. I would to see more if possible. Thanks

  12. joan says

    The show and the acting were outstanding. It was a great surprise ! Saturday night is not a very good night for tv viewing, and there didn’t seem to be much in the way of promoting the show. Too bad. I hope some American network or cable channel will give it another chance.

  13. Anne says

    I liked the show, the little that I saw of it. No wonder that it didn’t get a large audience, it was aired on Saturday night, and I don’t remember ever seeing a comercial that it was starting. So, it never had a chance!!

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