The Bridge: CBS TV Show Cancelled; What About Season Two?

The BridgeThis news doesn’t come as a surprise. CBS has pulled their new Saturday night drama, The Bridge, after just three episodes. Though it’s been cancelled in the US, the TV show will continue.

The Bridge follows Frank Leo (Aaron Douglas), a charismatic cop who’s voted unanimously to become the leader of the police union. He ends up fighting crime on the streets while also battling corruption on the force. The series features Douglas, Frank Cassini, Michael Murphy, Ona Grauer, Paul Popowich, and Theresa Joy.

The TV show debuted on Saturday, July 10th with two episodes. Per the overnights, the first episode attracted a tiny 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just 2.98 million viewers. It was easily beaten by repeats of Cops and America’s Funniest Home Videos.

The second episode of The Bridge drew a 0.5 rating in the demo and viewership increased to a still meager 3.51 million. It was trounced by America’s Most Wanted but did beat a repeat of ABC’s struggling Scoundrels.

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Last Saturday night, the show’s ratings dropped even lower, to a 0.3 rating in the demo and 2.88 million viewers. It came in last place in the demo and third place in total viewers (beating NBC’s Persons Unknown).

The network has clearly not had any faith in the TV show from the beginning, airing it on the least-watched night of TV. The network has pulled it off the schedule with 10 unaired episodes left. Cancelled Cold Case reruns will take their place. CBS has made no indication that they plan to air the remaining Bridge installments at a later date or make them available online.

In Canada, it’s another story for The Bridge. CTV began airing the series in March and completed the season in May. The run was successful enough for CTV to order a second season for Canadian viewers.

TV show supportUnfortunately, unless another network decides to pick up the series, it doesn’t look like viewers in the United States will see the rest of season one or season two.

What do you think? Did you like The Bridge? Should it have been cancelled by CBS? Would you watch it on another channel or on DVD?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Joel says

    I think it was the best cop show out there; different than any other. Fortunately, I get CTV and I look forward to a second season. I really hope it sticks. There isn’t much on TV worth watching. This is one of the very few.

  2. Nicole says

    I was wondering what happened to the this show. This was an excellent show that was well written and well acted. I stumbled upon it just like many others because CBS did nothing to promote the show. If it is the funding that is causing strife maybe cut Mr. C. Sheen and the (non)”reality” shows.

  3. Pam says

    What a dissapointment to hear CBS cancelled to show….My I Husband and were really looking forward to another season .

  4. Shirley says

    I agree with Wanda (#1 post) wholeheartedly!! I loved the series! I was really disappointed when it did not return when all the other shows began in the fall. I had to check on the web to find out that it was cancelled. I watched it religiously on Saturday nights. It was so refreshing to have a different type of show to watch and was able to captivate my interest. Please add my name to a list to bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Linda says

    My husband and I loved this show, and were looking forward to another season! We kept looking and looking through the channels searching for the new season…what a disappointment. As previously noted, we are sick and tired of all the reality shows!!!

  6. Lynn Greig says

    Loved this show. Never look at the web to see about a TV show but this annoyed me that I could never find it to watch. What a mistake to cancel – great cast – great stories. Like others I stumbled on it and was hooked – WHERE WAS THE ADVERTISING?

  7. Liz says

    I LOVE this show. I have been waiting for a while for season 2 for what seemed to be too long when I came across this. I can’t believe there might not be a season 2. This is not the show’s fault. It had a terrible time slot. I don’t think I have ever caught an episode on TV. I kept turning to to catch the show.

    PLEASE don’t cancel this show!

  8. Anonymous says

    The network never gave the show a chance. We stumbled upon it and were quickly hooked. Wow, we thought, a thoughtful, well plotted show with great acting and a engaging theme. Then boom it was gone. We never saw a single ad for the show, no build-up, no promotion. If it had been given it a fraction of the exposure Hawaii 5 O has had lavished on it, it could have built good ratings. This is so typical of why the major broadcast networks can’t compete with cable. Cable channels get it – Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’ll be looking for the show on DVD. CBS execs are so risk adverse, conventional, and shortterm profit focused, they don’t have the balls and connection with the real world to give a good show a chance to succeed.

  9. Wanda says

    We really enjoyed the show and were looking forward to watching it all fall. We are soooo sick of all of the stupid reality shows on networks now. Some of the “comedies” are so not funny either. Bring back “The Bridge”. We will even watch it on Saturday night.

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