The Bridge

The BridgeNetwork: CBS
Episodes: 13 but only three aired (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: July 10, — July 24, 2010
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Aaron Douglas, Paul Popowich, Ona Grauer, Michael Murphy, Frank Cassini, Inga Cadranel, Theresa Joy, Genadijs Dolganovs, Miranda Edwards, Devon Richards, and Rayisa Kondracki.

the bridge past TV show

TV show description:
Though the TV series is named for the bridge that is between wealthy and poor neighborhoods in Toronto (Rosedale and St. James Town), it isn’t set in a particular city. The plot features the unanimously elected police union head who has a lot to deal with — cleaning up corruption in the police force, handling the problems of his fellow police officers, and keeping crime off the streets.

Frank Leo (Aaron Douglas) is a natural born leader, confident and charismatic. With his new position as President of the Police Protective Association, he brings to it the same qualities that made him a good cop; a natural sense of justice, loyalty, intelligence, and passion. Women are naturally drawn to his charming ways.

His partner, Tommy Dunn (Paul Popowich), tends to be the opposite, sitting back while he figures things out, instead of jumping right in. However, he’s also smart and loyal like Frank, as well as having the natural insight of a good cop. In his fight for justice, he lost his leg.

Frank and Tommy’s old sergeant at Bridge Division, Bernie Kantor (Frank Cassini), is always the voice of reason. He’s the guy you confess your sins to and the one with all the answers. They jokingly call him “Rabbi,” as he’s wise and compassionate, with the sensibilities of a teacher.

Ed Wycoff (Michael Murphy) is the Chief of Police. He’s aligned with Frank but only because he sees how it will help himself. He’s always looking for that angle to aid his own agenda and thinks he’s smarter than Frank.

Jill (Inga Cadranel), a detective, has a soft spot for Frank. She can be as tough when she needs to be, and is also beautiful with a great sense of humor. She refuses to be labeled, and once had a relationship with a woman after her divorce from another cop.

Abby St. James (Ona Grauer), the prosecutor, is quick to defend cops, and is professional and smart. She’s not very predictable, which keeps everyone else paying attention.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Robert Stewart says

    I downloaded episodes 1-13 from what I presume was season 1, just finished watching all 13 which where execellent, got the ending on episode 13 and realized there must be a season 2……Now looking on the net and finding the series has been cancelled!! did they make any further episodes after number 13 (season 1) before cancelling the show?

  2. Anonymous says

    We loved the showand have been looking for it, I did not know about the show until after the show started as I missed the first episode and was told about, my daughter loved it and filled me in. I went online to watch, so that I would ready for the next episode and she was right , it was a good show something to look forward to on Sat night. Finally there was something good to watch on TV- that is not a reality show. No wonder the ratings are down and more people are turning to cable. If it does not take off like flame in the sky- you – the networks take it off. Summertime TV – prime time TV viewing on CBS, NBC and ABC is a big disappointment.

  3. susan says

    it was my understanding that it wasn’t going to be about just toronto that it was going to be about any north american city……here or in the US, they do not use at least i havent’ heard them using terms that refer to any way shape of form…yes, when i watch flashpoint, they do, when i watch murdoch mystries, they do, when i watched the listener, they talked about parts of toronto, and also rookie blue…..but, that part should be taken out of the description that it’s a show about cops only in toronto, yes, it’s shot here, but it’s not only supposed ot be about here…it’s supposed to be about any city in north america…


  4. says

    I worked on this at the very beginning… Wished it would have worked… However, Toronto has become an old boys club and this is not the only show to fail… Toronto … WOW … so afraid to develop new concepts … actors … film makers…

    If you Watch the Gemini’s … you don’t even know who or what they are talking about… it’s like they are in their own world… no news is good press to them…..

    Wake up Toronto, Wake up… this city has got such a negetive vibe to it… start looking at some new people to join your tired industry…

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