The Cape: NBC Cancellation Confirmed by DVD Release

The CapeUnfortunately for fans of NBC’s The Cape, the superhero TV series just never caught on. It started out okay with a 2.6 rating and 8.45 million total viewers for the two hour premiere but it didn’t stay at that level. The second airing dropped nearly 31% in the demo and the ratings kept falling until they evened out at a horrible 1.2 demo rating and just over four million viewers per week.

The show was still in production so the peacock cut their losses and the episode order — from 13 to 10 episodes. Then, rather than airing the season finale, they simply released it online as an “exclusive episode.”

With ratings like these, we all knew there was no chance that The Cape would be back for season two. Now, we have confirmation. NBC-Universal has announced the upcoming release of The Cape – The Complete Series on DVD.

The two disc set will be released on July 5th and hopefully they’ll also include a few extras that will give some indication about where the storyline might have gone if the series hadn’t met an untimely demise.

Interestingly, the run time for the set is reportedly 371 minutes and that seems a bit short for 10 episodes. Each installment should be about 43 minutes long. If you do the math, it would seem that they’re only including nine episodes. I’m sure they’ll end up including all 10 episodes but thought that was worth a mention.

What do you think? Will you be picking up The Cape on DVD? What would you reasonably like to see for extras on The Cape DVD set?

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  1. The Real Kape says

    I am really sad that this ended. It needs to be brought back. They should’ve ended with Chess getting caught and a bigger villain coming up out of the shadows.

  2. Dam says

    Ok now this sucks!! I got the dvd of the cape and I love the show. I dont really like any superhero tv show. They are dum or they try to get funny and, no that just dont cut it. But this is great. Alil dark,not to crazy superhero stuff but just anuff. All the people on it I like on almost everything there on. Just a great show and now im left at the med and hell,no end!! U guys suck big time. Would of got all the dvds if it was still goin. Someone should bring it back on at a better time or something. OR get a great team and do a movie of it for real!! That would make it!

  3. alisha says

    I am so tired of starting a series and then not getting to see the end product. they should have to finish the shows and not be able to cancel before it done.

  4. Jenny says

    I loved the show and looked forward to it each week. I little hero fiction in our lives was refreshing compared to the harsh reality of real life.

  5. Tory says

    What I did not like about the “The Cape” was “The Cape” himself. His acting was terrible and the intertwining of “Orville” being some hot chick who could not act, was unfortunately overshadowing the good acting of the villian, Chess, and many of the supporting characters. This show could have gone in a good direction quicker and I probably would have watched. I do like “Harry’s Law” and hope to that back next season.

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