The Cape: Watch the Season (Series?) Finale Online

The Cape finaleAs promised, NBC has released the 10th and probably last episode of The Cape as an “online exclusive.”

The Cape follows Vince Faraday (David Lyons), an honest cop who finds himself framed for a series of murders and presumed dead. Fueled by a desire to reunite with his family (Jennifer Ferrin and Ryan Wynott) and to battle the criminal forces that have overtaken their city, Vince becomes “The Cape” — a vigilante and his son’s favorite comic book superhero. Others in the cast include James Frain, Keith David, Summer Glau, Dorian Missick, Martin Klebba, and Vinnie Jones.

The NBC series struggled to get good ratings and is one of the lowest-rated scripted serieson the network. Though it hasn’t been officially cancelled yet, The Cape is very unlikely to be renewed for a second season. The series’ showrunner has already moved on.

On the positive side, though the show is off the air, NBC has released the last produced episode online. It’s called “Endgame” and the network describes it this way:

THE CAPE AND VINCE FARRADAY’S WORLDS COLLIDE AND HARD TRUTHS ARE REVEALED — Police Chief Marty Voyt (Dorian Missick) lands behind bars, in the hands of ARK Corporation, fearing he may receive the same fate as Vince (David Lyons). Attempting to learn more about Vince‚Äôs disappearance, Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) takes on Marty’s case, and the impervious ARK Corporation, only to discover secrets of betrayal. The Cape’s double identity becomes blurred when Max (Keith David) and the carnival of crime attempt to protect Dana, Marty and his family.

What do you think? Does this satisfy you? Is this a good way to end the series? Why do you think The Cape didn’t catch on?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tim Viens says

    As far as it goes I really think that the idea of canceling the show is the worste idea that has been had and if this is the truth then this is as bad as the government and how they “listen” to the public/people. You only think that you are doing the right thing listen it has been done before if you show two more episodes in which to truly be able to finish this properly and count the all the hipp and you will see that it is truly wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. says

    I am not happy at all..I really liked the show…I am so tired of shows I like disappearing from sight with no end. It is a very good show and should continue but I guess my vote doesn’t count since it has not in the past

  3. Marshall says

    I’ve wanted to watch The Cape for some time, my only issue was that I’ve been working almost every day. I got to the point of forgetting what channel it was airing on. If you wanted to draw more viewer’s and get good ratings you might want to concider better advertisement, and running a show longer then 10 episodes. From what you set as a final episode I am no longer interested in NBC’s programs. If you can find a way to fix your grouse mistakes in broadcasting I might change the channel back to NBC but untill then I’ll stick with WBNX not that they are much better.

  4. brandon says

    Dissapointed AGAIN
    this was a great show plus we should have been able to c him get his wife n kid back this is complete BS the second time it has happend to me they did this bs with eastwick like a year ago man im done wit nbc just lost a good fan and veiwer but they dont care and **** the event

  5. richard pointkowski says

    i liked this show I tuned in every week for it, as for the endind that was weak he didnt get back to his family he just told dude moments before he died he was vince and whats goin on with sexy ass orwell she loves him or does she just have issues you took a good show that made more sense than Lost off the air good characters good plot but no ordinary family still on let me run into the future and hopefully you guys take your heads out your ass and keep the good shows and cancel the corny ones…

  6. JO says

    I think it was an okay ending. For a series finally, Vince should have proven Flemming was Chess, cleared his name and gotten bnack with his family.

  7. BILLY JUNEAU says


  8. Roundrockcrawler says

    It was great while it lasted, I enjoyed it very much, come on people it was a comic book story, it didn’t have to end perfect, I hope it gets a chance to come back at a later date.

  9. Karl Rose says

    NBC has issues with giving these type of television shows a chance and with NBC’s ratings versus most of the competition they are again not showing sound judgment. If NBC had given the show proper introduction and promotion, they might see that they had a hit on their hands as it seems to be gaining in on line polls as people are discovering it on line. Shame on NBC yet again. However, I wouldn’t say goodbye to THE CAPE. The word is that one of the more in tuned networks will be jumping for the hit once it is officially off of the NBC line up. Law and forensic shows are decling NBC. People want and need to take a break and root for a Super Hero!

  10. mary marshall says

    I really enjoyed the Cape and hope they will renew it! It’s different with good actors and story line. I wanted to see the finale and you did leave it where they can continue it.

  11. Laura Petruniak says

    Once again, we are left hanging. Then you wonder why people are reluctant to get caught up in the plot only to be left without a resolution.

  12. philip schneiderII says

    im not happy the ending was good but not great.i love this show the stories the characters why don’t you reconsider renewing the show.4 years of heroes and still
    no ending.come on nbc you need to make the viewers happybringback the cape

  13. says

    how can you call that a finale that answers nothing wast of time to watch nbc if they gunna pull the plug on a show with like 1 or 2 episodes left

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