The Cape: NBC Finale to Be Released Online

The Cape finaleIt looks like fans may have seen the final televised episode of The Cape last night. The NBC series has been struggling to get good ratings for some time and is one of the lowest-rated scripted serieson the network. Though it hasn’t been officially cancelled yet, The Cape is highly unlikely to be renewed for a second season.

A month ago, the network cut the first season from 13 to 10 episodes. When that happened, NBC also decided to delay the return of The Event by one week, presumably to allow the final two episodes of The Cape to air on February 28th. But that didn’t happen. Rather than pre-empt Chuck two weeks in a row (last night and next week), NBC just ran one episode of The Cape. Next week, The Event returns.

What about episode 10, the season (likely series) finale of The Cape? The network has apparently decided to release it online only. A small notice on the NBC site reads…

Flash: The creators of The Cape are prepping an exclusive episode just for online fans! Keep watching this site in the days ahead to see a full-length special episode.

TV show supportThere’s no word yet as to when the episode will be released but we’ll keep you posted.

What do you think? Does it matter to you that NBC won’t air the finale on television? Do you think it will be back for season two?

UPDATE: A network rep has confirmed that the finale will be released online only, sometime in March.

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  1. Megan says

    Very upset… I enjoyed the cape a lot and thought it had a lot of potential to become a very popular tv show. Yet again tv has disappointed me by cancelling all the shows I like lol

  2. Denis says

    I think the story is fairly original. The super hero part is obviously not original but the fact that he is a Super Hero and does not want to be one. He just wants to return to his wife and son. I think this show could be like Star Trek with respect that it has a small but devoted following that just won’t let it die. The acting in the show is very good and I would hate to see it go. Remember “CHEERS” was almost cancelled due to poor ratings but eventually became a big money maker for the bosses. Show the CAPE ON TV as well as the net. You guys better hope FOX doesn’t go mainstream.

  3. Mike says

    NBC should at least have the decency to show the finale on TV. I’d prefer not to have to “gather ’round the computer” to watch my entertainment.

  4. Karen says

    I thought that the Cape was a great show. It kept you coming back every week to see what would happen. I think they should bring it back for a second season.

  5. Hollywood says

    It really borders on insulting! NBC has now become so indifferent to “the public”, so slack, that they are making THIS KIND of decision! What next?!

  6. jisan says

    Too bad … the show was finally getting it’s rhythm together. Last episode wasn’t satisfying as a wrap up. At least we had it, tho’. A nice 2 hour conclusion would have been better; but let’s face … network suits don’t care about “artistic vision” or letting a show find an audience. It boils down to selling time to advertisers so they can pawn off a bunch of crap we don’t care about. At least in the past a show had 22 to find an audience. Plus the show was produced by Universal which owns the SY FY Network … can’t they step in? Let’s face it; it’s short attention-span theater time and broadcast network television is choking on a glut of horrible programming. An occasional good show is a miracle. Thanks to the makers of The Cape for at least trying! RIP!!

  7. duhhh! says

    Of course NBC would cancel this show! They cancelled Heroes which was very similar! This show was great! I hope they reconsider! I don’t get why other networks do so well? I watch most of NBC’s Thursday night shows and Chuck. I like the shows on NBC. Yes, they are probably more geared for people in their 2o’s to 30’s who probably tape everything… I don’t know if they count this during the ratings. Also, I don’t know why people like to watch CSI, NCIS, blah, blah, blah, on a daily basis! Give me more superhero, comics, action, comedy, drama stuff. I don’t wanna see stuff that’s depressing or too realistic. Who wants that?!?!

  8. Mary says

    People just didn’t give it a chance. It had to take time to understand that premise of the show. The back ground of Vince needed to be brought up sooner then it did. I was pretty confused until I was in to about the 3rd show. Then I figured it out about his son and he being a cop on the run. More details needed to come out about what happened to him and then I believe folks would want to watch to see how he gets or if he gets his life back. Also it is so dark, that it’s kinda depressing and people want something a little more they can follow and get away from their depressing lives. I enjoyed it, it is really a different concept. Hope they bring it back, where can I watch the last episode?

  9. VanPastorMan says

    Maybe they could sell it to Sci Fi or something? Our family enjoyed the show too. It had possibilities. I guess network tv doesn’t want to develop shows. They want the fast buck.

  10. Brian says

    I liked this show a lot, it had pretty cool cinematography and I thought towards the end of the season, the show was finally starting to build some good storylines with Orwell’s continued lingering problems from the Litch and Peter Flemming’s battles with his inner-self (Chess). Reminded me of Norman Osborn’s battles with his inner-self, the Green Goblin, from Spider-Man.

    Also, the fact that the final episode left us wondering what the hell happened was frustrating as well with the mindset that we may never find out what was to occur in season 2.

  11. lj whitlock says

    IT was entertaining and good for family …young people like shows like this kinda quirky my grandson was crushed…he is your future nbc

  12. Sherene says

    The Cape rules!!!, I was really into this show and now they cancel it without even completing the season. NBC SUCKS!!!

  13. Lary says

    The Cape was a decent show on NBC , a network with horrible programming. It was the only snow I watched on NBC. I do hope they bring it back. Makes you wonder what people consider a “good” show these days.

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