The Cleaner: A&E Series Cancelled; No Season Three for Benjamin Bratt

The CleanerA&E has decided to get rid of another original drama series. After two years on the air, they’re dropping The Cleaner.

In The Cleaner, Benjamin Bratt plays William Banks, a recovering drug addict from Los Angeles. Following the birth of his daughter, Banks made a deal with God that he would end his drug use and help others beat their addictions as well. He and his team of recovering addicts use whatever means necessary to help end others’ addictions. Others in the cast include Grace Park, Esteban Powell, Kevin Michael Richardson, Amy Price-Francis, Liliana Mumy, and Brett DelBuono.

The drama kicked off on July 15, 2008 and attracted 2.58 million viewers with a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demo. Season one averaged 1.1 million viewers in initial viewings and 4.2 million through multiple airings. A&E boasted that The Cleaner was the network’s highest rated original drama to date among adults 18-49 and 25-54.

Should The Cleaner have been cancelled?

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When the show was renewed for a second season, Bob DeBitetto, A&E’s President and General Manager, said, “The Cleaner has garnered critical acclaim and a loyal audience in its first season… Its authentic, dramatic storytelling combined with superb acting, led by an exceptional performance by Benjamin Bratt, has struck a chord with A&E viewers. It is exactly the sort of high quality, engaging programming that our fans have come to expect.”

Now, following a drop in ratings for season two, A&E has changed its mind about The Cleaner. The second round of episodes concluded on September 15th and, according to THR, the cable channel has decided not to order a third.

No reason was given for the cancellation but A&E typically draws more viewers for cheaper, unscripted programming. The Beast, another A&E drama, was cancelled earlier this year, months prior to star Patrick Swayze’s death.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see The Cleaner go? Was the show any less compelling or watchable in season two?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sarah says

    It has long since passed that The Cleaner was cancelled. But I felt compelled to write something on here anyways. Whether or not someone is listening or still reading this feed it is important for you to know that although we use television as a means to escape and relax it is also a platform that can be used to express so many things. Whether it be art, love, murder, war, devastation, nature, family & addiction.
    Although this show did have its Hollywood touch the insides were raw and akin to addicts lives. My husband celebrated his 6 years clean this year, this is not a triumph due to any show it is one that he gets the honor of credit.
    However a show like The Cleaner is one that allows people to relate, to see te better and worse half of what this life does. It may offer an addict something or a close minded individual an opprotunity to understand the impact and power that addiction holds. And in turn offer less ignorance and more compassion.
    I won’t carry on but my point is that it is unfortunate when another platform is tainted with greed and bottom lines. We need to carry on and be successful, I get the hard choices, but if we silence every show or every moment that could really have an impact all because some people aren’t ready To watch or listen or dedicate themselves to open there eyes well then it will never be “Time for Change”.
    Thanks for a good show no matter how brief!

  2. KB says

    This is the best show we have ever seen. It is a true reflection of the problems of addictions and the joys of recovery – I am sober 24 years – the people I meet in the rooms are holding down jobs and not on park benches I think your show is a great way to pass the message. SO PLEASE bring it back

  3. mark says

    i think im gonna have to throw up, why do almost all the great shows get canceled, i actually after watching season 1 and 2 some months ago that there was a season 3 and now

  4. WS says

    It makes sense that this was cancelled.

    After all, every title can’t be as worthwhile as Parking Wars or that awesome show about people that collect too much junk.

    It’s hard to believe that I haven’t watched anything on A&E since The Cleaner’s finale; they really have a ton of quality programming.

    They must have an award-winning reality series about plunging toilets or picking up dog feces that we can all be blissfully entertained by.

    **** you, A&E. I hope some mailroom ******* goes nuts and starts shooting executives. Barring that, may they die in horrendously messy car accidents.

  5. Anonymous says

    Yeah this show was awesome and needs to come back. Very stupid move to take it off the air. It’s way better than intervention but that’s still on the air. F ing lame, bring it back people!!!

  6. Paulette says

    Thw Cleaner is anextraordinary show. I cannot believe it has been canceled!! Please!!! Someone should really reconsider. It not only teaches people about hope and life, it is also shows the profound love that keeps families together. Bring the Cleaner back!!

  7. gabriel cortez says

    please bring the CLEANER back on the air for another season. great show and extremely sad it is over. Ben Bratt is a good actor, A&E should not have let him go…. x__x

  8. Jackie says

    The cleaner was the best show i have seen in years!! The story lines were amazing and it really caught your attention, I was extremely sad to see it was canceled! Great show, Please do another season!!!!!!!

  9. Rebecca says

    I really wish they would bring The Cleaner back!!! I think it was an excellent show with an outstanding cast!! It has been off the air for I don’t know how long now and I still perform a search for it at least once a month hoping it will appear in my guide. Alas, I have yet to see it there. If A&E does not want it, perhaps some other network will pick it up!??

  10. Anna says

    Please bring The Cleaner back!!! I love this history. I know few addicted people and I know how hard is to drop it. That series help us to understand those people, and give us some courage to help them.
    Bring this story back! Please!!!!!
    Anna from Poland.

  11. says

    My comment is more food for thought for a&e I’m a recovering addict.There is no words to describe how much the realism touched my heart a&e has chose the ratings as a reason to cancell a show that meant so much to us that meet in the rooms a&e please give the show another chance GOD has given me one!!!!!
    Brian S

  12. SDC says

    I too, just found out I’m waiting for a series that’s not coming back. I’m not an addict or recovering addict, but looked forward to the show every week. I wish they would consider bringing it back. Anything we can do?

  13. Naomi says

    Almost 2 years later, and I am still devestated that this show was gone. My husband and I were thrilled when we saw previews for it on A&E. My husband is a recovering addict of 5 years, and wow we loved watching this together. All people need to see another side of addiction. See the side where people really want help, how powerful addiction can be, and what people in recovery can do for other people. This show was amazing, and I was so sad to see it not renewed. In fact I didn’t even know it was cancelled, until I waited a long, long time for season 3…. and it never came….and I looked it up…and it was gone. SAD.

  14. says

    Sorry to see The Cleaner Show Cancelled. It was a good show . Please bring it back, it was refreshing to see others get help in their addiction.

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