The Client List: Cancelled on Lifetime, No Season Three

client list cancelledLifetime has pulled the plug on The Client List. There won’t be a third season of the Jennifer Love Hewitt drama.

The Client List began as a Lifetime movie and then became a TV series. It follows a housewife and mom (Hewitt) who’s abandoned by her husband. To support her family, she starts working at a spa that turns out to offer more than just massages. Others in the cast include Loretta Devine, Colin Egglesfield, Rebecca Field, Naturi Naughton, Alicia Lagano, Kathleen York, Brian Hallisay, and Cybill Shepherd.

Season one averaged 2.51 million viewers and that led to a second season renewal. Those 15 episodes drew 2.05 million.

The third season renewal was supposedly being held up because Lifetime and the producers were trying to figure out how to handle Hewitt’s real-life pregnancy. Hewitt, who is also an executive producer, wanted the character played by her real-life fiancé Brian Hallisay to be the fictional baby’s dad as well.

This demand is at odds with the plans of Client List’s showrunner who wanted Colin Egglesfield’s character to be the dad.

According to Deadline, Lifetime and Sony TV became tired of the dispute and have now pulled the plug.

Since season two of Client List finished in June, Lifetime has found success with two new series — Devious Maids and Witches of East End — so they probably feel like they no longer need Client List.

What do you think? Are you sorry that The Client List has been cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Mary Ann says

    I really liked The Client List and am saddened to read that it’s been cancelled. Why are you canceling such a great show? Jennifer Love-Hewitt makes this show work. Please reconsider your decision!

  2. Celina says

    I absolutely loved The Client List! Since another show I loved too was the Army Wives it would be AWESOME if y’all brought it back or another station pick it up. You get sucked into a show and then BAM they get cancelled. Y’all should of come to some agreement with Jennifer because we love her, the show and what she and others brought to the show. Please bring it back! Thanks

  3. Shiraz says

    Please bring back the client list. I really enjoyed the series and I’m sure I’m not the only one. PLEASE bring it back. I beg of you.

  4. Melissa at V.A Beach says


    • says

      The only thing they had good they lose I hope USA or any other channel takes it for another season or 10 seasons . All the good shows are dropped for comedy that is simply not funny . I think lifetime is now a waste of air time . When u get the Client List back then me an my friends will bother checking other shows out during commercial break of corse?????

  5. peggy says

    I love the show that is terrible to leave the viewers in suspense like that !! Just replace Jennifer!!!! Bring my show back

  6. Barbara says

    When I first heard months ago that The Client List was not coming back on for the 3rd season, my stomach felt ill. Seriously. I couldn’t wait for 10:00 Sunday night to come around so I could watch my very favorite show. J.L.H. is such a wonderful, great actress. I also love the parts that her 2 kids play, they are both so cute. And Evan is absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t wait for the 2 of them to kiss. Kyle is a bad guy. I bought the whole first season last year and have watched them numerous times. I just watched all 10 episodes in the last 2 nights. I also want to buy season two. That is why I came on here now looking for it. How can you leave everyone hanging with the way the second season ended. There has to be some kind of outcome to this situation. Won’t J.L.H. just do the show without having her baby be a part of it. Just as if she never had a baby, and write the show that way. Actually, the other shows that were on at 10:00 on Sun. night (I can’t even remember their names now), I never watched them at all. I sure hope I can now look here to see about buying season two. Please think of a way to bring The Client List back. It was my number one show. I loved it sooooooooo much. I don’t know what I’ll do to never see it come back on again. It’s absolutely terrible that you can’t put it on again. We need to see what happens after The Rub has burned down. Also to find out what Evan and Kyle were both thinking as all three of them were standing there. I could go on and on. What else can I say to bring the show back again. There are over 2 million people out there that need to continue to watch the show.

  7. kia says

    I am not happy at all that you all cancelled The client list, that was the beat series lifetime had in a long time. I need to see more client list.You left us on a cliff hanger and now your just goi g to cancel the whole show. You guys need to do better, because we expected the new series to start soon, I host Client list parties, we much fun, and now you have taken that away from me. I am very disappointed! Bring client list back please.

    • Tay says

      It was not lifetime fault The Client List was canceled, everybody can Thank Jennifer Love Hewitt for her show being once she got knock up she decide that everything had to be all about her and her man who got her knock up by wanting him to be her baby daddy on the client and so that is what set things into motion for the show being canned, Jen started acting and being a ***** about baby daddy being daddy and lifetime said no it won’t work and the two sides started arguing back and forth to the point the behind the scenes workers jobs was put on hold because of the mess since they was writers and eventually all parties came to a stand still because Jennifer put her foot down and said she refuse to let anyone else would be her baby daddy on the client list which then lead lifetime to ending the show .

  8. Jane says

    This is so silly to stop yet another show at its peak! First the ringer, with sarah michelle gellar, now the client list. I love watching Jennifer Love Hewitt in any of her shows. She is such a good actor. With the client list it was at its peak. There are so many questions left unanswered. Im really upset they just shut it down. This is not the first show they have done this to and im sure it wont be the last. But what the hell, do i need to just finish writing the scripts for all these shows and start my own company?? This is stupid even though all the ranting and raving will nver bring back the show, I hope they know what a mistake they made. I will now never watch the two leading series becasue they fell they dont need the client list anymore because they have devious maid and that other show.

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