The Client List: Season Three Renewal in Jeopardy

Client List season 3 or canceled?While season two of The Client List didn’t perform as well as the first year, the ratings aren’t what could cause the Lifetime show to be cancelled.

Featuring the talents of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Colin Egglesfield, Loretta Devine and Cybill Shepherd, the second season of The Client List averaged 2.06 million viewers with a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic. That’s down from year one’s 2.51 million and 0.9 demo rating.

According to Deadline, the third season renewal is being held up because Lifetime and the producers are trying to figure out how to handle Hewitt’s real-life pregnancy. The actress is more than three months along.

Hewitt, who is also an executive producer on The Client List, wants her real-life fiancé Brian Hallisay to be the fictional baby’s dad as well. Playing Kyle Parks, Hallisay started as a recurring performer but then became a series regular.

This demand is at odds with the plans of Client List’s showrunner who wants Colin Egglesfield’s character (Evan Parks) to be the dad. Lifetime hasn’t made a decision yet but reportedly doesn’t want Hallisay.

Supposedly both sides are willing to walk away over this disagreement but a representative for Hewitt said, “There are many story lines we are exploring… So any suggestion that we are not doing our best to develop a great season is simply not accurate.”

What do you think? Which character should be the baby daddy? Do you think the series should be cancelled or renewed for a third season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Brianna C says

    Omg please don’t cancel the show!!! I’m in love with the show and I love Jennifer!!! And for the show Kyle has to be the baby daddy!!! That would be way too much drama for the show and Evan wouldn’t be seen as much!!! Keep the show and Kyle as the daddy!!! I can not have this show taken away!!!

  2. John says

    I agree with the comments that a great twist would be to have the father be the rich guy who paid Riley the $50k.

    Regardless of which route the show takes, or who is eventually chosen to be the on-screen father, definitely renew the show! We need a season 3!

    But, not going the rich guy route, I would think having Evan be the father would make for a far more dramatic and interesting storyline. Having Kyle being the father only serves to more solidly cement the current show pairings of Riley reconciling with Kyle, and Evan getting more involved with his police coworker. However, going with Evan as the father up-ends both relationships and makes for a lot more on-screen drama, with different potential romantic triangles.

  3. Rosemarie says

    Please don’t cancelle the show. I think the daddy should be the client she sleep with. I would say her brother-in-law but she never sleep with him.

  4. Gary says

    This is still on TV? Maybe Lifetime quit advertising it or something. I saw the first season and thought it was canceled after that. I never heard of it being on in season 2. From the looks of things I didn’t miss much though.

  5. Reluctant Fan says

    I quite accidentally got addicted to this show…I’d love to see another season…and I agree with the others. Rich guy should be daddy. Lets see if Kyle can stick with Riley through thick and thin like she has done for him.

  6. Keith Courtney says

    I want a new season. I grew up watching Jennifer Love Hewitt and she is one of my favorites. The show should not be canceled

  7. Karrie says

    Who cares who the daddy is!?! LOL I just want to see another season. I agree, I have had too many of my shows cancelled….not this one!

  8. JACWIZZARD says

    I think the baby should belong to the rich guy who paid her the $50 thousand to sleep with him, in the show he is the only one she had sex with in the time I don’t think it would be inconceivable that it was his baby ! We still remember that she did the business with the hot rich guy and I want him to be the baby daddy! That would really make a great story line, and be great as her husband left her and she had to make choices. Then he have to deal with the result of leaving her on her own.

  9. Client list fan! says

    Hey people! Please do not cancel the show! Okay first off i want to start out with Kyle, he’s hot, and to tell you the truth I dont understand why people hate on him. People who are on drugs should not be around kids, so it was a good thing he was away from his children! He was addicted to prescribed drugs, it happens a lot. So good he went away, I know its wrong that Riley had a horrible outbreak but it made her a strong woman. Everybody makes mistakes and drama is great but too much drama for example Jennifer love hewitt was suppose to be good girl-mama and is now turnin into a “different” person who is constantly getting herself into trouble its kind of getting old. She is the drama! The rich guy being the father would have a lot of people talking and would make much more sense… but then that would probably cause a lot of issues considering he is a client and it would make Evan and kyle a step closer to the client list. Colin didnt even sleep with jennifer in the show so… how can colin be the father? doesnt make sense. Plus remember she left evan mostly because of trying to protect her kids, so a random guy would so not be alright. I would like to see a little happy ending to this happy ending show. So baby daddy should be the baby daddy, I mean there should be drama between trying to figure out who the baby daddy is.. this would switch the plate where it causes kyle to be distant towards riley.. because this girl needs a slapping she thinks she is super woman! I love Riley! I want to see drama but not drama piling up with more and more drama its tiring!!!!!!!!!

  10. Michelle says

    I LOVE client list! Definitely DVR every week! I think it could go either way the rich guys or Brians. I think it would be amazing to show there love and their child grow together within the show! That would make for a more dramatic effect when she finds out and when she gets further along in the drama with the Rub. But if she has the rich guy as the father it will cause more drama within the marriage which of course studios always look for the most drama. I just want the show to air. But I do not want it to air if it is going to turn into some crazy over exaggerated show! Keep it simply yet classy like it is now. Jennifer looks amazing and the storyline is perfect right now! Don’t stray too far!

  11. Wilma says

    I think the baby should belong to the rich guy who paid her the $50 thousand to sleep with him. I don’t think it would be inconceivable that it was his baby I mean this is tv! Besides I don’t think enough time has past in tv land since they slept together that it would throw ppl off! We still remember that she did the business with the hot rich guy and I want him to be the baby daddy!

  12. Jason says

    My wife and I think it should definitely be renewed! Great show. Kyle should be the father. Although I know it would be rough on Jen at times it would be epic to show her progress through the show. Just saying…

  13. Donna C says

    Please do NOT cancel this show. We love it and I am heartbroken that I missed the 2nd season 2 hour end. I do not like Hallisay at all and think the chemistry with Colin is much more exciting so I disagree that Hallisay should be the actual father for season 3. Jennifer please reconsider. You do not need to work with your real life finance to make this show as great as it is. I was happy Hallislay was written out for awhile and was very unhappy when he got out of jail and back to the show. WE want Colin PLEASE! I have had 7 of my favorite shows cancelled by the stupid studios, hopefully this isn’t number 8!!!!!

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