The Closer: Final Seventh Season Extended, Spin-off Coming

The CloserIt looks like The Closer is going to last a little bit longer. Last year it was announced that the most successful drama on cable was ending after seven seasons, per the request of star Kyra Sedgwick. Season seven was to be made up of 15 installments that would air over the summer. Last week, we reported that there were rumblings about finding a way to keep the show going.

Now, TNT has ordered six additional episodes of the series which will pave the way for a spin-off with others from the Closer cast. According to EW, 10 episodes of The Closer will air over the summer. Another five will air next winter and then six more will run next summer. Those last six installments will serve as a farewell to Sedgwick’s Brenda Leigh Johnson and possibly set up another character as the focus for a spin-off.

Right now, its looking like the new show will be called Major Crimes. It’ll likely focus on the behind-the-scenes deal-making that keeps some of the most dangerous criminals off death row. EW reports that these kinds of deals will play a big role in the final episodes and will end up being the reason for Brenda leaving.

What do you think? Are you glad there will be more episodes of The Closer? Do you like the sounds of the spin-off?

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  1. Susan Williams says

    I think that Mary McDonnell should take over as the lead part when Kyra leaves and I also agree that they shouldn’t force Brenda out but give another reason for leaving so that she could come back as a guest. Mary has a great style all her own and she supports the women of the force and is tough and smart and Brenda and her respect each other. That bean bag shot was amazing!!!

  2. Another Closer Lover says

    I love Closer, but Closer staff without Brenda Leigh?… I just don’t know. I hope she reconsiders for us adoring fans. =o/

  3. Closer Lover says

    I like the show the way it is and don’t change any characters. I really hate to see Brenda leave the show and I can’t think of anyone who could take her place because she is perfect for the part. She will be greatly missed and of course I will keep watching to see who her replacement will be.

  4. says

    Do not get Holly Hunter for the spin-off, if there is one. Her last show was lousy. Do get Billy Burke to be in one of the last episodes and maybe Jason O’Mara.

  5. Rain says

    I love the closer, why is it when they is a decent show on TV it ends, Kyra Sedwick is a wonder actor, I am not excited about this new show major crimes.

  6. Lois Shannon says

    The Closer is my favorite tv show.I hope Kyra Sedwick will change her mind,and stay on the show.I also really like Razzoli and Isles.It is a very good show.

  7. CJ says

    Please do not make Brenda look bad, if they make her look bad that would change the last seven years of Brenda Lee doing thing by the book.

  8. stacy says

    OF COURSE i am glad they have decided to make more episodes. I am so sad they are ending the Closer : ( I hope I enjoy the spin off.

  9. Terry says

    The chemistry and sincerity of the cast is why I and my wife watch, and are addicted, to this show. I’ve seen first airings of shows from TV’s earliest days and acknowledge they all have a lifespan, so seeing an end to “Closer”, though not welcome, is certainly not a “closer” to my reason for getting up in the morning.

    Having a spinoff is fine with me, but keep in mind that Brenda Johnson appears to have but one for existing and that is to put the criminal away. She would not do anything to disparage her mission and tarnish her ideals. Please don’t let any writer do that to her image.

  10. Dee Dee says

    I have every episode saved on my DVD….I tossed and turned all last night when I went to record for today’s new eposide, only to be stunned by the word “final”. Well if Kyra leaves, she well deserves a vacation, and I would had never known her to have two grown kids! I am just hoping she get plenty bored and decides to do “guest shots” I mean what is Gabrielle and Pope to do when there is no Brenda Leigh Johnson around to get them all annoyed. If they keep Mary McDonnell on, it will only succeed if, the original gang stays on and annoy McDonnell with the same tactics that Brenda used to annoy her!

    And here I thought voting for Obama was the saddest day of my life…..Whomever thought that a make believe character could affect my sleep and eating habits this way!!!


    I just can’t believe people watch that puff piece Rizzoli and Isles…..

    Hey maybe Brenda Leigh could do some guest spots with her former colleague Alfre Willard (I was hoping we could see the two of them do crossover crooks)


    You have no ideal how this person will miss you. I am hoping God could get you to change your mind, us good guys need you! (snark)

  11. Teresa says

    I am so pleased to know there is going to be a spin-off. However, Holly Hunter in my opinion would not even be an appropriate replacement by far. Holly was already in a show in which she was a loose, wild drunk police person. I couldn’t get past the commercials leading up to her shows. I sure hope they don’t make that mistake! But, if they keep most of the same actors, I would continue to follow the up coming show. I hope they don’t make Brenda look bad on her way out. From what I have read on different site postings, that might happen.

  12. A-T says

    TNT is smart to develop a plan to keep The Closer on the air. It is so well done with a great cast. I will stay tuned and enjoy the upcoming episodes!

  13. Mary says

    They would be better served to send Brenda off by transferring her FBI husband…then they could bring in a new “closer” and continue the show. Getting rid of her in the method they propose will turn watchers, who love the character Brenda Leigh, against the people who ran her off. Also with my scenario, Brenda could make some visits

  14. Tina says

    TNT should see if Holly Hunter is interested in playing a more mature female cop
    character thay could be “Brenda Lee’s ” replacement. I’m sure she would fit it with
    the cast.

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