The Closer: Did You Like the Last Episode?

TNT The Closer TV Series finaleAfter 107 episodes and seven seasons, it’s time to say goodbye to The Closer or, at least to Kyra Sedgwick’s Brenda Leigh Johnson. While she is leaving our TV sets, most of the other characters on The Closer are not. TNT is hoping that fans will stick around to watch Major Crimes, the spin-off (more of a continuation really) that they hope will be as popular as Sedgwick’s series.

Brenda’s final case not surprisingly surrounds sadistic serial rapist Phillip Stroh (Billy Burke), her long-standing adversary. Following an interview for a set of new crimes, he gets under her skin one too many times and she loses her cool, and attacks him in an elevator. She’s immediately suspended and does directly to the lab, asking that the traces of Stroh’s blood and hair on her hands be added to a ski mask that had been pulled off the murderer. The plan is not to use the evidence in court but to rattle Stroh and get a confession.

Later, Stroh ends up breaking into her home while her husband is away and he attacks Brenda and Rusty Beck, the young witness. She shoots Stroh twice in self-defense through her purse. She’s tempted to finish the job but calls an ambulance in stead.

We later learn that the City Attorney insists on a formal reprimand for Brenda for her attacking Stroh in the elevator. She objects and won’t accept it. After a trip to Atlanta, she’ll take a great new job with the District Attorney’s office and have Detective Gabriel become her official liaison officer.

Her co-workers are upset about the news and will miss her, even though they know she’ll just be working down the street. They give Brenda an impromptu gift — a new purse to replace the one that now resides in evidence. They’ve filled it with her favorite snack, Ding Dongs.

She gives them a final and tearful “Thank you; thank you so much.” When asked if the bag looks okay, she tells them “It looks like love.” Brenda walks down the hall, into the elevator, takes a big bite of a Ding Dong, and makes a tearful smile. The doors then close on Brenda’s time with the department.

What do you think? Did you like the last episode of The Closer? Was it a satisfying goodbye?

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  1. says

    My love of the Closer that I stay home every Saturday 2 catch 2 episodes 10pm & 2am CBS
    & NBC.I continue 2 watch repeats that I already know I watched. I never had TNT so I had
    2 wait until local channels pickup series. The finally was super & the
    Goodbye the best. Still don’t have cable but Ć Major Crimes when possible @ other locations.Deputy Chief Brenda had amazing style. Wish she would return 2 guest on Major Crimes. Then add her 2 the show Permanetly.Just miss her southern cool & how she got
    Confessions everytime.Luv’d her parents & romance w/ Jon Tenny.

  2. Anonymous says

    Love, love loved the Closer! But Major Crimes is great too! Love all the continuing characters!!!

  3. ella says

    kyra should not have left.she was perfect.the chemistry between brenda n fritz was the best av ever partner for 7 yrs!that was great.other shows av the lead change partners every there any way the closer comes back?one can dream,right?tenney,great job.

  4. Barb says

    Really liked Brenda slang and all don’t like her replacement though think shes boring and very drab looking;what’s up with that hair UGH!!!

  5. geri says

    Liked the ending, but I cried. It was the only ending possible in order for Brenda and David to leave, yet Fritz to remain without them separating or getting a devorce. I think Major Crimes will develop well . Sharon is a little stiff, but I think we will see her character develop more personality as time goes on. I will surely watch.

    • Carolyn says

      You are so right Geri
      I cried to ..I will miss her…..
      But Sharon is evolving and not that stiff anymore. She is getting better
      It will take her some time to change from her days in the Closer.. But sadly there is not a thing that can be done about her looks. Lol….. Major Crimes is pretty good for a spinoff and it is getting better….

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