The Closer: Did You Like the Last Episode?

TNT The Closer TV Series finaleAfter 107 episodes and seven seasons, it’s time to say goodbye to The Closer or, at least to Kyra Sedgwick’s Brenda Leigh Johnson. While she is leaving our TV sets, most of the other characters on The Closer are not. TNT is hoping that fans will stick around to watch Major Crimes, the spin-off (more of a continuation really) that they hope will be as popular as Sedgwick’s series.

Brenda’s final case not surprisingly surrounds sadistic serial rapist Phillip Stroh (Billy Burke), her long-standing adversary. Following an interview for a set of new crimes, he gets under her skin one too many times and she loses her cool, and attacks him in an elevator. She’s immediately suspended and does directly to the lab, asking that the traces of Stroh’s blood and hair on her hands be added to a ski mask that had been pulled off the murderer. The plan is not to use the evidence in court but to rattle Stroh and get a confession.

Later, Stroh ends up breaking into her home while her husband is away and he attacks Brenda and Rusty Beck, the young witness. She shoots Stroh twice in self-defense through her purse. She’s tempted to finish the job but calls an ambulance in stead.

We later learn that the City Attorney insists on a formal reprimand for Brenda for her attacking Stroh in the elevator. She objects and won’t accept it. After a trip to Atlanta, she’ll take a great new job with the District Attorney’s office and have Detective Gabriel become her official liaison officer.

Her co-workers are upset about the news and will miss her, even though they know she’ll just be working down the street. They give Brenda an impromptu gift — a new purse to replace the one that now resides in evidence. They’ve filled it with her favorite snack, Ding Dongs.

She gives them a final and tearful “Thank you; thank you so much.” When asked if the bag looks okay, she tells them “It looks like love.” Brenda walks down the hall, into the elevator, takes a big bite of a Ding Dong, and makes a tearful smile. The doors then close on Brenda’s time with the department.

What do you think? Did you like the last episode of The Closer? Was it a satisfying goodbye?

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  1. Rick says

    I tought the last episode was very good but Im still going to miss seeing Kara. This was one of the best television series in a long time and its disappointing to see such a good series end. I will be watching Major Crimes and I’m sure it will be a success. Kara.. enjoy your time off and please make a few appearances on Major Crimes. Thanks to all for a great 7 years!!! Rick

  2. donna says

    like her better than the other women the show well never be the same without brenda brenda was the whole show she made it so i wanting to watch it don’t really like the other women didn’t think it well work out . with brenda in the show it was fun to watch never now what was going to happen . hope she comes back.

  3. Lourdes says

    Very sad she left. Loved her accent and her sharp wit, also the respect she drew from her staff. Waited with anticipation to watch last episode but missed most of it, except for the goodbye scene. Is there a way I can watch it again (online of course) at no charge. I don’t believe I will be watching Major Crimes. Mad that the last episodes were centered at downgrading Brenda . Her boss should stick to doing the Farmer’s Ins. commercial…

  4. says

    No, I didn’t like the ending nor the last several episodes. I wasn’t happy that the episodes had Brenda spiraling downhill to what appeared to be an unavoidable nervous breakdown. They didn’t need to almost destroy her to help her change her obsessive work ethic or to realize that the people she loves must come first. This show started out with Brenda being a fun character who loved her job and felt passionate about the work she did. Why couldn’t the ending have celebrated that instead of being so dark?

  5. Bethany says

    I think it was a wonderful ending to a wonderful show. And I loved how they tied the pilot episode of Major Crimes to the whole ongoing storyline that has been set up by The Closer. Although the original will be missed, I think that going as far as renaming and not just rebranding the show was one of the smartest moves I have seen by any network execs in a very long time.

  6. Joan says

    Was a great “closer” episode. It brought fear, tears, closure, and a promise of happiness for our Brenda. All I can say is, “Thank you, thank you so much.”

  7. Toni says

    I had to read these comments… ten minutes before the show ended my neighborhood had a 45 minute black out. Just reading what happened made me tear up. I have watched this show from the first episode and will miss it. Job well done… to cast and crew.

  8. Georgia says

    I liked the ending of The Closer, even though I watched it through lots of tears. Have loved Brenda’s character and the entire cast. Recently, I watched Krya on The View and she said she was finished with the show, so I seriously doubt if there will be any appearances by her or the Gabriel character on Major Crimes. Kyra is pursuing other things. It’s her hubby’s turn now: Kevin Bacon has a new series that will premiere on Fox this fall. Now about Major Crimes…it was an awful premiere.. Raydor is sooo COLD, even though she took in the teen-ager at the end and put a ding-dong in his backpack. She still showed no compassion. Sure hope this series improves in the remaining episodes.

  9. John M Lyons says

    I just loved this episode — to have her attack that rat ******* Stroh was what we
    probably all wanted for a long time now. Even though her plan to fake the evidence never gets to be used, her handling herself at the house more than makes up for that. Most fans of the show probably think she should have put one right between his beady little eyes — but I guess she thinks the rest of his worthless life spent in prison was a more fitting punishment. Too bad we actually have to pay to keep vermin like him alive — if you can call prison life living. Just hope they manage to film a few episodes where they need to bring Brenda back in for consultation.

  10. Grandizer says

    I was not disappointed. I am sad that they are replacing Gabriel with Sykes though.
    And what about Brenda’s husband? Is he going to show up all the time as well now??
    I am liking that it seems that some of the roles will be expanded, They focused so much on Provenza and Flynn that I think they short changed Sanchez. True he had a story arc a few seasons ago with the death of his family member, but then not much else. Also Tao has lots of bits, but very little actual storyline after his “son?” visited.
    Did this make me sadder then when they cancelled Saving Grace? No, this ending I found way more satisfying. It closed nicely, I am not a fan of the opening of Major crimes though.
    I do NOT mind Rayder, however, Capt. Taylor and Pope are really getting on my nerves. Taylor and Pope seem to have ZERO clue most of the time and need everything explained by Brenda Lee.
    The new ADA they are bringing in??? Not sure I like that angle of the story either.

  11. Nancy says

    I loved it. I’m really going to miss Brenda, but hoping they will bring her back for a few episodes, because I will also miss Gabriel. This is the first live tv I have watched in a long time. I couldn’t wait for it to record. All the best to Kyra in whatever she has planned. It was a great ride. See you in reruns

  12. Billie Neilson says

    It was a terrific ending. When she attacked him in the elevator was perfect. Perfect ending right down to her saying goodbye and taking a bite of her chocolate with a little smile. I wish her the best and hope she returns at times to the show. Billie

  13. BA says

    Loved it! They did not sell us (the audience) short with the development and transformation of the characters or story line. Brenda’s transformation and exit were true to the character, believable, and satisfying. We can still be happy for her because she is moving on to something good. We can also feel good about the rest of the team because, in theory, they will be able to see Brenda once in a while. It was necessary for both Brenda and Gabriel to leave, under the circumstances, but they’ve been redeemed. The transition to the new show, Major Crimes, was smooth, yet intriguing. I am interested in how Raydor will fill Brenda’s shoes as well as how Provenza and the rest of the team will adjust. I’m also curious about the introduction of Rusty. We’ve had a glimpse at Raydor’s personal side as she is temporarily caring for an adolescent.

    It was a tearful goodbye, but we can be satisfied with the way the writers ended one chapter and look forward to what is in store in the next.

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