The Closer: TNT Sets Season Seven Premiere

The Closer season sevenTNT has announced that The Closer is returning on Monday, July 11th, with 10 new episodes. Will that be the end of cable’s most popular TV series? Not quite.

Last July, TNT announced that The Closer had been renewed for a seventh season of 15 episodes. In December, they revealed that season seven was now considered the final season and there wouldn’t be an eighth. Series star Kyra Sedgwick apparently felt it was time to call it quits. She said, “I want to thank TNT and Warner Bros. Television, as well as the incredible fans of The Closer, for all of their unwavering support over the last seven years.”

In January, TNT began rethinking their wanting to end their most popular series. It was later decided to add six more episodes to the order. So, 10 will air this summer, another five will air over the winter, and then the final six installments will run during the summer of 2012.

The final six episodes will serve as a goodbye to Sedgwick’s Brenda Leigh Johnson. They’ll also set up a potential spin-off series that would probably include the rest of The Closer characters and a new lead. At last report, the new show will be called Major Crimes and focus on the behind-the-scenes deal-making that keeps dangerous criminals off death row.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear that The Closer will be around for awhile longer or would you prefer that TNT air all 21 episodes in one grouping?

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  1. Pamela says

    Why do all the great shows end so quickly and abruptly…I hate to see The Closer end. It is a classy show with classy characters. Unlike many of the new series that are popping up on our tv sitcoms The Closer has true to form acters. I wish them all the best and I hope Kyra finds some other show to grace her acting skills. She is truly a one of a kind in today’s list of “want a be” actresses. Best wishes.

  2. says

    I too am a great fan and have watched the show from day one. There is one clarification I would like to make; I see that people are spelling Kyra’s character as Brenda Lee, but in the series it is spelled Brenda Leigh.

  3. Lucinda Claus says

    I really do not like where you are taking the show right now! I have watched and loved this series from the start. Such short seasons and only 7 at that! Id like to see all 21 episodes at one time and id like to see Kyra stay on the show for another 7 seasons or more, along with the other great cast of guys and gals she works with!!! Everone on the Closer does such a great job, I just love this show and I dont want to see it go or change. I do not like the idea of dumping all this wrong doing lawyer etc stuff on Kyra’ Brenda Lee character —- it just doest go with the Brenda Lee that we all have come to know on the show. Anyway I hope you can keep show going as was.

  4. joan says

    maybe brenda lee will change her mind and stay on the show. if its to much maybe she can be in every other episode. i don’t know why tnt canceled memphis beat. that was also a good show.

  5. Rhonda says

    The Closer is a wonderful show and it will be greatly missed!

    I guess Kyra knows when it is time to end the show but she will really be missed. I just learned of the show ending on the last show of this season and I was shocked to hear it. Brenda’s character was written so wonderfully and I don’t think anyone could ever replace Kyra. I will be waiting and anticipating the last summer shows to come. I wish the whole cast good luck in what ever they do in the future!

  6. says

    The closer is definately the finest written show on television. I would hate to see it end but

    This is definately the best written show on television right now. Kyra knows that there can be only so many well written shows no matter what the series and it is always better to go out on top. Whenever I ask my friends what his or hers favorite show is the closer always comes first, and always the writing. I look forward to the next shows with sadness and anticipation. Judith Rand

    Kyra knows she only has so many good show tht can be written

  7. says

    I hate to see the show end….everytime I find a show it goes off the air….I get so tired of wasting time watching and getting to know these characters and then bam they are gone….everyone on this show is great…its one of the best cast of people on tv…why does it have to end…offer more money do whatever you have to….but keep the show….

  8. Chacha says

    I wish there were more episodes scheducled for the next couple of years. I am a late fan but have enjoy all the characters and the story plots. I agree with the comments made by Brenda McDougal.

  9. Brenda McDougal says

    I love the show. I think Brenda is a lady and incredible in the show. I love every character on the show, it would be sad for any of the characters to leave the show, especially Brenda Lee. she is my name sake, yes, Brenda Lee. The show would not be the same without her, she can really close a case in an excellent way, I love the way she ends a show; where she allowed the criminal get street justice. Other shows don’t do that. Criminals need to know there is a sweet justice for murder. No one can close a case like she can, no matter who you put in her place. Give her more money to stay. I love the show. On Sundays from 7pm to 10 pm channel 24 in MD is where I am and if I am visiting someone, I try to convince them to watch the Closer, if now I go home even if I miss a little of the show. Keep It Going…..

    • Brenda McDougal says

      Put all of the series together starting from the beginning to the very last one. Brenda makes the show, she is not to be played with. The relationship everyone has together and the way they stick together is great. Each character’s role is wonderful, I love it, I laugh and cry, and says yea!!! it has everythhing all rolled together in one.

  10. annie says

    Bravo for not ending a smart,quality show with delightful actors and depth of plot. Ms Brenda Lee has led with grace and incredible grit. thankyou to all!!!!!!!

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