The Closer: TNT Series May Continue without Kyra Sedgwick

The CloserFans of the very popular Kyra Sedgwick series, The Closer, were understandably upset to hear that the series will be coming to an end after its seventh season. Reportedly, Sedgwick made the decision to end the show rather than it being cancelled. As the highest-rated show on cable, TNT doesn’t like the idea of losing the program any more than the fans do.

Now, there’s word that TNT is working on finding a way for the show to live on, or at least for it to last a little longer. Deadline has reported that the cable channel is currently looking at a couple of different scenarios. One would extend the series by another six episodes but that would apparently require some renegotiating with Sedgwick.

TNT is also looking at the possibility of ordering nine episodes of a new series that would focus more on other characters from The Closer. The spotlight could shift to a previously supporting character, like possibly Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) and still take place in the same setting. Or, the new show could feature some of the same characters in a new setting (hopefully a better one than say the Hill Street Blues spin-off, Beverly Hills Buntz).

If the cable channel orders both six more episodes with Sedgwick and nine episodes of a spin-off, that could give TNT a whole new season. In a similar vein to what NBC’s doing with Steve Carrell’s departure from The Office, Sedgwick would star in the first part of the season and that would transition into the series or a spin-off continuing without her. Many ideas are still being explored obviously so its unclear if a new show would still be called The Closer or if it would be given a new title.

What do you think? Would you like to see The Closer continue, even if its without Sedgwick’s Brenda Johnson character? Who would you want to see in a spin-off?

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  1. Marcella says

    Gosh it seems like all of the best shows are being cancelled. I still miss desperate housewives. I also wish they would bring back Saving Hope as I would like to see him wake up and tell her all that went on when he was in a coma. I am disappointed and am almost ready to unplug.

  2. Lin says

    The Closer is my favorite show and I am already starting to grieve the loss of it.
    Though I like the character Brenda, I like all the rest of the cast as well. The best
    thing about the show to me is the combination of drama and humor. Great idea on a spin off without Brenda. I liked very much the Mary Mc donnel character and hav e missed her in the last few shows. I think a spin off can work because this is the best cast equal to the charm of the NCIS cast.

  3. Amber says

    OMG I cannot believe you dont know how to keep Kyra happy and in turn keep the rest of us loyal viewers happy! For heaven sake. . .give, give, give til it hurts but keep Kyra smiling so she’ll continue the show . I cannot imagine life without THE CLOSER !!!

  4. Ray K says

    I hope the series continues. Great group of characters. Kyra will be missed, but I feel that the show should continue on. I put the show right up with NCIS .

  5. jean james says

    I prefer kyra to stay because she is the closer but rather than not see it at all i will settle for the rest of the great cast and maybe they can find a kyra like southern belle to soften the blow of not having kyra to laugh at each week. i must have my closer. do not end this series.

  6. Betty J says

    I simply can’t believe that TNT don’t know when they have a good thing. This is a Great show and the ratings should show it. I am so tired of the powers that be interfereing with what’s good. How can you have the Closer without the Closer. That’s Ridiculous! Brenda makes the show. I like captain Raydor and her part adds a bit of spice to the mix. Please find a way to bring this show back. I love this show and look forward to the next great thing of how Brenda and the squad will solve the crime. I agree with one of the comments, do some shows around all of the characters and their personal lives. that wold be great.


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