The Closer: TNT Series May Continue without Kyra Sedgwick

The CloserFans of the very popular Kyra Sedgwick series, The Closer, were understandably upset to hear that the series will be coming to an end after its seventh season. Reportedly, Sedgwick made the decision to end the show rather than it being cancelled. As the highest-rated show on cable, TNT doesn’t like the idea of losing the program any more than the fans do.

Now, there’s word that TNT is working on finding a way for the show to live on, or at least for it to last a little longer. Deadline has reported that the cable channel is currently looking at a couple of different scenarios. One would extend the series by another six episodes but that would apparently require some renegotiating with Sedgwick.

TNT is also looking at the possibility of ordering nine episodes of a new series that would focus more on other characters from The Closer. The spotlight could shift to a previously supporting character, like possibly Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) and still take place in the same setting. Or, the new show could feature some of the same characters in a new setting (hopefully a better one than say the Hill Street Blues spin-off, Beverly Hills Buntz).

If the cable channel orders both six more episodes with Sedgwick and nine episodes of a spin-off, that could give TNT a whole new season. In a similar vein to what NBC’s doing with Steve Carrell’s departure from The Office, Sedgwick would star in the first part of the season and that would transition into the series or a spin-off continuing without her. Many ideas are still being explored obviously so its unclear if a new show would still be called The Closer or if it would be given a new title.

What do you think? Would you like to see The Closer continue, even if its without Sedgwick’s Brenda Johnson character? Who would you want to see in a spin-off?

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  1. Judy says

    I would like to see the closer continue. Someone else can take over where she left off.

    I like this show and would like to see it continue on on on even with out her.

  2. Perl1950 says

    Gosh! I Love this show. All the characters are great actors and work well together. I hate to se Brenda leave, but I am hoping that a spin off is in the works. I agree that Brenda is the foundation of the show, but the rest of the actors are just as good.
    I love Fritzy. I hope they can figure out a way to keep him without breaking up their marriage.

  3. Eleanor Ortega says

    Keep the Closer and keep Kyra at all costs! I would not be interested in a program without Kyra. Brenda and Fritz – forever!

  4. Retha D says

    I look forward to the show, please don’t end the show, and i like Sgt.Raydor but she can’t take take the place of Brenda. I like to she Brenda and Fritz they make a good couple in the show, the show is clean and is funny at times, i hope Brenda will please stay on, from one of your fans.

  5. Katie P. says

    I have been a fan since Season 1. I do think The Closer should continue even if it is without Brenda. I think Sgt. Raydor would be a good substitute.

    It would be nice if Fritz could also stay and maybe hear word about Brenda now and then.

  6. lise says

    I have all the DVD’ of the Closer and qill buy the 7th season and would buy more if more comes along
    This is my favorite show, oh please dont stop!

  7. Genevieve and Brian says

    The Closer is something we look forward to watching. We love Krya and all the characters that make the show. Hope they all will want to keep on entertaining all us fan. Please reconsider, your fans.

  8. Michele says

    I think The Closer has some of the best talent. I love every character and love the ones that are tongue in cheek. I hope that by some small TV miracle, it will stay on and Kyra will change her mind. What a fabulous show. Thanks for all the wonderful hours of entertainment. Please don’t go !!!

  9. Nonnie says

    Hopefully, The Closer will continue without Kyra. Hope Fritz stays on and all the other characters remain. I believe you they find someone to fill Kyra’s shoes.

  10. Anonymous says

    Kyra Sedgwick is obviously awesome. There is no way to replace her and her unique talents in that character and as an actress. They would have to really find somebody great to be a lead going forward and develop the other character’s more than they did in the past. There are some very talented people in the cast, so it would be a shame to end the show all together and everybody is out of a job. if they chose carefully and retool the show, it could be saved and I would give it a chance. Tough to lose such a talent as Kyra, but people want to try new things or spend time with their families, so it is understandable. If your married to Kevin Bacon, you probably want to see him. Hope they can figure something out to save it.

  11. Anna says

    Kyra Sedgwick is the Closer. Also in my opinion its not possible to replace her. Once there was this show Profiler with Ally Walker as dr Sam Walters and she was replaced in the fourth season by another profiler. Although only the main charakter changed the show was cancelled after one season with the new cast. Some thing can’t be replaced. Try imgine eg. Dr Hous without Hugh Laurie…. No way!

  12. resada says

    The Closer would not be the Closer without Kyra. The show should just be replaced with something. No Kyra, no Closer

  13. says

    Okay – way to save Closer stories if Ms. Sedgewick refuses to reconsider.
    1. Brenda has fights w/Fritzi over the cat;
    2. Brenda says its either me or the cat;
    3. Fritz is furious and leaves the house;
    4. Brenda goes to Will Pope for sympathy and advice; old feelings surface etc.;
    5. Fritz finds out, files for divorce, Brenda said that’s it and takes off with Pope and Joel.
    6. Captain Raydor takes Brenda’s job, Cmdr. Taylor assumes Pope’s job, and
    7. Fritz becomes full-time liason to the LAPD from the FBI.
    8. Major Crimes staff stays on as they are today!

    • Judy says

      I agree with you. The others are great and the show was made up with all of them not just Ms. Sedgewick. I like the group as a whole but they can survive with out her.

      At least give it a try and promote some in her position to take over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Maple Leaf Mama says

    In my estimation The Closer has become better and better with time. The characters
    have been given the chance to develop into well-rounded, three dimensional persons
    invited and welcomed into my home each week. I have grown extremely fond of each of them, with a special place in my heart for Brenda Leigh and Fitz.
    I’ll miss them all but can’t see the series continuing without Kyra Sedgwick. She is
    the glue bonding them together. I believe Ms. Sedgwick is leaving to spend more
    time with her family. From what I have heard, filming a weekly series is a physically draining and grueling proposition and Kyra is just, flat-out tired. I understand where she is coming from, retiring from a job in the entertainment industry myself after 20 years.
    If she does leave (and I believe she will) I wish her good health, happiness and success in future endeavours and always…peace of mind.
    Bye, bye Brenda and thank yew, thank yew so-o-o much.

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